250 Most Popular Baby Boy Names With Meanings For 2019

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Every year, there’s a new trend in baby names based on the happenings in the entertainment sector or pop culture, including movies, television, fashion, books and the lives of celebrities. Keeping with the trend, MomJunction has compiled the latest list of the most popular baby boy names taken from the US Social Security Administration’s collection of top baby boy names.

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1LiamIrishLiam is the short form for William and means a ‘strong-willed warrior’.
2NoahHebrewThe top spot goes to Noah, which means ‘peaceful’.
3WilliamEnglish, GermanThis moniker with literary and royal ties means ‘protector’.
4JamesEnglishThis one will make a great middle name too! It means ‘supplanter’.
5LoganIrishMade famous by Wolverine, Logan means ‘meadow’.
6BenjaminHebrewIt’s the name of Jacob and Rachel’s youngest son in the Old Testament. It means ‘son of my right hand’.
7MasonFrenchMeaning ‘stone worker’, Mason has a strong and hardworking feel to it.
8ElijahHebrewIt’s the name of a prophet who moved to heaven in a chariot of fire in the Old Testament. It means ‘my God is Yahweh’.
9OliverLatinOliver is a stylish and energetic name, meaning ‘olive tree’.
10JacobHebrewJacob has been one of the top 10 names for 14 years. It means ‘supplanter’.
11LucasGerman, IrishThis super cool name means ‘bringer of light’.
12MichaelHebrewMichael has long been a favorite. It means ‘who is like God’.
13AlexanderGreekThe four syllables and the x in the middle make Alexander a hit with the parents. It means ‘defender of the mankind’.
14EthanHebrewEthan, meaning ‘firm and strong,’ has a preppy and bookish feel to it.
15DanielHebrewThis name has a timeless style and a multicultural appeal. It means ‘God is my judge’.
16MatthewHebrewSerene, classic and smooth, Matthew means ‘gift of God’.
17AidenIrishThis moniker with a smooth and clear sound means ‘fiery’.
18HenryGermanHenry is a princely and amiable name, meaning ‘ruler of the household’.
19JosephHebrewAnother Old Testament classic, Joseph means ‘May Jehovah add/give/increase’.
20JacksonEnglishIf you want your son to make a big impression, name him Jackson.
21SamuelHebrewThis name brings to mind Samuel Adams, the revolutionary leader. It means ‘god has heard’.
22SebastianGreekA dignified name, meaning ‘venerable’.
23DavidHebrewDaniel is an all-time classic name, meaning ‘beloved’.
24CarterEnglishA mellow sounding name, Carter means ‘cart driver’.
25WyattFrenchA name that became hot in the last decade, Wyatt means ‘little warrior’.
26JaydenHebrewMeaning of this non-traditional name is ‘thankful’.
27JohnHebrewOne of the most popular names in the history, it means ‘God is gracious’.
28OwenIrishA quintessential preppy name, meaning ‘young warrior’.
29DylanWelshDylan is a Welsh mythological name, meaning ‘son of the wave’.
30LukeLatinThe meaning of Luke is ‘light giver’.
31GabrielHebrewThe name of one of the seven archangels in the Bible means ‘God is my strength’.
32AnthonyLatinThis name is derived from an old Roman family name Antonius and means ‘highly praiseworthy’.
33IsaacHebrewThis name is highly preferred by Jewish parents. It means ‘laughter’.
34GraysonEnglishThe meaning of Grayson is ‘son of the bailiff’.
35JackAmericanOne of the favorites with the Americans, Jack means ‘God is gracious’.
36JulianLatinOne of the rising stars in names, Julian means ‘youthful’.
37LeviHebrewOne of the lighter Biblical names, Levi means ‘attached’.
38ChristopherGreekAlso the name of the patron saint of travelers, Christopher means ‘carrier of Christ’.
39JoshuaHebrewIt’s the name of the prophet who led the Israelites into the Promised Land. It means ‘Yahweh is salvation’.
40AndrewGreekShared by the first apostle of Christianity, this name means ‘manly’.
41LincolnEnglishLincoln is one of the highest rising names. It means ‘town by the pool’.
42MateoSpanishMateo is an attractive and energetic variation of Matthew.
43RyanIrishOriginating from the surname Riain, Ryan means ‘little king’.
44JaxonEnglishJaxon is the cool spelling variant of Jackson.
45NathanHebrewNathan is a short form of Nathaniel and means ‘God has given’.
46AaronHebrewThis moniker peaked at #28 in the year 1994. It means ‘lofty’.
47IsaiahHebrewOnce a neglected name, Isaiah is now finding favor with the masses. It means ‘salvation of the Lord’.
48ThomasGreekA formal sounding name, meaning ‘twin’.
49CharlesFrenchThis longtime traditional name means ‘free man’.
50CalebHebrewCaleb has become one of the chic, trendsetting names in just a few years. It means ‘faithful’.
51JosiahHebrewA name with loads of quaint and charm, Josiah means ‘god supports’.
52ChristianGreekThe meaning of this classic name is ‘follower of Christ’.
53HunterEnglishA distinctive baby boy name meaning ‘one who hunts’.
54EliHebrewIt has its namesake in Eli Whitney, the inventor of cotton gin. The name means ‘high’ or ‘ascended’.
55JonathanHebrewJonathan is an Old Testament name, meaning ‘gift of Jehovah’.
56ConnorIrishThis moniker is derived from the name Conchobhar and means ‘hound lover’.
57LandonEnglishA popular surname-turned-first-name, meaning ‘long hill’.
58AdrianLatinIt’s one of the most used place names for baby boys. Adrian means ‘sea’.
59AsherHebrewAsher is a beautiful sounding name, meaning ‘happy one’.
60CameronScottishCameron is a Scottish clan name, meaning ‘crooked’.
61LeoLatinThis moniker has loads of people going for it. It means ‘lion’.
62TheodoreGreekTheodore is a Greek name, meaning ‘gift of God’.
63JeremiahHebrewIt’s the name of one of the important prophets in the Old Testament and means ‘appointed by God’.
64HudsonEnglishThis name has risen on the charts after being in obscurity for years. It means ‘Hugh’s son’.
65RobertEnglishA consistently successful name, meaning ‘famous brilliance’.
66EastonEnglishThis stylish, English name means ‘east-facing place’.
67NolanIrishNolan is one of the fastest rising Irish names, meaning ‘champion’.
68NicholasGreekOne of the most used names in the US, Nicholas means ‘people’s victory’.
69EzraHebrewEzra is a fresh and quirky name meaning ‘help’.
70ColtonEnglishColton is a trendy, two-syllable name, meaning ‘from the coal’.
71AngelGreekYes, Angel is also popular as a boy’s name. It means ‘messenger’.
72BraydenCelticIt’s derived from the surname Braden and means ‘someone who lives near a broad valley’.
73JordanHebrewThe meaning of Jordan is ‘descending’.
74DominicLatinDominic is a chubby name, meaning ‘belonging to the Lord’.
75AustinLatinA short form for Augustine, meaning ‘majestic’.
76IanScottishIan is the Scottish version of John and means ‘God is gracious’.
77AdamHebrewIt’s one of the most popular Old Testament names, meaning ‘son of the red earth’.
78EliasGreekIt’s a Greek variation of Elijah and means ‘Yahweh is God’.
79JaxsonEnglishA cool spelling variation of Jackson, it means ‘son of Jack’.
80GreysonEnglishGreyson is an English name, meaning ‘son of the steward’.
81JoseSpanishJose is the Spanish version of Joseph and means ‘Jehovah increases’.
82EzekielHebrewYou get the nickname option of Zeke with this Biblical name. It means ‘God strengthens’.
83CarsonEnglishThis one’s for the car lovers. It means ‘son of carr’.
84EvanWelshEvan is the Welsh form of John and means ‘God is gracious’.
85MaverickAmericanMaverick means ‘independent and non-conformist’.
86BrysonEnglishA surname that has transitioned to the first name, Bryson means ‘son of Brice’.
87JaceHebrewJace is a diminutive of Jason and means ‘the Lord of salvation’.
88CooperEnglishCooper is an English occupational name, meaning ‘barrel maker’.
89XavierArabicOften featured in the names of parochial hospitals and schools, Xavier means ‘owner of a new house’.
90ParkerEnglishParker is an English occupational name, meaning ‘park-keeper’.
91RomanLatinIt’s a straightforward name, meaning a ‘citizen of Rome’.
92JasonGreekTaken from Greek mythology, Jason means ‘healer’.
93SantiagoSpanishThe meaning of this spirited name is ‘St. James’.
94ChaseFrenchChase, meaning ‘to hunt,’ is a surprise entry to this list.
95SawyerEnglishAn English surname with a relaxed and friendly feel. It means ‘woodcutter’.
96GavinCelticA variation of medieval name Gawain, meaning ‘white hawk’.
97LeonardoItalian, SpanishLeonardo is an Italian and Spanish version of Leonard and means a ‘brave lion’.
98KaydenModern Invented NameThis moniker was chosen by over 4,000 parents in 2015. It means ‘battle’.
99AydenIrishIt’s an uncommon variation of ‘Aidan’ and means ‘fiery’.
100JamesonEnglishIt means ‘son of James’.
101KevinIrishA ‘handsome’ name for your handsome boy.
102BentleyEnglishA stuffy English name meaning ‘meadow with coarse grass’.
103ZacharyHebrewAfter Alexander, Zachary is the most familiar Biblical name. It means ‘God remembered’.
104EverettEnglishThis statesmanlike name is an English variation of Eberhard.
105AxelGermanA heavy, metal rock name, meaning ‘father of peace’.
106TylerEnglishA cool, fresh and clean name, meaning ‘tile maker’.
107MicahHebrewIt would make an excellent alternative to Michael. It means ‘who is like the lord’.
108VincentLatinVincent is a name with a complex image. It means ‘conquering’.
109WestonEnglishA trendy, n-ending name, meaning ‘from the western town’.
110MilesEnglishMiles is the English form of Milo and means ‘soldier or merciful’.
111WesleyEnglishThis name is reminiscent of the Old West. It means ‘western meadow’.
112NathanielHebrewNathaniel is an elegant and sleek name, meaning ‘gift of God’.
113HarrisonEnglishDespite its meaning (son of Harry), Harrison does not sound stuffy.
114BrandonEnglishThis name, meaning ‘beacon hill,’ rose in popularity in the 1990s.
115ColeLatinThis simple, one syllable name would work best with complex last names. It means a ‘cabbage farmer’.
116DeclanIrishDeclan is an appealing Irish name, meaning ‘man of prayer’.
117LuisSpanishLouis is the Spanish form of Lewis or Louis. It means ‘famous in battle’.
118BraxtonEnglishThis name has been climbing steadily since it entered the popularity ranks in 1985. It means ‘Brock’s settlement’.
119DamianGreekThis name has been increasing in popularity since the 1950s and means ‘subdues’.
120SilasEnglishThis New Testament name is associated with George Eliot’s Silas Marner. It means ‘wood’ or ‘forest’.
121TristanIrishTristan is the name of the doomed hero in the Celtic legend Tristan and Isolde. It means ‘tumult’.
122RyderBritishRyder is a British surname, meaning ‘messenger’ or ‘cavalryman’.
123BennettEnglishThis medieval form of Benedict means ‘blessed’.
124GeorgeGreekGeorge is a strong and stately name, meaning ‘farmer’.
125EmmettEnglishThis masculine version of Emma means ‘universal’.
126JustinLatinJustin Timberlake brought the sassy back to this name. It means ‘righteous’.
127KaiHawaiianA multicultural and exotic name, meaning ‘sea’.
128MaxEnglish, GermanMax is the English and German diminutive of Maximilian and means ‘greatest’.
129DiegoSpanishThis elegant and handsome name means ‘supplanter’.
130LucaItalianLuca is the Italian variation of Lucas and Luke and means ‘man from Lucania’.
131RykerGermanRyker is rising in popularity for its Ry beginning. It means ‘rich’.
132CarlosSpanishThis Spanish name for Charles is reminiscent of baseball players and world leaders.
133MaxwellScottishA lovely option between formal Maximilian and laid back Max. It means a ‘great stream’.
134KingstonEnglishThe meaning of Kingston is ‘king’s town’.
135IvanRussianThis Russian form of John is widely used in the US.
136MaddoxWelshA name with a strong, masculine image. It means ‘son of Madoc’.
137JuanSpanishThis Spanish form of John was popularized by Don Juan, the Spanish lover.
138AshtonEnglishThe cutie Aston Kutcher is behind the popularity of this name. Ashton means ‘ash trees place’.
139JayceModern Invented NameYou can use this one as a nickname for Jason.
140RowanCelticThis Celtic name, meaning ‘little red-haired one’ is used predominantly in Scotland and England. And we must say it’s every bit charming.
141KaidenModern Invented NameA variation of Kayden that has become successful on its own.
142GiovanniItalianAn elaborate version of John, Giovanni means ‘god is gracious’.
143EricEnglish/ScandinavianA princely name for your dashing young one. It means ‘ruler’.
144JesusHebrewThe ultimate religious name, Jesus means ‘the Lord is salvation’.
145CalvinLatinThis quirky and fashionable name means ‘bald’.
146AbelHebrewMeaning ‘breath’, Abel is the name of Adam and Eve’s son.
147KingEnglishIt would work best as a middle name. King means ‘monarch’.
148CamdenScottishThis name became popular through the hit television show, 7th Heaven. It means ‘from the winding valley’.
149AmirArabicA common Middle Eastern name, meaning ‘exalted’.
150BlakeEnglishBlake is a funky and preppy name, meaning ‘attractive’.
151AlexGreekThis diminutive of Alex has become a classic on its own.
152BrodyIrishBrody is a place name and surname, meaning ‘ditch’.
153MalachiHebrewA relatively uncommon name meaning ‘my messenger’.
154EmmanuelHebrewEmmanuel means ‘God is with us’.
155JonahHebrewAn appealing Old Testament name, meaning ‘dove’.
156BeauFrenchThis French name, meaning ‘handsome’ suggests someone who is incredibly good looking with oodles of charm. A lovely name to bestow on your little one.
157JudeLatinA perfect example of the name whose image was shaped by a popular celebrity. It means ‘praised’.
158AntonioSpanishIt’s the Spanish and Italian version of Anthony and means ‘priceless one’.
159AlanIrishA midcentury favorite, Alan means ‘handsome’.
160ElliottHebrewElliot is a handsome name of French origin derived from the Hebrew name Elijah, meaning ‘Jehovah is God’. Elliott from E.T. could be a reason for the name’s popularity.
161ElliotHebrewEliot is a spelling variant of Elliot and means ‘Jehovah is God’.
162WaylonEnglishThis English origin name came into the spotlight through country singer Waylon Jennings. It means ‘land beside the road’.
163XanderGreekThis latest short form of Alexander has been rising up the popularity charts ever since it featured in the television series, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Xander means ‘defending men’.
164TimothyGreekTimothy sounds more upscale than Thomas. It means ‘honoring God’.
165VictorLatinVictor is one of the earliest Christmas names and means ‘conqueror’.
166BryceScottishA variation of Brice, meaning ‘speckled or freckled’.
167FinnIrishThis short and sweet name is derived from Irish mythology and means ‘white or fair warrior’. We absolutely love this name for its charm and energy.
168BrantleyEnglishOne of the several popular English surnames, Brantley means ‘sword’.
169EdwardEnglishThis classic name has been moving in and out of fashion. It means a ‘wealthy guardian’.
170AbrahamHebrewMeaning ‘father of multitudes’, Abraham is the name of the first Old Testament patriarch.
171PatrickLatinA stylish Latin name, meaning ‘noble’.
172GrantScottishThe meaning of Grant is ‘large’.
173KarterEnglishThis variation of Carter is for people who are fixated with the letter K.
174HaydenEnglishA sweet English name, meaning ‘hedged valley’.
175RichardEnglish, GermanThis name has been used for centuries. It means a ‘powerful ruler’.
176MiguelSpanishAn attractive Spanish variant of Michael.
177JoelHebrewBesides the US, Joel is popular in Sweden, Germany and Spain. It means ‘Jehovah is his God’.
178GaelGaelicGael, meaning ‘Irishman’, is a cross-cultural name heard mainly in Spain, Wales, and Brittany. It’s been rising in the US too.
179TuckerEnglishAn English occupational name, meaning ‘fabric pleater’.
180RhettDutchWe’re so glad to see that people have started giving a second chance to this classic name. Rhett is a Dutch name, meaning ‘Fiery’.
181AveryEnglishThis moniker has a fresh and outdoorsy appeal. It means ‘ruler of the elves’.
182StevenGreekOne of the mainstream American names, Steven means ‘crowned’.
183GrahamScottishA name well used in Scotland and England, it means ‘gravely homestead’.
184KalebHebrewThis spelling variation of Caleb was chosen by over 2,500 parents in 2015.
185JasperPersianJasper is derived from the Persian name Casper and means ‘treasure bringer’. A lot of people have been going for this name lately as it’s skyrocketing the charts.
186JesseHebrewThis Hebrew name means ‘gift’.
187MatteoItalianThe Italian variation of Matthew, meaning ‘gift of God’.
188DeanMiddle EnglishDean, a retro surfer sounding name is once again climbing up the charts and is currently one of the top 200 baby boy names. It means ‘chief of a group’.
189ZaydenModern Invented NameOne of the fastest climbing names of the Aiden clan. It means ‘little fire’.
190PrestonEnglishOne of the most popular names of its genre, Preston means ‘priest’s estate’.
191AugustGermanThe German form of Augustus, meaning ‘majestic’.
192OscarEnglish or IrishA name that’ll forever be associated with the Hollywood film fraternity. Oscar means ‘God spear’.
193JeremyEnglishJeremy is the English form of Jeremiah and means ‘appointed by God’.
194AlejandroSpanishThe Spanish variation of Alexander, meaning ‘defending men’.
195MarcusLatinThis name is commonplace in Rome. It means ‘warlike’.
196DawsonHebrewDawson was a rarely heard name before it featured in Titanic and Dawson’s Creek. An offshoot of David, the name means ‘son of David’.
197LorenzoLatinLatinizing gives an entirely new dimension to a name and Lorenzo is a perfect example of it. Lorenzo is a form of Lawrence and means ‘from Laurentium’.
198MessiahHebrewWe’re quite surprised to see this name on the list after a Tennessee judge ruled in 2013 that parents could not use this name for their children. Messiah means ‘expected savior or deliverer’.
199ZionHebrewA name that has taken off in the recent years, Zion originates from Hebrew and means ‘highest point’.
200MaximusLatinA powerful name, meaning ‘greatest’.
201RiverEnglishIt seems that this tranquil water body name has escaped its association with River Phoenix, which is why many people have been going for it lately. The name River means ‘a flowing water body’.
202ZaneHebrewZane is a variation of the classic name John and means ‘God is gracious’. The name sounds catchy and is perfectly in tune with the style of our generation.
203MarkLatinThis apostle name means ‘warlike’.
204BrooksSwedishBrooks is one of the last names gaining traction as a first name. It’s an English origin name meaning ‘of the brook’.
205NicolasGreekNicolas is the Spanish and French form of Nikolaos, which people have been choosing lately. It means ‘victory of the people’.
206PaxtonEnglishThis Latin moniker, meaning ‘peace town’, stands out from the rest due to its wonderful meaning and the letter ‘X’ in the middle.
207JudahHebrewJudah is derived from Biblical Hebrew name Yehuda and means ‘he who is praised’. Its newfound popularity can be attributed to its similarity to the name Jude.
208EmilianoLatinEmiliano is an appealing and slightly longer Latin version of Emil and means ‘work’. Its namesake is Emiliano Zapata Salazar, one of the leading figures of Mexican Revolution.
209KadenArabicThis newly minted name has skyrocketed in popularity. It means ‘companion’.
210BryanEnglishOne of the most enduring Irish imports, it means ‘strong and virtuous’.
211KyleIrishThis one sounds much cooler than its brother Lyle. It means ‘narrow piece of land where the cattle graze’.
212MylesLatinMyles, meaning ‘soldier or merciful’ is a much cooler version of the English name Miles. If you’re a basketball fan, you must have surely heard of Myles Turner.
213PeterGreekGreek name Peter, meaning ‘rock or stone’ is best known for its association with one of the apostles of Jesus. Some of the famous namesakes include the comedian Peter Kay, the footballer Peter Crouch and the singer Peter Andre.
214CharlieEnglishCharlie is a friendly and genial name. Charlie is an English name, meaning ‘free man’.
215KyrieGreekKyrie, meaning ‘lord’, is one of the oldest religious names, but it’s now rising on the popularity list may be due to basketball star Kyrie Irving.
216ThiagoPortugueseThiago, the diminutive of Santiago, is a Portuguese name, meaning ‘supplanter’. This moniker is rising in popularity, and we’re anticipating it will go up by a few more spots in near future.
217BrianIrishBrian means ‘strong and virtuous’.
218KennethScottish, IrishThis name, meaning ‘born of fire, handsome’, is in its glory.
219AndresGreekAndres is an exotic Estonian version of Andrew and means ‘strong and manly’. This name has a flowing, rhythmic feel, which is probably why parents have been going for it.
220LukasGreekIf Lucas is a bit commonplace, you can consider Lukas, meaning ‘man from Lucanus’. It’s popular in Germany and Norway too!
221AidanIrishAn appealing saint name, meaning ‘fiery’.
222JaxEnglishWe think Jax is one of the most popular and cool, modern invented names, even cooler than Pax. If not as a first name, you can use it as a nickname for Jack or Jaxon.
223CadenArabicThis name is rising in popularity along with Aiden and Jaden. It means ‘friend, companion’.
224MiloGermanThis highly recommended name is finally getting the well-deserved appreciation. It’s basically a form of Miles, but has a debonair charm. Milo means ‘merciful’.
225PaulLatinA simple, yet widely diffused name, meaning ‘small’.
226BeckettEnglishBeckett, one of the hit names of the decade, has an attractive, brisk sound and a plethora of literary associations. The meaning of Beckett is ‘bee cottage’.
227BradyIrishA well-used name since the turn of the last century, Brady means ‘large chested’.
228ColinIrish or ScottishThis name has enjoyed a long reign of popularity. It means ‘pup’.
229OmarArabicOmar, the exotic and familiar name with a strong O initial is extremely common among the Muslim families. Despite being an old-timey name, Omar sounds anything but ancient. It means ‘gifted speaker’.
230BradleyEnglishAn English surname name meaning ‘wide meadow’.
231JavierSpanishJavier, the Spanish version of Xavier, was a popular choice for many Americans in 2017. It carries the magnetic charm of Javier Bardem, the Oscar-nominated actor.
232KnoxScottishThis Old Scottish surname ‘round hill’. Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie have named their son Knox.
233JadenHebrewIt is a pop culture-inspired name popular with both sexes, but used mainly for boys. Jaden is a variant of the Hebrew name Jadon and means ‘God has heard’.
234BarrettIrishThis pleasant name is much coveted for its macho meaning ‘bear strength’. And its association with Elizabeth Barrett Browning should be also credited.
235IsraelHebrewIn the 16th century, the name Israel was mainly used by the Puritans. But after the Jewish state came into being, Israel transformed into a traditional favorite name among Jewish and Latino communities. This Hebrew name means ‘he who struggles with God’.
236MatiasGreekMatias, the spelling variant of Mattias, is originally the Spanish form of Matthew and means ‘gift of God’.
237JorgeSpanishIt’s reported that over 2000 boys were given the name Jorge in the US and all of them were from Portuguese and Latino families. Jorge is a Spanish and Portuguese version of George and means ‘farmer’.
238ZanderGreekAlong with Xander, even Zander has been on the rise as an independent name. Zander is a diminutive of Alexander and means ‘defending men’.
239DerekEnglishDerek was once considered ideal for British baby, but it became so common over the years that it lost its English edge. Today, Derek, meaning ‘the people’s ruler’ is highly popular in the US.
240JosueHebrewHow cool is Josue, the French, Spanish and Portuguese version of Joshua? The meaning of Josue is ‘the lord is my salvation’.
241CaydenGaelicThis is a spelling variation of Caden. Cayden stands pretty strong as a standalone name. Actor Kevin Costner picked this name for his baby boy.
242HoldenEnglishThis classic name has suddenly jumped out of the attic to make it to the birth certificates. Holden means ‘hollow valley’.
243GriffinIrishGriffin, a Celtic name meaning ‘strong in faith’ was rarely used in the 20th century, but it reappeared on the charts in the 2000s and has been growing steadily ever since.
244ArthurEnglishThis Celtic name, meaning ‘strong as a bear’ is best known for its association with the King of Briton, King Arthur, who presided over the Knights of the Roundtable. It has been a favorite with the Americans right from the 19th century and even today parents are partial towards it.
245LeonFrenchLeon, the equivalent of Leo, is witnessing remarkable popularity in the US. What’s striking is its usage among various cultures – Christians, Jews, Agnostics, African-Americans and Hispanics. It means ‘Lion’.
246FelixLatinFelix, the Latin word for ‘lucky’ or ‘successful’ is funky, offbeat and thoroughly cute. No wonder, it’s still consistently used.
247RemingtonEnglishRemington, meaning ‘settlement by the boundary stream’ originates from the place name in England, which explains its refined and rich sound.
248JakeHebrewHere’s another pet form of Jack, which has good chances of becoming more popular than the original. The meaning of Jake is ‘God is supplanter’.
249KillianIrishKillian, a name that is pretty uncommon compared to other Irish names, has a friendly and upbeat sound and a distinct charm to it. It means ‘little church’.
250ClaytonEnglishClayton, meaning ‘a clay settlement’, is one of the first examples of surnames turned first names in the US. Even its short form Clay carries a charm and quality.

Unique Ways To Choose A Name For Your Baby Boy:

Deciding your baby boy’s name can be a very positive experience. But with so many choices, it can be a bit tricky to narrow down the options to one or two. Here are a few tips to the perfect name for your little prince.

1. Put Together A List Of Names:

Sit down with your partner and make a list of names that you both like. Research on the shortlisted names and find out their popularity.

2. Say Out The Names Aloud:

Say out the selected names aloud to understand how they sound. A mix of one, two and three syllables work great together.

3. Pick A Family Name For Your Son:

You can express your love for your grandfather or anyone who’s close to you by giving your son their name.

4. Select A Name That Indicates Your Heritage:

If you have close ties with ethnicity, consider a name from your culture. Ensure that the spelling of that name is simple to pronounce.

5. Pick A Name That’s Meaningful To You:

There may be a name or a word that represents a turning point or a critical moment in your life. It can also refer to someone who inspired you in your career or supported you in your difficult time.

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Common Mistakes While Choosing A Name And How To Avoid Them:

1. Embarrassing Initials:

Samuel Andrew Davis and Alison Sarah Smith are lovely names until you notice the initials. So check the initials first to avoid the rude awakenings.

2. Clinging Tightly To The Name You Swore To Give Your First Son:

Women decide on the names of their kids even before they are pregnant. But if the name has become too familiar or clashes with your last name, just let it go!

3. Not Testing The Name In The Real Word:

Some names may look nice on the paper, but may not work that well in life. This is true for both traditional and uncommon names. So pick names that can be pronounced easily and with confidence.

4. Giving Your Baby Boy An Androgynous Name:

According to a study published in Education Finance and Policy, boys who are given borderline female names like Jamie, Shannon or Aaron tend to face behavioral problems than those with boy-alone name. So stick with unisex names only for girls.

So which of these names appealed to you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

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