Prachi Desai Marriage: Did She, Or Did She Not?

Prachi Desai has been the ‘blue-eyed’ girl of Indian television for quite a long time. She was first seen in television czarina Ekta Kapoor’s hit production called Kasamh Se in the year 2006. Back then, the young Gujarati actress was just 17 years old, and was at the threshold of becoming one of the most sought-after actress of television. In 2008, she made her début on the big screen with the film Rock On!! opposite Farhan Akhtar. Since then, Prachi has had a pretty decent journey in the entertainment business and seems to be advancing well, rumours rife of her hangouts, love life, date life, and even a story or two of a Prachi Desai marriage!

The Prachi Desai Marriage - Prachi Desai

Despite her simple charisma and the girl-next-door looks, there’s not much actual news about her love life. One thing is for sure and that is she has not been much open about this aspect of her life and has often stressed about the importance of focus on the career. Well, we’ve managed to get some news. Read on…

Beginning Of The Journey

The Prachi Desai Marriage - Prachi's Initial Beginnings With Ekta Kapoor

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Prachi was in college when she enrolled herself for a modelling workshop. Although she had the looks for being an actress, she wasn’t serious about a career in acting back then. It was during her time at the modelling workshop in the year 2006, that her photographs were sent to Ekta Kapoor, who was looking for a female lead for her upcoming TV drama called Kasamh Se. Prachi’s gorgeous looks and immaculate beauty left Ekta stunned and it is said that she immediately cancelled the auditions for the role, and straight-away selected Prachi for the part in her TV serial. Ekta and Prachi went on to become close friends. But somewhere in early 2012, the good friends parted ways. Not much is known as to what happened but it is believed Prachi had become tired of being Ekta’s arm candy and wanted to have an independent identity of her own.

Dating Mr. Shetty

Prachi then went to fully concentrate on her film career. In 2012, she signed a slapstick comedy film ‘Bol Bachchan‘ with director Rohit Shetty. Interestingly, this is the same year she broke her friendship with Ekta Kapoor. Rohit Shetty almost finalised Genelia D’souza for the role, but when she backed out he approached Prachi. It is during the filming of the movie that Rohit and Prachi are said to have become close to each other. It began with Rohit pulling harmless pranks on Prachi, which the director is quite commonly known to do so, and they soon were dating each other.

The Prachi Desai Marriage - Prachi Desai With Co Stars And Inset With Rohit Shetty

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The duo got closer day by day and Rohit was now taking Prachi for dinners at exotic restaurants, even during the making of the movie. This had apparently left the crew quite shocked since Rohit Shetty was very much married and had two kids already, and in spite of that Rohit had no hesitations in wooing the young actress. Also, another known information was that Rohit Shetty was having a troubled marriage for quite some time and that could have triggered his desire to date Ms. Desai. Once the filming of the movie was done and the crew returned to Mumbai, Rohit Shetty is said to have spared no time in packing his bags and moving-in with Prachi Desai, leaving his wife and two kids alone. While it is not known for how long did the pair have a live-in relationship, but it is rumoured that they lived together for a decent two years. And, during these this time, despite all the paparazzi sleaze, no news of an impending Rohit Shetty Prachi Desai marriage ever saw the light of day.

The End Of The Love Affair

Well, like any affair involving a married man and a young girl, Rohit and Prachi’s relationship had raised a lot of eyebrows and the first one to stamp their seal of disapproval were Prachi’s parents. It is said they were quite upset with their daughter’s relationship with Rohit Shetty. Also, Rohit could have been facing a certain pressure from her estranged wife, who might have threatened to take the legal route to have her hubby back. Things were therefore amiss for the couple and it is eventually in 2014 that they split and moved-on to do their own thing. While Prachi has been silent about the whole episode, Rohit in an interview in 2014 confirmed that he is with his wife and everything is fine.

When we look at the entire affair, Rohit’s reason to get enticed towards Prachi was quite palpable owing to his strained marriage, which was not a secret. But little is known about Prachi’s case. One popular theory is that Prachi’s end of friendship with Ekta left her depolarised, making her seek that one person who could spin-off her career for good just like Ekta had done in the past. She saw that opportunity with Rohit Shetty and decided to play along to his romantic antics to gain his trust and companionship. Well, as we saw, that doesn’t seem to have gone well and last we heard is the Rohit Shetty is back to making his pot-boilers, while Prachi is back to focusing on her film career.