9 Popular Hairstyles Of The 2000s Every Girl Should Know

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If you are a hairstyle fanatic, then you’d agree that the star phase of hairstyles has to be undeniably the 2000s! Our brilliant, and sometimes over the top stylists, have invented new and rediscovered old (read… retro) in a stylish manner! This write up will give a sneak peek into the most iconic hairstyles of this decade, which are a must try for you lovelies out there!

1. The Wave:

ImageCredits: giphy.com
Image: Credits: giphy.com

Most of the 2000s we rode waves. The beachy waves look natural and go with the philosophy of going natural. This style has not only been a hot favourite amongst the ladies, but guys also seem to dig it. Now that’s really cool, ain’t it?

2. The Headbands:

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The headbands are from the bygone era, but the 2000s put them in the right perspective. They became chic, classy and very urbane. Many stylists combined the headbands with formal wear and we went “oooohhh!!”. The guys drooled and the bosses fell from their chairs…oops, not getting brownie points for this one!

3. The 2000s Retro:

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As much as I hate the authentic retro fashion, I love the re-retro of the 2000s. It has expelled all that was gaudy and brought in all that is vintage. There is a subtlety and statement that retro screams of now. As far as we are concerned – we are super happy with some opulence on our head!

4. Bang On Eyes:

Image: Credits: giphy.com

This style loves straight as well as wavy hair, but some girls who did not have straight hair got them done so that they could get this hairstyle in all its glory. I don’t blame them. It is super chic and a very structured haircut. For those who have lovely eyes and a set of lovely luscious locks, just get it done right now!

5. The Real Fakes:

Hair extensions
Image: Credits: giphy.com

Extensions became super sexy in this decade. Instead of hiding them, the celebrities were seen flaunting them. We even had some launching their own lines of fake hair. Seriously? But just imagine, hook them on and have long curly or wavy or super straight hair just in a minute! I am hopping, skipping and jumping as well!

6. Layering:

Layer cut
Image: Credits: giphy.com

This one is the God of Hairstyle. The layer cut creates short to long effect on the hair starting from the front to the back. If this style is not iconic, then nothing is. Best part about it? It was embraced by celebrities and masses alike – that cool it is!

7. Going Short And Loving Bob:

Bob cut
Image: Credits: giphy.com

Whoever said girls look good only in long hair never saw the 2000s coming in. The stylish variants of bob cut have been such massive hits that even my mom who worships long hair asked me to get one done! Since this one hit the fashion world, there have been pixie cuts, shoulder length and chin length bobs that have stolen our hearts.

8. Colour Up:

Colored hair
Image: Credits: giphy.com

Remember those thick highlights of the 90s that not only looked messy but also like expensive hair job gone bad? Well, now is the time to go subtle with hair colour that looks natural. We are high on naturals; after all, you gotta save nature some way!

9. Go Wild:

wild hair
Image: Credits: giphy.com

2000s have had their own quirks. When we go wild, we go completely over the top. We had our celebrities as well as public suddenly going pink and purple with their hair. This, coupled with the asymmetric cut, got the whole world sit and take notice. Good way or bad…well, I am not the judgmental type!

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