20 Most Popular Restaurants In Mumbai

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The wonderful and gorgeous city of Mumbai is known for its glamour, urban lifestyle, amazing nightlife and of course for its cuisine. If you are planning to visit the lovely state of Maharashtra any time soon, Mumbai is the one place you just cannot afford to miss. This place is magnificent.

When it comes to food, Mumbai is full of good multi-cuisine restaurants. To help the food and tourism industry grow further, Mumbai tourism authority arranges food festivals every year. It attracts people across the globe to come and enjoy the delicacies prepared by some of the best chefs. Most of the restaurants in Mumbai are indeed expensive, but certainly worth trying.

Top 20 Restaurants In Mumbai

Here is a brief summary on the top 20 restaurants in Mumbai, which you should try:

1. Leopold Café:

Leopold Cafe is a favourite among tourists and travellers. This is a crowded place and does not close until late night. The atmosphere here is pleasant and the food is palatable. The best thing about Leopold Cafe is that it serves various types of dishes. So regardless of whether you want Chinese, Irani, Indian or Tandoori, you will never fail to satisfy your taste buds. If you want to have an enjoyable dinner with a couple of friends, do come to the Leopold Cafe. There is no way you will regret after coming here.

Address:  Colaba Causeway, SBS Road, Near Regal Cinema, Colaba, Mumbai

Contact Number:  02222828185 and 02222020131

2. Khyber:

Khyber is famous both for its cuisine and for ambience. Coming here shall be a memorable experience indeed. This worth trying restaurant looks nothing less than an Afghan palace. The marble arches and the platform screens are going to dazzle you. The appearance of this place is beyond beautiful. If you want some good kebabs and meaty grills to satiate your appetite, consider this restaurant.

Address:  145, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Near Rhythm House, Fort, Mumbai

Contact Number:  02222673227, 02240396666 and 02240396666

3. Gaylord:

Gaylord was established in the 1950s and is still popular today. Its menu is full of Indian as well as Continental dishes. The restaurant takes minimum amount of time to serve food. The best part about this place is its exemplary service. It also offers indoor and outdoor dining options. If you want to enjoy your cuisine sitting among potted plants, then Gaylord is the right place for you.

Address:  Mayfair Building, Ground Floor, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai

Contact Number:  022-2282-1259

4. Pan Asian:

Pan Asian is one of the excellent restaurants you will find in Mumbai. Its pleasant atmosphere and brilliant service will make you fall in love with this place. People who want to experiment with dishes from different cultures will surely adore the flavours offered here. Sushi, sashimi and Beijing are some of the best items you can find here. When you come to Mumbai, you just have to enjoy a meal here. It will offer you a pleasurable experience.

Address:  Lobby Level, ITC Maratha, Sahar Airport Road, Andheri East, Mumbai

Contact Number:  022-2830-3030

5. Olive Bar And Kitchen:

Olive Bar and Kitchen is a fancy and popular restaurant in Mumbai. You might catch a glimpse of some Bollywood celebrities when you come here. The cuisine here is essentially Mediterranean and the dishes are always prepared with the freshest of ingredients. The food is toothsome here. And you are going to love all the dishes that you try here, especially the cheesy pasta. The atmosphere is casual and relaxing. You can also sit on the terrace if you like.

Address:  14, Union Park, Pali Hill Tourist Hotel, Khar West, Mumbai

Contact Number:  02226058228 and 02226058229

6. India Jones:

India Jones is a famous restaurant that celebrates cultures from across the world. Starting from Thailand to Japan to Korea, this restaurant delivers the best kind of food. It has an eye-catching decor. It is refined and appealing. The Asian artifacts and Chinese calligraphy that have adorned the restaurant create that perfect ambience you need for a business lunch.

Address:  Lower Lobby, Trident Hotel, Nariman Point, Mumbai

Contact Number:  02266326310

7. Golden Dragon:

Golden Dragon is an ancient Chinese restaurant, which is located at the Taj Mahal Palace. It serves the best Szehuan food you have ever tasted in life. The recipes are picked from the south-western region of China. The flavours are complex and delectable at the same time. You can always enjoy your lunch here during the weekdays, but if you are coming on the weekend, ensure to reserve a table for yourself. This is because the place tends to get crowded often.

Address:  Lobby Level, Taj Mahal Palace, Taj Mahal, Colaba, Mumbai

Contact Number:  02266653366

8. Dakshin:

Dakshin is an award-winning restaurant located at the ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton. You can get vegetarian dishes here that are made in South Indian style. The exotic food and the lovely ambience are going to impress every single person who makes a visit to this place.

Address:  ITC Maratha, Sahar Road, Andheri East, Mumbai

Contact Number:  022 30151291

9. Peshawari:

Peshawari is a classy and fine restaurant you should visit once when you are in Mumbai. Here you will find delectable dishes all the way from the North West Frontier. The meaty kebabs and the curries will take you to a faraway land. The cutlery however is not provided here. The diners eat with their hands to feel the beauty and simplicity of the food. You could definitely come here for a quiet dinner.

Address:  Lobby Level, ITC Maratha , Sahar Airport Road, Andheri East, Mumbai

Contact Number:  022-2830-3030

10. Indigo:

Indigo is certainly one of the best restaurants you will ever see in Mumbai. In fact, most restaurants strive to keep up with the amazing dishes it prepares. It has hot tables where you can sit with your friends and enjoy some of the tastiest dishes. The dishes that are served here will make you come back here again and again. Do have some international wine here. It is probably the best you will ever find.

Address:  4 Mandlik Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400001,

Contact Number:  022-6636-8980, 022-6636-8999

11. Wasabi:

Wasabi has been voted as one of the top 50 restaurants and is known for its delicious Japanese food. This restaurant serves succulent sushi and exotic rice dishes. The drinks here are also full of flavour. If you are looking for a perfect culinary experience, this place is ideal for you. Private dining can also be arranged here. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy sushi prepared by a personal chef of your choice.

Address:  1st Floor, Taj Mahal Palace, Taj Mahal, Colaba, Mumbai

Contact Number:  +91 22 6665 3366/3202

12. Mani’s Lunch Home:

If you are looking for some simple yet delectable and filling dishes at the same time, I would certainly advise you try the ever amazing and popular Mani’s Lunch Home. This place serves tasty South Indian food. Served in traditional style, you are going to enjoy a pleasurable meal here. Don’t miss out on the tasty and edible vegetables. The warm hospitality and excellent service will force you to come to this place again and again.

Address:  53-C, Mahskar Building, Matunga East, Mumbai

Contact Number:  02224127188

13. Rahmaniya:

Rahmaniya is a popular restaurant located in Colaba. It serves amazing Mughlai food. The succulent pieces of chicken and the delicious plate of Biryani will not only satiate your appetite, but will also make you come here several times. The food here is affordable and the taste is amazing. You could have rice or rotis with some tangy and spicy Mughlai curry too.

Address:  Kamal Mansion, Bhaskarrao Kargutkar Road, Colaba, Mumbai -400005

14. Woodside Inn:

Woodside Inn is located in Colaba and is known for serving the best Italian food you have ever tasted in life. The fish burger, fries, pasta and other lovely dishes will water your mouth and fill your taste buds with flavour and richness. Don’t miss out on the cheesy pizzas. You will be thrilled once you eat at this amazing restaurant. If you are coming here during the weekend, book a table. This place gets crowded at times.

Address:  Woodhouse Road, Opposite Regal Cinema, Colaba, Mumbai

Contact Number:  022 22025525

15. He Said She Said:

He Said She Said is a popular and fine-dine restaurant that is located in the Andheri West region of Mumbai. It has been voted as one of the best restaurants to emerge within the city so far. The food here is affordable and the meals are delicious. The most interesting thing about this restaurant is the names of the food, such as Paan Tini, Kissy Kissy Bang Bang and Cha Maila. It also serves delicious grilled chicken.

Address:  Remi BizCourt, Off Link Road, Veera Desai Road, Andheri West, Mumbai

Contact Number:  022 33488002

16. Breeze:

Breeze, located in Powai serves fancy Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. It serves some good starters, such as pizzas, pastas, and other main course dishes that will amaze you. Here, you will also find good alcohol. Outdoor seating and lounge is also available. You can choose whichever you please. The place is also reasonable. If you are looking for a good place to have dinner with a couple of friends, do consider Breeze.

Address:  N C Foods, 8th Floor, ‘A’ Wing, Supreme Business Park, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai

Contact Number:  022 66083939

17. 3 Wise Monkeys:

Are you looking for some delicious Chinese or Italian food? Then Wise Monkeys is the place you should visit. It is an adorable place to have lovely and affordable Chinese food. It is located in the Khan West region of Mumbai. It serves delicious prawns, chicken and pizzas. You are going to love the happy hours here since they serve good alcohol on this time. The ambience of this place is pleasant and something you will enjoy completely.

Address:  Ground Floor,The UniContinental,3rd Road, 10 A, Rajkutir, Khar West, Mumbai

Contact Number:  022 6561 0326

18. Cafe Zoe:

Cafe Zoe is located in the Low Parel region of Mumbai. This fine-dine restaurant serves delicious European food. The drinks here are heavenly and the ambience is pleasant. Here you will find some sumptuous Creme Brulee, Rock Martini, Salmon Wellington, Chicken Ravioli and of course Egg Benedict. You can also sit outside. So you can always bring your pet along. This will make the entire experience worth remembering.

Address:  Todi Mathuradas Mill Compound, 126 NM Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Contact Number:  022 2490 2065

19. Smaaash:

Smaaash is located in the Low Parel region of Mumbai and has been voted as one of the finest restaurants to relax and enjoy yourself. Here, you need to make reservations before you make an appearance. It serves North Indian food and some of the best dishes you cannot miss out are Paneer Makhani, Tangdi Kebab, Smaaash Special Tangdi Kebab as well as chicken sausages. So visit Smaaash to grab a few drinks and catch up with some good conversation.

Address:  City Studio, Oasis Complex, Kamla Mills Compound, Gate No. 4, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Contact Number:  022 33130677

20. Jugheads:

Jugheads is a lovely restaurant located in the Khar region of Mumbai. It serves the best American and Continental dishes you have ever tasted. It is essentially a pub. Here young people can hang out and chill. It is open till 1 am everyday and accepts credit cards too. You can also get a good drink if you like. Happy Hours also give you the opportunity to eat more and pay less. So if you want to have a fun evening with family, Jugheads is the ultimate place to try.

Address:  Junction of 1st & 4th Road, Mishra House, Opposite Khar Market, Khar West, Mumbai

Contact Number:  022 26059401

This covers our list of top 20 restaurants in Mumbai. So the next time you visit Mumbai, attempt to try all of them. You are surely not going to come back disheartened. Do not forget to share your feedback with us.

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