The Boss Lady Guide To Planning A Cool Bachelorette

Nothing is constant, whether it is fashion trends, tech trends, or even party trends. There is always that exciting drive to try something new that pushes us forward. Especially if you are a strong independent woman who is ready to go all out and put all creativity into play before getting hitched. What is the first thing that comes to mind when we say – Bachelorette? Netizens would say a get-together, with room decor, few games, and gossip girl sessions. But trust the boss ladies to do something unique and larger-than-life. We have got your back by helping you plan your bachelorette with a car-inspired twist.

The Boss Lady Guide To Planning A Cool Bachelorette

If you have heard of pool-side parties for way too long now, here is something spicy to make your bachelorette one for the books by joining the #DrivenByHer initiative by TKM. Let’s face it ladies. It is high time you drive your own car like the Queen that you are and go on an inspiring path to freedom and self-retrospection. You need to be one with yourself before getting hitched so go sail, honey! All that you need is an uber cool Toyota Glanza, so let us spill the tea and tell you how to go about it.

1. A Short Road Trip Or A Weekend Drive

A Short Road Trip Or A Weekend Drive

You can knock it out of the park by planning this one. Assemble your girl gang and plan a short 1-2 day road trip, even better if it is the weekend for the go-crazy vibes. Go for all the cheesy preparations first – Get the lights, the funky props, the HD cameras, whatever you need. The highlight of it all, however, is a luxurious car like Toyota Glanza. It is equipped with an intelligent gear shift with cruise control to help you create a scene straight out of a glam music video. For an all-round connected experience, you can take turns to set the dreamy music with the inbuilt 9-inch new Smart Playcast. The best part is its convenience. It allows control through a smartphone, compatible with Apple and Android both.

Swag factor. Check! Boss Ladies. Check! Another additional perk is that you don’t have to rent a whole resort and stay stationary with terms and conditions to have the time of your life. Instead, enjoy your weekend road trip with all the freedom and random snack breaks that you need. You can reach any nearby location in no time, cruise on the road and let the world know that you do your bachelorette the cool way. Take notes bestie!

2. Special Shopping Spree

Special Shopping Spree

Joy can be found in little things. Therefore, if your group of socialites need to dwell in their guilty pleasure and yours instead of a closeted indoor bachelorette, plan an all-out shopping spree session. Remember to keep your wedding shopping out of this plan and simply indulge in your friend’s and yours impulsive, energy-boosting, and self-pampering purchases. For a wholesome in-city tour and shopping luxuriously without limits, your ride needs to be classy too for your gang of equally classy women.

In order to hop from one mall to another, and one wholesale shop to salon or spa, grab your Toyota Glanza to drive around in vogue. A hatchback that will surprise you with its sporty front bumper and dainty details on the exterior. The luxurious hatchback is wide and huge enough to store all the colorful bags you ladies will be carrying.

3. Organize A Hill-Top Car Bachelorette Party

Organize A Hill-Top Car

Speaking of uniqueness, this bachelorette idea may be the one to match your free-spirited vibe. Gorgeous Insta stills aside, go for a fun hill-top car bachelorette with a cool car that can safely drive you up the hill smoothly. It contains 6 airbags, and helps you exercise hill-hold control along with LED Tail Lamps, LED Projector, Hazard Lights, and Day-Time Running Lights. The display screen also shows a 360 degree view to help you measure the surroundings of the narrow hilly roads. You don’t have to be the tired driving host and instead have a blast with your friends, thanks to these modern features!

Simply grab your drinks and food (Do NOT drink alcoholic beverages while driving), reach the hill-top, and bask in the beautiful sunset with your girls! You can pull up the hatchback for more space and play the music of your choices on the 9-inch Smart Playcast with advanced voice control. It will be a memory to behold!

4. A Midnight Karaoke On Wheels

A Midnight Karaoke

Rent out an open playground or field and make it a drive-through edition. But not a movie; a fun, karaoke session with the squad. Get your own Toyota Glanza in true sisters-for-life style. Utilize the spacious hatchback to carry mics, speakers, and bedsheets, to create a set-up at the back of your cars. Don’t miss out on the projector. All you need to do is connect the karaoke app through Toyota’s Voice Assistant feature and you are all set for a musical bachelorette night. Don’t forget to get pizzas and sodas delivered to add to the charm. You can also plan fun games during intervals and pose with your stylish wheels and favorite girls for an unforgettable experience!

Are we feeling the vibe, future bride-to-bes? As the unconventional bride who likes to go down the quirky route, all you need to do is embrace Toyota’s #DrivenByHer initiative and make it your own, as these unique bachelorette ideas perfectly mirror and match your undying drive and constant hustle. We women slay our days like a boss, face challenges, and in spite of all challenges, inspire others and ourselves. It leaves a powerful impact which we applaud wholeheartedly. Let your bachelorette be different like you. Enjoy and chill with the all new Toyota Glanza before you tie the knot.