Cute Plus Size Summer Dresses

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Most of us obsess over working on our summer bodies to wear all those cute dresses we have been forever dreaming of. But, trust me, whether it is wearing a bikini, one-piece, shorts, or skirts – dressing those curves is a lot more fun and an art in itself. Thanks to designers and brands who are inclusive of all body types and breaking the stereotype of a “summer body.” In fact, I think it’s great fun to play around with patterns and silhouettes to arrive at outfits that are swoon-worthy and not making you feel like you are losing out on having fun with interesting outfits. Still wondering what we mean, exactly? You need to scroll away and check these cute plus size summer dresses out!

Cute Plus Size Summer Dresses

1. Jumpsuit With Sleeves

Summers mean playsuits, jumpsuits, and all things fun. However, plus size women steer clear of jumpsuits because that’s how we have been conditioned. But show off those curves in a body-hugging, full-sleeved, vibrant jumpsuit, and ring in the summer in style.

2. Shorts And Printed T-Shirts

Shorts And Printed T-Shirts
Image: Instagram

Yes, we are going to talk about all the outfits we stay away from, but we are going to remind you time and again in this post that you don’t have to. Please wear those shorts, will you? Aren’t you done wearing jeans and trousers and being all covered up in the dark winter months? If you are shy, choose shorts that are not entirely tight but still have a little definition. Finish it with an oversized shirt, but for the way it looks and not to hide behind it.

3. Skater Dress

Skater Dress

Getting an invite to a summer wedding is very exciting. But it also means wearing something that is comfortable and does not choke your skin. This skater dress in soft, wrinkle-free fabric not only sits well on your body but also keeps you calm through the day-long event. Details like the one-sided shoulder are little things that make this twice as appealing. Sling-back sandals and a chignon updo are perfect accompaniments for this outfit.

4. A-Line Tea Length Bridal Dress

A-Line Tea Length Bridal Dress

Bridal dresses in plus sizes have come a long way. In fact, this is the very first clothing category that started the inclusive movement. If you want to break the stereotype of the big fat wedding and the usual long dress that leaves a train behind you, here’s a dress that does just that. Considering that it is summer, it will be breathable and airy too.

5. Slit Dresses In Summers

Slit Dresses In Summers

Summers are synonymous with all kinds of dresses. If you prefer being fully covered, do it in style. Choose a linen dress with slits that make it both breathable and bearable in the heat. Style it with bold accessories in a contrasting color.

6. T-Shirt Dress

T-Shirt Dress

T-shirt dresses have practically taken over all online and offline stores because they are brilliant and we don’t want to miss an opportunity. If you are conscious about flab showing up, throw on a layer – like a kimono – that’s both stylish and comfortable.

7. Kaftan Beach Dress

Kaftan Beach Dress
Image: Instagram

Going to the beach means wearing clothes that are flowy and short. Take dresses that serve as a bikini cover-up and something you can head to the bar or an event in. Kaftan dresses are turning out to be more than just loungewear and are a big part of casual dressing. Go for vibrant colors like blue, coral, white, or anything beachy.

8. Cocktail Dress

Cocktail Dress
Image: Instagram

Headed to a party? A little conscious of wearing an off-shoulder dress? Cold shoulders are here to your rescue. In fact, it’s not just camouflaging but also a pattern that makes for great silhouettes. Since we are looking at cocktail dresses, go with one solid muted color and bump it up with accessories.

9. Animal Print Short Dress

Animal Print Short Dress
Image: Instagram

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with animal prints. However, all said and done, these have been around since the 40s and continue to be a classy choice. But you need to know how to deal with them. Otherwise, the outfit may look unpleasant. Opt for smaller and simpler prints over bigger prints, especially if you are choosing short dresses. When it comes to shrugs, tops, or scarves, big prints work well.

10. Strapless Jumpsuit

Strapless Jumpsuit

We need clothes that are breathable and comfortable and have a flattering silhouette. Here’s a dress that does it all for you. This classy chambray jumpsuit with stripes, a sweetheart neckline, and wide-cut hemline is irresistible. Curl your hair in light curls, and wear hoops and white converse shoes for a day out in summer.

11. Halter Neck Maxi Dress

Halter Neck Maxi Dress

Contrary to popular belief, halter necks work to your advantage and give your body some great definition. As long as the fabrics are soft, flowy, and not clingy, this halter neck maxi dress looks great on plus size women. You need no accessories for this. Just throw on gladiators to add a little zing.

12. A-Line Asymmetrical Dress

A-Line Asymmetrical Dress

A-line dresses are charming and evergreen. Instead of bodycon dresses, go for something like this that has a little space for your body to breathe while swaying to the curves. The asymmetrical cut is an interesting twist to the dress, and the V-neckline makes it classier. Sport wedges or white Converse shoes and throw on a hat.

13. Flowy Playsuit

Flowy Playsuit

What’s a summer wardrobe without a playsuit? It works as a great bikini cover up too! Choose flowy fabrics and rompers that cinch just below your waist, giving it definition but without giving away too much. Go for a hemline that doesn’t stick to your legs too much but is not too baggy either.

14. Floral Off-Shoulder Dress

Floral Off-Shoulder Dress
Image: Instagram

Floral off-shoulder dresses scream summer and look great on this body type. Break the flow of the dress by cinching it at the waist with a thick belt. Sneakers, red lipstick, and big sunglasses are all the accessories you will need.

15. Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress

Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress

We all love maxis and cannot do without at least a few new ones every year. This season, go with the most sought-after version – a maxi with cold shoulders.

What’s with people and their obsession with unrealistic bodies? We couldn’t be more thankful to social media influencers who are an inspiration in the truest sense, showing us how we can approach dresses regardless of our body type. What are your favorite summer outfits? What excites you most about summer dressing? Let us know by dropping in a text in the comments section below.

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