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Despite the trend of abs crunchers and treadmills, Bollywood actors like Shilpa Shetty and Kareena Kapoor Khan are increasingly getting hooked to power yoga. They prefer this style of yoga for keeping fit throughout the year. At the same time, power yoga is a sure shot means for losing excess body weight, faster than any other mode of yoga. Power yoga is well-liked by a host of superstars in Bollywood for the overall impact it bestows upon the practitioner. Practicing power yoga leads to meditational and spiritual peace of mind. It is a calm way to gain control over the body and mind. Power yoga is the only way that keeps Shilpa Shetty picture-perfect beyond her age.

Power yoga is not an age-old concept when compared to mainstream yoga. It was introduced in the recent era and was quickly adapted by health-conscious people around the world. The benefits of power yoga become more evident to us when we catch the enviously gorgeous Shilpa Shetty whose beauty has not diminished a little, even in her late thirties. Now that you know power yoga is Shilpa’s hot favourite method of working out, you must be feeling eager to know more about it.

What is power yoga by Shilpa Shetty?

Power yoga happens to be a dynamic fitness-oriented offshoot of yoga. The base of power yoga lies in ashtanga yoga, which is a popular pattern of aerobic yoga. Power yoga involves quick movements, almost similar to aerobic workouts. One has to perform a set of postures one after one in continuation. Regular practice of power yoga delivers the body balance, stability, posture and tone. Power yoga is basically a fast paced workout that helps to foster body flexibility while improving the texture of one’s skin.

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Core benefits of Shilpa Shetty power yoga:

1. Weight loss:

The first and foremost benefit of power yoga is rapid weight loss. You can enjoy the difference within a week when you start practicing power yoga. This form of yoga makes for a safe and healthy way of losing excessive body weight without any adverse effects. And this is why power yoga for weight loss by Shilpa Shetty has become so very popular.

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2. Improved blood circulation:

Power yoga enhances blood circulation to a significant extent. Performing power yoga helps to stimulate the blood cells, and in addition helps the supply of oxygen to the blood cells.

3. Detoxification of the body:

Power yoga is an excellent detoxifier. This would help in removing all impurities from within the system. Regular practice of power yoga helps in smooth bowel movement as well.

4. Natural cure for a host of ailments:

This is now an open secret that yoga heals a host of ailments naturally. If you practice power yoga regularly, you will be safe from many lifestyle disorders. Ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, indigestion, depression, chronic cough and cold will be far away from you when you perform power yoga on a regular basis.

5. Improved concentration:

Shilpa Shetty likes power yoga because it helps her to gain more focus on day-to-day
assignments. It is hard to maintain focus and attention over everything nowadays as your day is stuffed with a lot of work. Power yoga enables you to have a balance here.

6. Fosters the immune system:

Your immune system will develop and enhance with the help of power yoga. It offers natural immunity against many common diseases that we often experience.

7. Stress reliever:

Last but not the least, power yoga is an excellent stress reliever. You will feel relaxed and calm after practicing power yoga. This is a fantastic way to relieve the body and soul, as stress has become a part and parcel of our daily lives.

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