15 Stylish Plus Size Cardigans For Women

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Cardigans are a blessing in disguise for a lot of us. They are functional, stylish, and – for some of us – an essential part of our wardrobe. While they first started as a wearable version of a woolen throw to wrap yourself in and stay warm, they evolved into fashionable pieces of clothing over time. Women like cardigans because they give depth to your outfit. Petite women use them to add definition to their silhouette, and plus size women prefer them because they streamline their curves. Whether it is winter or summer, there’s a cardigan for every season. And, since it is the topmost layer of your outfit, it needs to be stylish. Let’s take a look at some of the best and stylish plus size cardigans.

15 Best Plus Size Cardigans For Women

1. Plus Size Summer Cardigan

Best Plus Size Cardigans - Plus Size Summer Cardigan

What started as a necessity in winters evolved into an accessory in summers. Are you shying away from wearing strapless or sleeveless tops? Here’s a cardigan that is light on your skin in summers. Plus size summer cardigans as a soft layer to comfort you, well, from yourself.

2. Plus Size Sleeveless Cardigan

Best Plus Size Cardigans - Plus Size Sleeveless Cardigan

Are you a fan of turtleneck sweaters? But, do you also feel that they hug your body too much? I know that feeling. Here’s how you can work your way around adding layers and still be the most stylish person in the room. A long sleeveless vest or a cardigan will give you bang for your buck.

3. Asymmetrical Waterfall Cardigan

Best Plus Size Cardigans - Asymmetrical Waterfall Cardigan

We have all seen our fair share of plain and black cardigans. It’s now time to move on and make an everyday essential a little more fun than just that. Pick up an asymmetrical cardigan next time around and add a little flair to your outfits. Go for a common color like black, navy, or red so that you can match it with more than one outfit.

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4. Long-Line Cardigan

Best Plus Size Cardigans - Long-Line Cardigan

Red and black flouncy cardigans are the most stylish plus size cardigans right now. It is the perfect piece for your spring outfits, and it bumps up your winter looks too. The woolen fabric keeps you warm while keeping the style intact and in check.

5. Tie-Dye Cardigan

Best Plus Size Cardigans - Tie-Dye Cardigan

Beach vacations call for all kinds of short clothes and cover ups. This summer, invest in a tie-dye long-line cardigan that looks oversized but works to your advantage. This works especially well for women with the inverted triangle body type.

6. Lightweight Cardigan

Best Plus Size Cardigans - Lightweight Cardigan

If you are the kind of person who cannot step out without wearing an extra layer, keep one plus size lightweight cardigan for running errands. Even though some of you might feel that these are outdated, they are actually evergreen. However, these look best with track pants and tights, so stick to them.

7. Long-Line Stripe Cardigan

Best Plus Size Cardigans - Long-Line Stripe Cardigan

Do you think using shirts for layering is too much of a millennial style? Or need something that is longer and gives you better coverage? Go for this striped woven cardigan that comes in a shirt style but with an open front, a sash at the waist, and slits that add a little zing. These go well with skinny jeans, leggings, and jeggings.

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8. Plus Size Floral Cardigan

Best Plus Size Cardigans - Plus Size Floral Cardigan

Summers test your fashion sense and your ability to find clothes that are apt for the season without choking your skin further. Cardigans might feel like they do just that, but if you look for options, you will find masterpieces like this one. This feather-light and floral cardigan is just what you need.

9. Short Lace Cardigan

Best Plus Size Cardigans - Short Lace Cardigan

How wonderful would it be if you could wear a tank top and jeans every other day and not worry about a thing! But, since you need something to complete your outfit, let’s look at some interesting options – like a lace or sheer cardigan that doesn’t take away the feel of wearing tank tops.

10. Solid Long Cape Cardigan

Best Plus Size Cardigans - Solid Long Cape Cardigan

Well, you know what they say. Not all superheroes wear capes. But maybe they do? Walk into a room in this cape style cardigan, and get all heads turning to show people how it’s done. Style this on a narrow silhouette because capes can sometimes make your frame look broader than it is.

11. Woolen Fringe Cardigan

Best Plus Size Cardigans - Woolen Fringe Cardigan

Woolen cardigans are evergreen, so feel free to hoard these. However, choose a vibrant and popping color like orange, coral, navy, or yellow to add a little color and keep it interesting.

12. Floral Mesh Cardigan

Best Plus Size Cardigans - Floral Mesh Cardigan

Mesh, lace, and woolen cardigans are timeless. Not only do they look great on plus size women, but they also lift up a simple top. Wear these with white, neon, olive or any colored jeans to make yourself party-ready instantly.

13. Bell Sleeves Sweater Style Cardigan

Best Plus Size Cardigans - Bell Sleeves Sweater Style Cardigan

Looking for warm layers that are more than just plain and bold colored sweaters? Here’s something that might cheer you up. This multicolored cardigan goes with most colors, so you can use it frequently without looking like you do. Tuck your shirt in and let the cardigan take over the show.

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14. Turtleneck Sweater Style Cardigan

Best Plus Size Cardigans - Turtleneck Sweater Style Cardigan

Bring the best of both worlds with a turtleneck style cardigan that looks incredibly stylish and is a welcome break from your open-front cardigans. A full-sleeved bodycon top, skinny jeans, boots, and this cardigan – sheer magic you need in winters.

15. Belted Cardigan

Best Plus Size Cardigans - Belted Cardigan

Want a cardigan to be more than just a layer and need a warm hug? Here’s a cardigan with a belted detail that not only adds to the aesthetic but keeps you cozy too. Wear ankle length booties or knee-high boots to kick it out of the park.

Cardigans are a big part of some of our lives, and they should never compromise your style. Why do you use cardigans? Is it a compulsion that you finish your outfit with a cardigan? Let us know by dropping in a text in the comments section below.

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