Prabhu Deva Marriage: The Affair That Ended It All

Prabhu Deva Marriage To Nayanthara; Prabhu Deva is perhaps best known for his dexterous dance moves that pack enough contagious energy to leave your legs thumping. Shifting focus from his slick dance moves, on-screen presence, and popularity, his love life tuned out to be quite a tumultuous one. He first tied the knot in 1995, and the marriage ended with an ugly divorce when he got romantically involved with Nayanthara, the popular Tamil actress. It has surely been a turbulent love life for this multi-talented individual, and we take a closer look at how and why Prabhu Deva’s marriage collapsed.

Prabhu Deva Marriage To Nayanthara

Making Of The Dancer

Prabhu Deva was born on 3rd April, 1973, to the popular South Indian movie choreographer Mugur Sundar. Since dancing was in his genes, Prabhu Deva started showing an interest in various dance forms right from an early age. When he was still a teenager, he took up training in various dance forms including Indian classical and Western style. He started his career as a choreographer, and slowly moved to acting, beginning with Tamil films. In 2009, he made his début as a Bollywood director with the film Wanted and has gained a lot of acclaim since then.

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Tying The Knot


Prabhu Deva married Ramlath way back in 1995. Not much is known about the couple’s first meeting but it is said that it was a love marriage since Ramlath was a classical dancer. Ramlath was a Muslim, and she converted to Hinduism before marrying Prabhu Deva. The couple’s wedding was a low-key affair, compounded by the reason that Prabhu Deva was not really a big name in 1995. Ramlath eventually changed her name to Latha, and the couple went on to have three sons. Unfortunately, in December 2008, Prabhu Deva lost his eldest son Vishal, who was battling cancer from very young age. It was one of the most difficult times for the couple, and soon would become a harrowing phase of life for Prabhu Deva’s wife Ramlath.

Liaison With The Actress


During early 2009, rumours started doing the rounds that Prabhu Deva was getting closer with actress Nayanthara, whom he was directing for the Tamil film Villu. Neither Prabhu Deva nor Nayanthara reacted to the tabloid reports and would often laugh off the matter when quizzed by the media. Thing went on that way for two years, and many assumed it to be yet another cooked-up rumour. But as the rumours seemed to fizzle out, the events took a surprising turn. In September 2010, Prabhu Deva admitted to be in love with the actress Nayanthara. In his media statement, he shared that for him, Nayanthara is really special, and he is very much interested in marrying her. It was later learnt that at the time of his announcement of his love towards Nayanthara, the duo had been dating for two years.

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It is quite likely they first met during the making of Prabhu Deva’s film Villu, and soon kicked-off an amorous relationship without anyone getting a whiff of it. After making the astonishing revelation about his extramarital affair with Nayanthara, Prabhu shared that he did not want her to pursue a career in acting, and after marriage would like her to be a homely woman. Interestingly, Nayanthara gave a pause to signing new films around circa 2009. It was now evident that she did so at the behest of Prabhu Deva. But while the dancer was going gung-ho about his liaison, things definitely did not go unnoticed by his legitimate wife Ramlath, and she would not give up without a fight.

The Mess That Followed


Prabhu Deva was fancying the idea of getting a divorce for quite some time, and after making his love official, he decided to pursue the divorce plan. It is said that Ramlath refused to give Prabhu Deva a divorce, and instead filed a court petition against Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara objecting to their affair. She also stated that her husband was not providing enough financial assistance to his family as a direct effect of his extramarital affair. The petition did little to perturb Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara, and in early October, it was reported that Prabhu Deva was keen on tying the knot with Nayanthara. Ramlath had enough of the sordid plans of her husband, and a month later in October 2010, filed a second petition in Chennai requesting the court to restrict Prabhu Deva from marrying Nayanthara. She also seeked a ban on Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara making public appearances together, and declared she would go on a hunger strike if her petitions were not addressed.

Things were really taking an ugly turn, and soon the court sent out summons to Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara. By that time, Prabhu Deva realised that he would have to come up with a conditional divorce, and for this reason the couple filed for a divorce a month later in December 2010. The court finally issued the date of 10th June, 2011, for the divorce settlement. It would be a date that the estranged couple would keenly look forward to.

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Finally, The Divorce!

Both the parties failed to show up at the court on the settlement date leading the court to push the date to 10th July, 2011. It is said that the couple did so to avoid media attention. In order to ensure that there was a minimum focus on their split, the couple reached the court on 2nd July for their impending marriage dissolution. Since it was a pending case, the duo was granted the divorce decree right away, and Prabhu Deva and Ramlath brought an end to their marriage of 16 years. It was a heavy settlement separation, with cars, cash and property being part of the alimony.

Ramlath, on the other side, relinquished all her rights and claims on Prabhu Deva, and his other properties. Although she retained the custody rights to his sons, Prabhu maintained visiting rights, and would be responsible for his sons’ education and medical expenses. As it appears, it was definitely a harsh and sad end to the wedlock that had stayed firm for one and a half decade.

Prabhu Deva Weds Nayanthara’?


By the time Prabhu Deva got divorced in July 2010, Nayanthara had almost quit films, and was completely dependent on Prabhu Deva for her finances. She had all the plans to draw the closing curtain on her thriving acting career just to be able to have a homely life with him. It was a risk she was willing to take. But things were not exactly rosy between the pair.

It is said that in spite of her quitting films, Nayanthara maintained a lavish lifestyle, which slowly led her to slip into a mound of debt. Since she was not working any more, she was completely reliant on Prabhu Deva to address her financial woes. Prabhu, on the other hand, would ask her to cut down on the plush lifestyle but it was to no effect. The couple already had a live-in relationship in Mumbai, but Prabhu Deva would frequently visit Chennai to meet his two sons. This did not go down well with Nayanthara since she expected Prabhu to completely cut-off from his previous family. It is said that Prabhu would often lie to Nayanthara about going for shoot, when in reality he would be out to meet his sons. She was also irked by the fact that Prabhu Deva would always promise her a date for a wedding and back-off at the last moment.

The discord between the couple over finances and marriage date went on for a string of months together. Things reached their saturation point when apparently Nayanthara did not allow Prabhu Deva in her house in Cochin until he agreed to finalise a marriage date. The squabble between the couple continued beyond that and one fine day the couple released a statement in January 2012, stating that they have called off their four year old relationship.

While Nayanthara and her family members were quick to blame Prabhu Deva for the debacle, Prabhu Deva on the other hand maintained a dignified silence about it, and shared that his priority is the future of his sons. The once doting pair completely split paths, and now are seen avoiding each other at public events. They even decline to comment anything about their fling when interviewed by the media.

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Things Thereafter

Nayanthara made a comeback in films soon after her breakup in January 2012. She is said to be back on track with her career and is working to make up for the lost time. Prabhu Deva, on the other hand, has completely moved to Mumbai and shuttles between the city and Chennai to meet his sons. His current focus is his professional work in Bollywood, and he surely seems to be working hard for it. Not much is known about Ramlath. We hope these three individuals finally find peace and happiness in their personal lives, and wish them all the best.

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