Preity Zinta Marriage: She Finally Finds Somebody Goodenough!

Preity Zinta Marriage with Gene Goodenough has been the hot topic in the industry for a while now. Few would argue that Preity Zinta is anything but the very picture of elegance and grace, an image she has carried with her all throughout her life in the public eye. A film actress by profession, Preity has also been a columnist for the prestigious BBC News South Asia, and her social activism has won her several bravery awards and earned her the nation’s support. She has been a television presenter, bringing her elegant charm to that particular vocation, and has led the way with her humanitarian work.

Never one to hide what’s on her mind, she remains no stranger to controversy. Her two Filmfare Awards, however, (for Best Female Début for 2000s Dil Se… and Soldier, and Best Actress for 2003s Kal Ho Naa Ho), as well as a Silver Hugo Award for Best Actress at the 2008 Chicago International Film Festival are a testament to her long-standing excellence. So our mini paparazzi meltdown and the subsequent Preity Zinta Marriage exposé hullabaloo should really come as no surprise; so let’s get right to it.

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The Dulha – Introducing Gene Goodenough. A Heart Heals, And Love Blossoms

Preity Zinta Marriage

Who is Gene Goodenough? Well, when Preity filed charges against Ness, a headline stated that Preity had named “Ness Wadia’s friends… and a foreign national as witnesses.” That foreign national? You guessed it, a certain Gene Goodenough.

This dashing groom who is a Senior Vice President of US-based hydroelectric power company NLine energy was initially hesitant to get involved with the courts in India, but a short plane trip to meet him on the way to her shoot of the movie Happy Ending fixed that right up for Preity.

preity zinta marriage

Gene helped Preity get over the mess that was her previous relationship, to get over Ness, and soon the relationship that Preity’s family had thought was nothing serious, turned into the both of them falling head over heels for each other.

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The Preity – Gene Relationship

preity zinta wedding

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In April 2015, Preity confirmed that she was in a relationship with “someone nice,” and that she was looking to distance herself from the past and all of the negativity, saying that her “glass was always half full, never half empty.” She said she was in a “happy space with a happy guy,” but refused to divulge any more than the fact that he was from LA.

Marriage On The Cards


Rumours of Preity’s impending marriage started doing the rounds after it was revealed that Preity’s two closest friends, Sussanne Khan and Surily Goel were spotted together in LA, and Susanne posted a photo to her Instagram with Surily, which gave legitimacy to the rumours.

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February 28, 2015 was the date of the long awaited Preity Zinta Marriage to Gene Goodenough, and the two were wed in a secretive but cozy Hindu wedding in LA. The wedding was attended only by family and very close friends of the couple, and despite trying their best to keep the whole thing a secret, the media got their hands on a picture of the mandap, which seems like it would be right at home in a fairy tale. The wedding was rumoured to have taken place somewhere in the Mulholland Drive area in Beverly Hills.

Celebs Wishes on Preity Zinta Marriage With Gene Goodenough

Bollywood took to congratulating the star in the latest step in her love life, and wished her luck in marriage. Kabir Bedi, Sushmita Sen and Farah Khan among others offered their heartiest congratulations with touching tweets that confirmed their union.

Preity Zinta Marriage: What Lies Ahead

It is rumoured that the actress has plans for a big and grand Indian wedding on these shores sometime soon, probably in and around the IPL season. We will keep you up to date with this planned wedding, rumoured to be complete with band baaja and everything else, as well as any further details on The Bridal Box. We wish the newly-weds all the happiness and prosperity in their wedded life.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

It is said that sometimes you need to meet the wrong people in life and that would help you find the ‘right’ one. Not everyone is lucky enough to find their soul-mate the very first time right? So while it is true that Preity dated men before too, we at The Bridal Box are happy that she has found the one.

For those of you who don’t know here’s some scoop on the men Preity dated before.

Marc Robinson: Actor, Model, Preity’s ‘Then’ Boyfriend

Marc Robinson and preity zinta

Preity has been consistently linked to her co-stars by the media, but not one to keep quiet, she has consistently denied all of the rumours and allegations. Calling Abhishek Bachchan “a good friend of hers,” Saif Ali Khan “so much fun,” and Sanjay Dutt her “Papa Bear,” she categorically dismissed all of the link ups the media had, for the most part, concocted. She reserved special praise for Aamir Khan by saying that even though she hadn’t seen him in a long time, she “shared a great connection with him.” Her first high profile relationship was with Marc Robinson, himself a model and actor. Preity has fond memories of her time with Marc, and whenever quizzed as to the nature of their erstwhile relationships, she has always responded warmly and talked of him in a positive light. She once spoke of how “she had very fond memories” and “would like to keep it at that.”

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Preity Zinta Marriage: The Mess With Ness


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Ness Wadia is one of the names you would generally associate with Preity Zinta, and vice-versa, and for good reason as well. The actress dated the businessman, whose name is commonly associated with Bombay Dyeing and not so commonly with Britannia industries, from back in Feb 2005 when she made the relationship official, after she had known him for over 5 years for all the way up to May 2009. While their relationship certainly had its soaring highs, including the way they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other at Abhishek and Aishwarya’s wedding, their relationship was rocked by a number of serious allegations first by the media as to the state of their ‘rocky relationship,’ and then by Preity herself, when she herself accused Ness of molestation and filed charges in the Marine Drive Police Station. Let’s take a step back first.

preity zinta and ness

Ness and Preity’s stormy 4 year relationship was the subject of much intrigue and speculation, which was for the most part enthusiastically denied by the couple. Preity once came out and laughed off rumours that she and Ness had a spat on the sets of Heaven On Earth, and that Ness had immediately flown back to Bombay, and Preity had gone on a solo holiday to London. Of course, that was just one such instance, among others.

The couple took a major step in their relationship when they announced that they now co-owned the IPL cricket franchise Kings XI Punjab. This is exactly the setting in which the relationship would unfurl, when the fire behind all of the smoke was finally revealed. In an email released to the team members of the Kings XI Punjab, Preity spoke of how she and Ness only shared a “working relationship,” but that they would continue to co-own the team, seeing as how their relationship was “cordial.” The curtains have finally been drawn on the possibility of Preity Zinta Marriage with Ness Wadia.

Alarming Accusations

The precursor to all are the infamous charges that Preity filed against Ness. Upon accusing Ness of manhandling, demeaning and abusing her, Preity was immediately faced with two camps, one that called her a “has been” who was “looking for attention,” and another which backed her and supported her throughout the ordeal.

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Here’s Why Preity Zinta Marriage Took Time

Given that large sections of the populace – the media included – both agreed that she was full of herself and that she was getting on way past “marriageable age,” Preity was quizzed about whether she was “commitment-phobic?” Her cool reply resonates with a number far larger than those asking it, we’re sure, when she said “Why would I get married when people want me to get married?” and that “marriage should happen when you want children and a family.”

All’s Well That Ends Well

We are glad that all the nasty rumours and negativity have been put to rest. Way to go Preity! Wishing you both the very best!