35 Most Popular Hindu God Names For Your Baby Boy

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Are you looking for a Hindu name for your newborn? The Veda and Puranas have a plethora of beautiful, yet meaningful names. But how can you pick one name when there are so many incredible options? Don’t worry, help is at hand!

In Hindu mythology, there are more than 33 billion Gods and Goddess and we worship each of them with equal fervor. Chanting Hindu god names calms your mind and makes you feel peaceful. Here, we select some of the best Hindu god baby boy names with meaning. We also mention the source of these Hindu god names for boys to make your choice easy. Have a look!

35 Hindu God Names For Baby Boy:

1. Ganesh:

Ganesh is one of the most popular Hindu Gods. He is the son of Shiva and Parvati and the ‘consort’ of Buddhi.

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2. Vishnu:

Vishnu is another name that you can consider for your baby. Vishnu is the protector and preserver of the word.

3. Shiva:

Shiva is the paramount lord of the Shaivite sect of India. He is the greatest God in Hinduism.

4. Vigneshwara:

Vigneshwara is the other name of Lord Ganesh. It means ‘Destroyer of all obstacles’. His devotees always invoke his grace before undertaking any task.

5. Bajrangbali:

Bajrangbali is the appellation of Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman was the son of Vayu, the Hindu god of Wind. He was also an ardent devotee and disciple of Lord Rama.

6. Muruga:

Muruga is the most popular deity amongst Tamils. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati.

7. Skanda:

Skanda is another name of Lord Muruga. It sounds lovely.

8. Satya Narayana:

Satya Narayana is the name of another form of Lord Vishnu. He is the embodiment of truth in Hindu mythology.

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9. Ayyappa:

Ayyappa is the offspring of Shiva and Vishnu. He is the presiding deity of the Sabarimala temple.

10. Ventakesha:

Ventakesha is the name of another incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

11. Narasimha:

Narasimha is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He came to save Prahlada from the clutches of his father, Hiranyakashipa.

12. Nathan:

The name Nathan comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Nath’, meaning ‘lord, master’. Nathan is another name of Lord Krishna.

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13. Kamari:

Kamari is the name of Lord Shiva. It refers to his Shiva’s turning Cupid into ashes from His third eye of Knowledge. In Sanskrit, Kamari means ‘enemy of love’.

14. Arjun:

In Hindu mythology, Arjun is the son of God Indra and princess Kunti. The meaning of Arjun is ‘white’.

15. Sara:

In Rig Veda, Sara was the son of Ricatka. It means ‘essence, valuable’.

16. Nikhil:

Nikhil is one of the 108 names of God Shiva. It originates from Sanskrit elements ‘Ni’, which means ‘without’ and ‘Kh’, which means ‘boundary’ and ‘L’, which means ‘agreed’. The meaning of Nikhil is ‘without boundary’.

17. Hans:

According to the Puranas, Hansa was the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu in Karta Yuga. It comes from the Sanskrit, which means ‘swan’.

18. Aja:

The meaning of Aja is ‘unborn’. It also means ‘driver, instigator’. Aja is the other name of Lord Vishnu.

19. Naya:

Naya is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to the Puranas, Naya is the son of the 13th Manu.

20. Isha:

Isha is the 746th name of Lord Ganesha. It means the ‘Lord of the Lords and the Infinite Being’.

21. Anish:

Anish is the appellation of Lord Vishnu meaning ‘Having no Lord over Him’. It means ‘supreme’ in Sanskrit.

22. Janya:

Janya is a Sanskrit name meaning ‘born’. It is another name of Lord Shiva.

23. Jai:

Jai is a popular Indian baby boy name. It is another name of Lord Shiva. The meaning of Jai is ‘victorious’.

24. Om:

Om is the sacred symbol of Hinduism. In Puranic Hinduism, Aum is the name from the Hindu Trimurti. It represents the union of three gods- Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.

25. Ishan:

Ishan means “the third eye of Shiva. It has roots in the word ‘ish’, which means the ‘invisible power. Ishan is also the guardian of the northeast direction.

26. Sahasra:

Sahasra is the 325th name of Lord Shiva. It means ‘infinite or enormous number’.

27. Varun:

Varun comes from the Sanskrit word Varuna, meaning ‘a god of the sky’. He is the most popular Asura in the Rig-Veda.

28. Kami:

Kami is the 653th name of Lord Vishnu. It means ‘of fulfilling desire’.

29. Ayan:

The Sanskrit name Ayan means Solstice. It is the name of Lord of Ganesha. The name Ayan also means ‘halting’.

30. Anay:

Anay meaning ‘superior’ is another name of Lord Vishnu. It also means ‘not conducted by anyone’.

31. Tala:

Tala is the 358th name of Lord Shiva. It means ‘the Basis of the Phenomenon’.

32. Shara:

Shara is the 809th name of Lord Shiva. It means the ‘divine arrow that finds its target quickly’.

33. Jaina:

Jaina is one of the hundred names of Lord Ganesh. It means the one who is beyond comprehension. Jaina epitomizes the Jain religion.

34. Rudra:

In ancient mythology, Rudra was the malignant god of death, the wind, and storm. But he later became a benevolent lord of animals.

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35. Akshaj:

Akshaj is the name of Lord of Lord Vishnu. It means thunderbolt or diamond.

Hope you like our collection of Hindu god names for baby boy. We hope you find the best name for your little prince from our list. Tell us your favorite ones. Leave a comment here.

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