How To Plan A Blissful Honeymoon During A Pandemic

How To Plan A Blissful Honeymoon During A Pandemic

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The Coronavirus pandemic forced several weddings to be postponed and, consequently, a lot of honeymoon plans too. There is no doubt that the beginning of this new chapter of your life deserves more pomp and excitement than the current circumstances allow.  Having to take your dream honeymoon trip in the middle of a raging pandemic is definitely not ideal.

However, lockdown and other restrictions have eased in many countries, including India. Air travel has resumed, and resorts and hotels are taking reservations with amped-up hygiene and safety practices. Protocols are in place to guide us on how to travel and conduct ourselves safely. Hence, if you are a newly-wed planning your honeymoon this year, here are a few things that will help you not only get through it but also have fun like you are supposed to.

1. Honeymoon Checklist

Honeymoon Checklist

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2021 is not the time for unplanned, impromptu travel plans. To make sure that you are safe at all times during the upcoming trip, sit down with your partner and plan your itinerary. Be thorough, and don’t leave out any details. Make a checklist about exciting places and the things you are interested to see and do. Narrow down your list of honeymoon destinations based on this checklist, and don’t forget to consider safety before deciding. Go to tourism websites and find out what measures are being taken to ensure the safety of all travelers.

2. Choosing A Location

Choosing A Location

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Don’t be disheartened if your dream honeymoon spot is currently not allowing tourists. There are plenty more honeymoon locations that will likely leave you mind-blown with beauty and hospitality. Be sure to pick a destination that offers a bountiful supply of excitement and peace and also puts the safety of the tourists first. In India, honeymoon destinations like Kerala have reopened for tourists with utmost caution taken towards ensuring safety.

3. Getting There

Getting There

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It is equally important that your travel arrangements are uncomplicated and safe too. Domestic air services are largely up and running, but some places are still not easy to get to. Choose a place where you can arrive without any hiccups along the way. While making travel arrangements, make sure you know what the safety procedures would be upon arrival. Some destinations automatically register and implement specific protocols to ensure your own safety. Choose a destination that is well connected by road as well as air. If you are apprehensive about using public transport, a destination such as Kerala, which is easy to get to by road, might be a good choice. A long, romantic drive through scenic routes will only add to the honeymoon spirits!

4. Stay


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We no longer have the luxury to choose cheap deals off the internet when it comes to booking accommodation. Safety must be an important factor to consider, and unfortunately, not every rental deal online is up to the mark on following safety protocols. Before booking, talk to the resort personnel and make sure that the premises are clean, hygienic, and safe. Again, pick a destination where you can find great places to stay at affordable rates. The smart solution to this issue is to book a villa or a houseboat which you can have to yourself.

5. Dining


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A honeymoon isn’t complete if you don’t get to indulge in good food and fancy cocktails. Wine and dine is not something you should have to give up, no matter what. Research in advance and find out all about the popular eateries, cool cafes, and fine dining restaurants before you reach your destination. This will prevent you from wandering the streets trying to find a safe place to eat. Alternatively, contact your resort and book candlelit dinners and brunches in a cool, remote spot. This checks many boxes such as safety and social distancing along with privacy and a stunning romantic ambiance.

6. Activities And Sightseeing

Activities And Sightseeing

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Like every other trip or vacation, a honeymoon needs to be filled with fun adventures and activities.  Who wouldn’t want to soak in the wonderful panoramas around when you are in a place with breathtaking natural beauty? Some places are known for their cultural and culinary richness. Don’t be afraid to go out and explore, taste the popular dishes, immerse yourself in the local legends and folklore, and be awed by the history and heritage of the place.

If you are a beach person, simply bask in the sun and enjoy a cocktail. Go for nature walks, enjoy an Ayurvedic couple spa, stroll through a tea plantation, or go kayaking or hiking. Whatever your interests are, include your partner and make lovely memories.

7. Relax And Enjoy Yourself

Relax And Enjoy Yourself

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We saved the best for the last. Honeymoon is the only trip that you take with the sole purpose of getting to know and enjoy the company of your new spouse. If you spend the entire time worrying, there’s a good chance that you’ll regret it in hindsight a few years later. After you have taken all the recommended precautions, take a deep breath and relax. Focus on the beautiful human being you are there with. Make every minute memorable and joyous.

The challenges of our times are unprecedented. Yet, take it upon yourself to start your marital journey on a note of hope and joy. Choose a good destination where your safety is a priority, and you can have the trip you have been dreaming of for a long time. Be it a beach honeymoon, a hill honeymoon, or an exotic honeymoon by the water, you can find it all in Kerala.