20 Best Playroom Ideas For Toddlers And Babies, On Budget

Create an entertaining learning space for your child without a strain on your pocket.

Written by Soma Sengupta • 

Create a haven for your little ones by trying out some playroom ideas for toddlers. As babies and toddlers are extremely inquisitive, having a playroom in the house becomes necessary.

A playroom encourages the tiny explorer to play and satisfy their curiosity. It also allow them to have their freedom and have safe fun. With a plethora of safe toys and objects the room is filled with, they learn and create their activities. So, why not get started today with this post? We have tried to make your task a little easier with our ideas.

20 Babies And Toddlers Playroom Ideas

1. Play rug

Play rug, Playroom ideas for toddlers
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A play rug offers a variety of attractive visuals and textures and encourages your little ones to interact with the surroundings. It helps them develop their muscles as they sit up and crawl. Also, it fosters cognitive, gross motor, and visual development.

How to:

  • Get a good-quality and stain-resistant rug with some favorite visuals of your child.
  • Spread it in the playroom.
  • Let your child sit on the rug and explore these visuals while playing with toys.

2. Reading nook

Reading nook, Playroom ideas for toddlers
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A playroom is incomplete without a reading corner. Encourage your tiny tots to curl up with their storybooks by incorporating a creative reading nook in their playroom.  With the right selection of books, decorations, and cozy seating, you can inculcate reading habits in your child.

How to:

  • Find the right spot with a natural source of light.
  • Install light fixtures, bookshelves, floor decorations and themed walls.
  • Add cozy and comfy seating with an inviting throw.

3. Tent for imaginative play

Tent for imaginative play, Playroom ideas for toddlers
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Introducing a tent in your child’s playroom is a great idea to boost their creativity and imagination. It contributes to their mental and physical development too.

How to:

  • Get a bright-colored and fun themed tent that your child would like.
  • Select one that is easy-to-clean and lightweight so that you could use it both indoors and outdoors.
  • Install it in the desired spot and place a customized mat inside to lie down.

4. Playroom kitchen

Playroom kitchen, Playroom ideas for toddlers
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Kitchen playroom ideas are quite fascinating for the little ones. There are several options with a full range of utensils and accessories. Play kitchen encourages teamwork, improves counting skills, and teaches them the importance of sharing.

How to:

  • Choose a suitable spot and set up the play kitchen table of your child’s size.
  • Provide drawers for supplies such as dishes, spoons, and bowls.
  • Set up a cleaning area.
  • Don’t forget to give an apron to your little master chef.

5. Functional playroom storage

Functional playroom storage, Playroom ideas for toddlers
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Worry no more about the mess created by your tiny superhero. Organize your child’s playroom by using creative storage, bins and encourage your child to organize their toys. This will help them sort and find their belongings easily. Also, they will learn the importance of neatness.

How to:

  • Choose bright colored bins for organizing toys.
  • Label the bins by adding pictures of toys so they know what toy goes into which bin.
  • Place all the bins on a low-height table or open shelves for easy access
  • Show your child how to place the toys according to these labels.

6. Climbing apparatus

Climbing apparatus, Playroom ideas for toddlers
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Including a climbing apparatus is a must for a child’s playroom as it promotes physical activity and creative learning. Climbing activities for young children help build strength, flexibility, and balance. You can use a variety of climbing toys for your energetic toddlers such as climbing arch, pikler triangles, happy moon climber, and wooden monkey bars.

How to:

  • Leave enough space around while installing these climbing toys.
  • Cover the floor with a thick rug.
  • Encourage your child to climb up and down and have fun.

7. Indoor slide

Indoor slide, Playroom ideas for toddlers
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This simple piece of plastic or wooden toy adds great fun and adventure to your little one’s playroom. It is an amazing option on rainy or chilly days when they can’t go outside to play. Sliding helps develop their balance and coordination skills.

How to:

  • Get the best-quality foldable indoor slides of an appropriate size.
  • Cover the floor with a thick rug around the slide.
  • Supervise your child to step carefully and sit down on their bottoms as they slide down.

8. Wooden toys

Wooden toys, Playroom ideas for toddlers
Image: Shutterstock

Wooden toys are ideal for babies and toddlers as they are eco-friendly and sustainable. They are also long-lasting and safe to use. These toys encourage imaginative play, reasoning skills, and hand-eye coordination.

How to:

  • Give wooden blocks to your child and encourage them to build a house.
  • You can even get them a personalized wooden toolbox or wooden animals for pretend play.

9. Dress-up nook

Dress-up closet, Playroom ideas for toddlers
Image: Shutterstock

Children love to play dress-up and a dress-up nook can be a magical area for them. From superheroes to doctors or pilots, whatever role they play, their imagination and creativity are limitless.

How to:

  • Gather supplies such as costumes and accessories.
  • Select a spot for making the dress-up corner.
  • You can either place a mini closet or use the row of hooks to hang the costumes.
  • Keep these accessories in the baskets and place them on the shelves.
  • Add a full-length mirror to complete the setup.

10. ABCs and 123s playroom station

Alphabets & numbers playroom, playroom ideas for toddlers
Image: Shutterstock

The alphabet and number playroom station in your toddler’s room helps in their early learning. Posting the letters of the alphabet and numbers on the wall offers effective and fun learning. The beautiful and attractive illustrations can also inspire creativity, active learning, and imagination.

How to:

  • Get posters of the alphabet and numbers containing art and illustrations.
  • Fix them on the wall at a low height so that your toddlers may reach them.

11. Bulletin board

Bulletin board, playroom ideas for toddlers
Image: Shutterstock

A bulletin board is a fantastic way to display your toddler’s artwork. Young minds are curious, creative, and imaginative. Whatever they write or draw at an early age is considered an achievement and can be well depicted by using a bulletin board.

How to:

  • Fix a bulletin board on the wall of the playroom.
  • Decorate it with bright colors, decals, or ribbons.
  • Pile up all your child’s artwork and pin them on the board.

12. Art cart

Art cart, playroom ideas for toddlers
Image: Shutterstock

Art is fun, and your little artist knows it better. They can create art anywhere, and so you need to organize an art cart for them and give them access to their art supplies. An art cart can encourage the child’s creativity and build independence, responsibility, and trust.

How to:

  • Choose your style of cart.
  • Collect all the supplies for artwork including crayons, markers, glue, colored pencils, papers, etc.
  • Arrange everything on the cart by involving your children.
  • Now let your child unleash their imagination.

13. DIY busy board

DIY tool board, playroom ideas for toddlers
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Busy boards are made with daily life items that are appealing to babies and toddlers. Playing with busy boards promotes early childhood development and motor skills as they touch and explore various objects.

How to:

  • Take a square board, paint it, and make sure the edges are smooth.
  • Gather your items such as buttons, door chain, googly eyes, handle, hook, and bell.
  • Glue and screw the items on the board.
  • Keep the board up against a firm surface or mount it to the wall.
  • Your toddler’s busy board is ready. Now, let them play as they like.

14. DIY magnetic chalkboard wall

Magnetic chalkboard wall, playroom ideas for toddlers
Image: Shutterstock

Having a magnetic chalkboard wall in your toddler’s playroom is ideal if you want to introduce letters, numbers, and vocabulary to them. Also, your child would love playing with magnets.

How to:

  • Choose a spot where you want to install this magnetic chalkboard wall.
  • Tape and clean the area.
  • Apply magnetic primer on the area and let it dry.
  • Coat the wall with chalkboard paint. Your DIY magnetic board is ready for use.
  • Provide some magnetic toys, letters, and numbers to your child to play with.

15. DIY rock wall

Rock wall, playroom ideas for toddlers
Image: Shutterstock

Children love to climb. So, why not bring a climbing wall to their playroom? Just ensure you provide good cushioning on the floor.

How to:

  • Construct a base of plywood to a desired size.
  • Paint the whole plywood.
  • Drill holes on the plywood and attach it to the wall.
  • Add rock climbing holds.
  • You can design the wall with your child’s favorite theme.

16. Pink chick playroom

Pink-themed playroom, playroom ideas for toddlers
Image: Shutterstock

From baby pink to bright bubble-gum pink, use any of these hues to decorate your child’s room. Pink is also calming.

How to:

  • Color the wall of the playroom with a light pink hue. You can add a dark shade on one of the sides.
  • Use pink and white combination for the seats and rugs.
  • You may also add other elements that blend in.

17. Music corner

Music corner, playroom ideas for toddlers
Image: Shutterstock

When you expose your children to music, they learn the sounds and meanings of words. Music helps the mind and the body work together. Introducing a music corner will be a great idea for the playroom.

How to:

  • Place a shelf in the playroom and decorate it.
  • Include all possible musical instruments that your child can play.

18. Nap time-corner

Napping corner, playroom ideas for toddlers
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A playroom is not meant for just playing games. You can create a well-designed nap space where the toddler can take rest and rejuvenate. Add a bed, some pillows, and a blanket for a cozy nap corner.

How to:

  • Choose a comfy bed with low height and place it in the room.
  • Put customized bed sheets, pillows, and blankets with prints of their favorite characters.

19. Mini stage

Mini stage, playroom ideas for toddlers
Image: Shutterstock

Set up a mini stage to bring out your child’s creativity. Let them sing, dance, or perform anything.

How to:

  • Install a shower rod at one corner of the playroom.
  • Add beautiful curtains that complement the room’s theme.
  • Decorate the area with string lights and place a mic.

20. Swing Setup

Swing setup, playroom ideas for toddlers
Image: Shutterstock

This is a fun décor element that will keep your child active all through the day.

How to:

  • Choose the location in the playroom.
  • Find the ceiling joist and install the mount.
  • Now hang the swing.
  • You can add soft cushions to the swing to make it cozy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I set up a toddler playroom?

A playroom helps your child to play and have fun without turning the house upside down. When setting up a playroom for your toddler, buy compact furniture and a storage system to make good use of the available space. Playrooms are going to get messy, so go for washable wall paint and baby-proof the area to keep your toddler safe.

2. What should be in a playroom for a toddler?

Include toys that aid in your toddler’s overall development. Go for a flexible toy storage unit to maximize the floor area of playing. Deck up the area with fun wall art and keep an emergency light handy. Have a low-level craft table and a rack to store all books and art supplies.

Playrooms can help keep your child’s belongings organized and maintain your home clean and clutter-free. They are your kid’s personal space in the house. Therefore, you must put in your best effort when creating one for your toddlers and children. All of the playroom ideas for toddlers listed above cover a wide range of themes, ranging from learning to some indoor physical activity. So, take some inspiration from these playroom ideas the next time you plan to design a playroom.

Key Pointers

  • Creative playroom ideas include those that deal with music, art, craft, and imaginative play.
  • Create a unique reading environment in your toddler’s playroom to encourage them to read.
  • Installing a climbing apparatus in your toddler’s playroom will facilitate the development of strength, agility, and stability.
  • Having alphabet and numbers displayed in the toddler’s playroom will assist their early learning.

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