12 Plants That Create Positive Energy In Your Home

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Imagine living in a world without plants or trees!

How would it be? From where would we get all the oxygen? Would we even exist without these florae?

We come across various species of plants on a daily basis. Be it on the roadsides, near our workplace or maybe in the park that we last visited. But, more often than not, we hardly pay any heed to these growths. And although we continue to take them for granted, these plants still work day and night to provide us with some fresh oxygen.

We bring you a list of 12 plants that are not only known to purify the air around us but are also of significance due to their exceptional antiseptic and enriching properties. These plants are also known to attract all the positive energy around, making them a perfect addition to our homes!

1. Money Plant (Epipremnum aureum)

This plant is also referred to as Silver Vine or Hunter’s Rob, among many others. According to the Chinese philosophical system of Feng Shui and the traditional Hindu system of Vastu, the money plant not only purifies the air around us but is also known to reduce stress and absorb radiations. It is also known to attract wealth and enhance one’s prosperity.

2. Rose (Rosa)

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For centuries, the rose has been used to symbolize and express undying love. Even today, a rose is idealized to bring love and passion into the hearts of its beholders. Having a rose plant at home is also recommended to get rid of all the negative vibes around while helping oneself heal faster.

3. Lavender (Lavandula vera)

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Lavender is well known for its fragrant properties. But other than this, lavender plays a significant role in reducing stress and anxiety within us. The stress that we experience in our day to day lives paves the way for negative energies into our homes. This plant helps to eradicate the root cause of negative energy and bring stability in our lives.

4. OREGANO (Origanum vulgare)

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Oregano is quite popular for its use as a flavoring agent. In cooking, it is often used in its dry form. However, oregano is of potential importance other than its use in the kitchen. Oregano is known to bring unity among one’s family by inducing peace and spreading love. It is also preferred due to its cleansing properties, which helps one cure the spiritual cause for any problem brought about in his/her life.

5. Orchid (Orchidaceae)

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Orchids are one of the rare plants known to release oxygen at night. They have a very pleasant and relaxing smell, which is said to instantly elevate one’s mood. The Chinese system of Feng Shui believes that this plant improves our spiritual being while bringing home love and peace.

6. Basil (Ocimum basilicum)

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Other than its ability to purify the air around, basil is quite popular in eradicating all the negative vibes. It is also known for its medicinal properties and can be added to tea. Basil produces oxygen for as long as 20 hours per day; all the more reason to bring this plant home at the earliest!

7. Aloe (Aloe Vera)

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Aloe has always been renowned for its antiseptic and healing properties. However, this plant is also quite beneficial when brought home. It keeps bad luck and negative energies at bay while stimulating happiness and contentment.

8. Ivy (Hedera helix)

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Quite popular for its beauty, it is also one of the best air purifying plants due to its potentiality in absorbing formaldehyde. It also helps to get rid of toxins around us and is often advised for those suffering from allergies. Nonetheless, this plant may prove toxic for children and pets. Therefore, required precautions must be taken, and this plant must be placed beyond their reach.

9. Sage (Salvia officinalis)

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This plant is known for its ability to maintain a positive flow of energy and also for its antibacterial properties. Sage has also proven itself exceptional in eliminating negative energies, such as anxiety and anger. It also brings home a sense of assurance and trust as a result of the heightened state of consciousness that it promotes.

10. Lily (Lilium)

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Lily is a versatile plant with many functions. It not just purifies the surrounding air but also neutralizes other gases present inside our homes. It is also known to stabilize our emotions, thereby helping us overcome spiritual issues and anxiety. These plants are best placed in bedrooms as they are known to grow better in a shady environment, and also for stimulating peace and serenity around them.

11. Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

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One of the best air purifying plants, rosemary has added medicinal properties as well. It is known to help battle depression and keep any negative energy away. Until recently, rosemary has also been used as a symbol of remembrance. These plants are said to enhance our memory, as well as treat insomnia and fatigue.

12. Jasmine (Jasminum)

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For ages, the jasmine plant has been of uttermost importance to Persians. Besides having a sweet and pleasant fragrance, these flowering plants are known to enhance romance and vitalize relationships. Jasmine is also known to relieve stress and anxiety.

So, if you are planning on bringing home some good luck and positivity, these plants should be a definite addition to your list. And with the different options available, you can surely find the one that suits your requirements.

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