10 Places Every Young Indian Couple Has Done ‘Naughty Things’

The first few months of a relationship, and marriage, are the freshest. It’s all hands and lips and skin, and raunch. All the landmarks you’ve defaced and desecrated add to your relationships resume. Even the most average humans get incredulously creative in this field of interest; but some places are just tradition.

Here’s a look at must-frisk spots for every PYT indian couple:

1. The Park

the park

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It’s been a thing since parks and reserves were invented. And it’s not just Indian. Every major and minor township has one; a spot tucked away in the corner of the city, lush and green, with benches here and there, and ample trees for shade, and seclusion, sometimes strategically located near a pond or some other waterbody, where you can look up and see the blue skies, look around you and see flowers in bloom, and then look beside you and see your lover of this season. Ah, bliss!

2. The College Grounds

college grounds love

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No, seriously, if you’ve not done something PG 13 somewhere on that massive sprawling 70 odd acres of land levelled in honour of you and your beloved and many other hormonally challenged youths, you really need to get started. And it doesn’t matter if you’re out of college now. Just sneak into your college grounds, dressed like you belong there, either student or teacher get up, or get kinky and do one of each, and get busy.


3. Les Travels

Your dad’s car, your bike, the auto, the cab, the local MTS, the local bus, Orange Travels, the train, the plane, the truck, the ship, the boat, the ferry, the school van, the office ride, carpooling, on foot, you name it. Travelling makes you want to do strange things. And all that hot blood rushing to all the wrong right places.

4. The Beach

If you live in a harbour city, then you’ve got a beach nearby. And like, who doesn’t at least try to make out at a beach! Hell, that’s primarily what beaches are for, fun in the sun, or sunset. People spend valuable money to go to beaches on special days, so when you have a beach in your own backyard, why in god’s name won’t you use it’s dreamy ambience and effects for your private leisure?

FYI, if you don’t have one in your city, there’s bound to be on within a day’s drive away. You’re not going to stay young and hot forever. It’s all or nothing.

5. One Of Your Bedrooms


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Well, I could say his room or her room specifically, and sure, every parent with virile offspring reading this would feel a bloodcurdling chill, but it’s true. If you’ve been in a relationship while you stayed with your parents, and you’re Indian, chances are one of your personal bedrooms has seen some action. And some major sneaking around to get there. Possibly, there’ve been hookups at a friend’s bedroom too. True stories, people, true stories.


6. Pondicherry

Hey, hey, hey, a cheap room by the beach with cheap booze and lots of places to get cheap yummy pan international homely food, where no one asks you for ID, where you can rent a bike, again, sit at a gazillion beaches, eat by a gazillion beaches, with beach-feely thatched roofs, wear tiny clothes, again, look out the window at the beach, group rent a lovely cheap beach hut, and be like the happy giggling groupie teenage couples in the movies, play games, club and pub, at cheap prices, and pretend you’re progressive open-minded citizens of the world, on a small small light super-student-friendly budget! YOLO Pondicherry, we love you!!

7. The Amusement Park

Oh yeah, bring it on, baby. Hold hands on the roller coaster, then again by the disco swirly ride, then he gets you a stuffed toy, you both spend money on each other, then there’s the water rides, the bumper cars, the merry-go-rounds, and the magic ferris wheel. And the picnic lunch.

Look, it’s not your fault all that adrenaline and all that laughter and all those happy families together and all the colours make you feel like you must be a part of the ‘Viva procreate you horny things’ movement. Don’t be embarrassed, that happens to everyone. It’s a dubious phenomenon call the ‘family atmosphere’ effect. It makes every couple go into honeymoon mode, coz for those few hours you tell yourselves that you’ll be them, a family someday, so better start making that family now.

8. The Trial Room


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Sneaking around is the initiation rite of a new romance. You sneak around your parents, your friends, your professors, your lover, the public, and the trial room usher. That last one’s extra fun. And it helps if one of you is bored with the shopping, It’s even more fun when you do it while the gang is around. Sneak into one with something naughty and you might have the thing though. Who cares, the new bought red scarf is a memory.

9. Hospitals


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He he, good times. Yes, people do stuff in hospitals, including budding docs. And you wouldn’t believe the places they hit- on call rooms, washrooms, hospital cafeterias, empty patient rooms, parking lots, the corridors, the mortuary. Of course, patients do stuff there too. Basically hospitals have the best spots for making out.

10. The Holy Place


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No, none of the deities seem to mind; they are the ones who issue the decree to procreate like bunnies after all.