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Power Yoga is for the new age. It is fast and happening. And most importantly, it keeps the goodness of yoga intact. But what do you do if you know the basics of yoga but don’t have the time to go to a Power Yoga class?

Power yoga videos! They are your saviors. We sifted through a vast number of Power Yoga videos available on YouTube and picked the best 7 for you.

Watch them below and get set for a rigorous Power Yoga workout.

Before that, let’s learn about Power Yoga.

What Is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is essentially Ashtanga Yoga combined with Vinyasa Yoga with increased acceleration. In Power Yoga, you lift and hold your entire body’s weight consistently. The fast pace of the practice increases the internal heat of your body.

It was originally developed by Beryl Bender Birch to suit the Western audience. Now, it has branched out into various formats, with each Power Yoga teacher developing their unique set of sequences and movements.

Power Yoga is a series of yoga poses practiced in rapid succession, giving your body a complete workout. It also involves implementing synchronized breathing, which is meditative. Therefore, Power Yoga is a holistic experience that does good to your body and mind.

Let’s look at what benefits Power Yoga has to offer.

Benefits Of Power Yoga 

  • Makes Your Body Agile

Practicing Power Yoga improves your flexibility, stamina, and strength. It makes your body active and alert and keeps it away from injuries while doing any physical activities. It also flushes out all the toxins in your body, keeping it healthy and strong.

  • Treats Back Pain

Power Yoga works magic on your back. Studies prove that compared to medication and physical therapy, Power Yoga has shown to have given better results for those suffering from backache.

  • Strengthens Bones

You don’t have to lift weights to strengthen your bones. In Power Yoga, you lift your weight and can improve your bone strength. It is low impact but highly effective, and people of all ages can try it.

  • Promotes Weight Loss

Power Yoga increases your metabolic rate and burns more calories than normal exercise. It builds lean muscle mass, which helps you burn calories even when you are not exercising.

  • Improves Your Mood

Power Yoga increases the production of certain chemicals in the brain that improve your mood. It increases your confidence and makes you like yourself more. It also decreases the tension triggering particles in your body.

  • Combats Insomnia

If you need to sleep better at night, Power Yoga is your answer. You will sleep like a baby after a session of Power Yoga. It tires your body enough to help you sleep soundly without any hindrance.

Let’s learn some basics of Power Yoga now? I can hear you scream ‘yes!’. That’s the spirit. Check out the videos below.

Power Yoga Videos

1. Power Yoga For Weight Loss

About The Video: The video is from Stylecraze Yoga, one of the best online yoga channels offering guided videos related to yoga. This Power Yoga video for weight loss mentioned here is narrated and demonstrated by a certified yoga expert.

The video elucidates the benefits of Power Yoga in detail. The instructor keeps it simple while demonstrating the asanas, making them look easy.

How The Video Helps: In 10 minutes, the video makes you understand and learn how to do the asanas quickly. If you regularly view the video and practice the poses, you’ll soon become an expert.

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2. Power Yoga With Adriene

About The Video: The video is from Adriene’s channel on YouTube. She is the most trending online yoga expert. The video mentioned here has subtitles, so it is easier to follow.

The video features Adrienne, who has a pleasant presence. She connects with the audience by beginning with a small informal talk and takes us to a beautiful location to demonstrate her personalized Power Yoga sequence.

How The Video Helps: Adrienne’s Power Yoga sequence provides a full body experience, burning your calories and connecting your mind and body. The series tones and builds strength in your lower back in specific.

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3. Power Yoga For Beginners

About The Video: The video is from Psychetruth channel on YouTube. It is a platform where educational videos on yoga, nutrition, psychology, alternative medicine, and fitness are featured.

The video mentioned here features Courtney Bell, a certified yoga instructor who takes you through various stages of exercise in 30 minutes and enables you to build endurance along with her.

How The Video Helps: The video is a step-by-step guide to help you lose weight. The exercise gives you a total body workout, increasing your metabolism and turning your body into a fat-burning module. The yoga poses demonstrated in the video will help you tone your body and strengthen it.

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4. 30 Minute Power Yoga Workout

About The Video: The video is from Sarah Beth Yoga. It is a channel that posts yoga videos and vlogs on a weekly basis. The channel’s videos range from Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Restorative Yoga to Prenatal Yoga and Meditation.

The video mentioned here, in particular, gives a 30-minute full body Power Yoga workout.

How The Video Helps: The workout in the video is intense and fast-paced. It will stretch, strengthen, and tone your entire body within 30 minutes. If you are working towards a beach body, this video is your best bet.

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5. Power Yoga For A Tight Core

About The Video: The video is from PopSugar Fitness, which offers tutorials on healthy living in a do-it-along style. The channel is up to date with the latest fitness trends.

The video mentioned here is peppy and has sassy instructors – Anna Renderer and Jess Taras – guiding you through the entire Power Yoga session. The sounds and voice-over are clear and the video has well-incorporated music that elevates the experience of watching it.

How The Video Helps: The video features a workout that helps in building a strong core and toning your buttocks. It offers a smooth flow and helps you practice without much difficulty.

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6. 10 Minute Power Yoga

About The Video: The video is from Stylecraze Yoga, one of the best online training yoga channels that offers guided videos related to yoga. The video mentioned here is narrated and demonstrated by a yoga instructor called Svati Patangay, who effortlessly takes you through a 10-minute session of Power Yoga.

How The Video Helps: The video works well for beginners. It is simple and fuss-free with text instructions wherever necessary, making it easier for the beginners to pick up the basics of Power Yoga quickly.

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7. Total Body Power Yoga

About The Video: The video is from Psychetruth channel on YouTube. It is a platform where educational videos on yoga, nutrition, psychology, alternative medicine, and fitness are featured.

Fitness instructor Sanela Osmanovic, along with a few students, guides the practice. The video is cheerful and bright with minimal music and straightforward narration.

How The Video Helps: The sequence mentioned in the video helps you lose weight and gives a total body workout. It is suitable for beginners who want to build strength through Power Yoga.

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Now, let’s answer some common queries on Power Yoga.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

How many calories are burned in Power Yoga?

The number of calories burned differs from sequence to sequence, but it is more than that in any other type of yoga.

Is Power Yoga the same as Vinyasa Yoga?

Power Yoga implements Vinyasa Yoga in its practice. Therefore, Power Yoga is an extension of Vinyasa Yoga.

The age-old yoga has now branched into various forms and styles. But the essence remains the same. Choose a yoga style that suits your personality and the problems you want to eradicate. Power Yoga is for the young and energetic in age and mind. Learn it through these videos and let us know how it worked out for you. Happy sweating.

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