19 Powerful True Love Quotes For Idyllic Hearts

Everyone agrees that love is wonderful and necessary, yet no one agrees on just what it is, that’s the realm of the true love quotes to deal with. Here are a few true love quotes that will make you wonder about what true love truly is.


True Love Quotes - John Green

Lies and liars all! They’ve had their way. Let them not triumph. Let true love prevail. If true love is but a lie, let the lie prevail for it really is beautiful. For mortals such as us, it is imperative to believe in a beautiful lie than to know the truth.


True Love Quotes - Being Naked

One of the better true love quotes around, that’s right. It’s a great feeling – having sex. Especially when there are simultaneous orgasms! It just blows your mind. Literally! The endorphins released calm your nervous system and you burn calories. It’s the greatest exercise. But you know what, it’s easy. True love isn’t. True love transcends the physical aspect of love. It’s about two people opening up to each other. It’s about letting someone into your thought process, telling them your fears, talking to them about your hopes and dreams and future aspirations! True love is about showing someone else the real you. It’s about opening the doors to your soul. It’s about letting them break the walls that you’ve built up around you. It’s about peeling off all the layers of make-up and showing them your real face.


True Love Quotes - Antoine De Saint Exupery

Richard Bach once said, ‘True love stories never have endings”. I am more than certain that he had this beautiful quote in mind when saying it. True love really doesn’t end. The more you give, the more you have to offer. Just go to a real fountainhead, no matter how much water you draw, it keeps on giving you more. The flow is abundant. It’s the same when love is true. The flow is abundant. You can give forever and never be exhausted. True strong love quotes don’t get much more real than this gem.

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True Love Quotes - Rick Riordan

William Shakespeare once said, “The course of true love never did run smooth”. We all know the story of Paris of Troy and Helen. We’ve all heard the stories of how the great Achilles killed Prince Hector and then, how Paris finds Achilles heel and kills him. So, we can basically agree that the impenetrable walls of Troy were burned down due to the love of Helen and Paris. But Shakespeare was before our time. So, he knew it all only too well. After all, none of his plays had a happy ending. He’s known as the king of tragedy for a reason. The reason being, “Love conquers all”.


True Love Quotes - Love Quote

Now, that can happen to people sometimes. It’s called blurred vision. It occurs due to various reasons. Skipped heart beats, high pulse rate, a rush of blood to the head or lack of it. All signs of sudden shock. These signs can mean three things – a myocardial infarction (heart attack), a stroke (brain stroke), or love at first sight (some call it true love). I’ve had all these symptoms, coz of the third reason, and this is one of those short love quotes that resonates with me personally!


True Love Quotes - Bryant McGill

I just checked the meaning of this. And it means true love is peaceful, just like tranquillity. Except for moments in the beginning where a potential for extraordinary and passionate love is displayed, it is utterly modest. True love keeps you level headed. I don’t know who Bryant McGill is but I guess he captures the essence of love perfectly, in one of the better true love quotes that we’ve ever read.


True Love Quotes - Vincent Van Gogh

This is  one of those true love quotes with which we entirely concur! Love stays true through the course of time. You might have loved someone once. You may love someone else now. However, the way you love doesn’t change. As they say, the object of one’s affection may change but their affections remain the same. Van Gogh was a master artist and he loved his paintings. His love for them was eternal. His love’s essence is always the same, only the aspect changed from one masterpiece to another.


True Love Quotes - Joy Bell

This description of how true love should be is just brilliant. You need one man to love you like a fire that you can’t stop. You need him to love you as crazily as the moon, forever like the million tomorrows you will spend together. True love should feel like a sudden breath of fresh air, pure oxygen. You need one man to envelope you like the waves of the ocean. All you need is one man and for him to love you like it’s the end of the world. Or like there’s no end to it. That’s all. Quotes on true love don’t get much more succinct than this.


True Love Quotes - Lao Tzu

You need love. There’s no two ways about it. To find true love is the ultimate goal though. Along with love, you need strength and courage. To be loved deeply gives you that strength. To be able to return that love gives you courage. To have the strength and courage to find true love is something only real lovers possess.


True Love Quotes - Joy Bell

Wow! Words to live by! No individual is always correct. No one is ever perfect. But two people together can be perfect. They can fill each other’s voids. They can make up for each other’s faults. Help each other out. They can live with affection and love with perfection.


True Love Quotes - Unknown

The unknown author just hit pay dirt in one of the most resonating quotes on true love. True love is eternal. We agree. We also agree that you can’t keep track of time when in love. You just don’t know how you’ve spent your time but it’s 4 in the morning when you look at the clock and you realise you’ve got to sleep. Your days start with him or her. A good morning kiss or a text! You continue texting through the day and if you don’t see each other in the evening, there’s no end to the night. You hang up at around 4 A.M, due to three reasons – the phone’s battery is dead, you fall asleep automatically while texting or you force yourself to sleep coz you know you aren’t going to wake up and be on time for work. But if you could help it, you wouldn’t sleep and you’d spend all day and night with each other coz 24 hours are just not enough.

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True Love Quotes - Jodi Picoult

Could anyone disagree? No contract, no ‘happy ending’ and no equation can amount to the satisfaction true love provides, says one of the truest quotes on true love ever. True love is like the slate under the chalk. You can wipe it clean and start all over again. It’s similar to the ground buildings rise on. The building might get damaged but not the foundation. Love, when true, is like the oxygen in the air. We breathe and breathe till we can’t one fine day but the oxygen is abundant. True love is the place you call home, a place you come back to, no matter where you go. At the end, it’s the place you rest in.


True Love Quotes - Nora Ephron

Ah! My favourite! Probably the most romantic lines of the early 90’s! Nora Ephron is a genius. Brilliant story, great movie, and yeah, the Bollywood version of the movie came out more than a decade later. It was called ‘Hum Tum’. ‘When Harry Met Sally’ though is a love story of a different kind. It shows you that true love can be right in front of you and you don’t realise it. I mean, at first sight, you hate each other, then, you keep bumping into each other and become friends. You stay friends for the longest time. You fall in love but you don’t know it. But one fine New Year’s Eve, you’re walking on the street and realise that she’s the person you want to kiss at midnight. You run like hell and say ‘I love you’ hoping she says ‘I love you too’. However, she doesn’t. And then, the not-so-romantic Harry Burns comes up with the most romantic words to sweep the, oh-so-beautiful Sally Albright off her feet. It’s true love alright, but it’s a case of ‘She hates him, she loves him, and she can’t live without him.’


True Love Quotes - Jodi Picoult

Truly felonious but also just fabulous! Think about it. You get to take someone’s breath away. You rob them of their senses. You hijack their ability to speak up. You leave them wondering. You steal their heart. And they are grateful for it. Love when true is the only mischievous act you can commit and get away with.


True Love Quotes - Ellen White

To love someone truly is not the same as having strong passionate feelings for them, that is the essence of this most excellent of true love quotes. It is not a quick act performed without care. It’s something inside you. Something that is calm and deep. When you find true love, you don’t bother about the looks. To you, he or she is beautiful. That’s all that counts. You are attracted to the personality of the person. The qualities that make him or her unique! True love is discriminating in a good sense. You realise that the qualities this person has are rare and that’s good. When your love is true, you stand by the other person come what may. You devote yourself to them in a way that you haven’t done before.

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True Love Quotes - Nicholas Sparks

Honestly, I’m no Nicholas Sparks’ fan but I must admit that the man knows how to captivate an audience. He is a diehard romantic and I, a romantic at heart. I saw the movie before reading ‘A Walk to Remember’. I then read ‘The Notebook’ and then ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. I say, enough of the tragedies Mr. Sparks! We’ve had better ones from Shakespeare. So, please give us a happy ending for once.


True Love Quotes - Bucchianeri

We all agree that falling in love is great and I’m sure that all of us have had conversations about soul mates. Is there such a thing? Do people really have soul mates? Are we deluded mortals grasping at the supernatural idea not intended for us? Do soul mates only exist in movies and books and poetry? We’re figuring it out and before we know it, we fall for the person that we’re trying to figure it out with. More often than not, the person you talk to about soul mates is your soul mate and all of a sudden, the cynicism is gone, the scepticism vanishes and you become a believer. You say, I’ve found my soul mate. So will you, as is prophesized by one of the best true love quotes ever.


True Love Quotes - Juliet Marillier

Do you? True love? Do you believe in it? I know I do. I have to. Sometimes people tell me that there’s nothing like true love. Some others say there’s nothing called true love. They say, it’s not the person. It’s the time that matters. You meet the right person at the wrong time and it doesn’t work out. You meet the wrong person at the right time and its all smooth sailing. I say, when you meet the right person at the wrong time and still manage to work it out, that’s true love. Otherwise, where are we headed? Love wasn’t meant to be easy. True love tests you but at the end, it conquers all.


True Love Quotes - Joybell

That’s cute. That’s also correct. I mean, what is dating all about? You either love them or you don’t. When you have strong feelings for someone, you just know and knowing what you know, you’ve got to be able to confess and confide and win that person over. You can’t say, I’ll go out with him 5 times, I’ll sleep with him a couple of times, I’ll see if he has a good sense of humour and then decide if he’s the one. True love is beyond these external factors. It’s about the soul of a person and when you recognise that person, you realise that he’s the other half of you. The better half! With him, you’ve got four arms and four legs, two pairs of eyes and two heads. More importantly, with him lies the other half of your heart. Nothing else matters.