Top 10 Pink Tattoo Designs

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Tattoos are becoming popular day by day. Earlier tattoos could only be done in black and white, but now you can have a tattoo in any color. Pink is a girl’s favorite color and pink tattoos’ popularity is increasing gradually amongst ladies. If you’re looking for a good and wearable pink tattoo design for yourself, then this article can help you out.

Today I am going to show you top-10 pink tattoos which are popular and are sported by ladies to show their feminine side.

Top Pink Tattoo Designs

1. Breast Cancer Symbol Tattoo:

Pink color relates to breast cancer awareness and this was started by Ogaan Cancer Foundation. This pink breast cancer symbol tattoo is for you if you are related to breast cancer and want to spread awareness amongst people. The tattoo has breast cancer symbol in pink and it also has an orange flower to make the tattoo more elegant. The tattoo is very feminine and it has a great message.

2. Shoulder Rose Tattoo:

shoulder rose tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

Rose tattoos are really in trend as they look really classy. This pink shoulder rose tattoo is very elegant and perfect for those who want a simple yet classy tattoo design. The shoulder pink rose tattoo is made from two inks – pink and purple. There are two roses and they are tattooed entirely with pink ink but in some places purple ink is also highlighted. The shading with purple ink is giving texture to the tattoo.

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3. Pink Star Tattoo:

pink zebra star tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

This tattoo shows a star in pink and it is outlined with black ink. Pink and black inks are making it classy and cute at the same time. This tattoo can be engraved on foot, or even on hands. The tattoo has one big star and two three small stars which are giving texture to the complete look.

4. Pink Lily Tattoo:

pink lily tattoo foot
Image: Via pinterest

Lily tattoo is a great way to show your feminine side and this tattoo shows a large pink lily tattoo. The tattoo is engraved with pink color and the stems are of green shade. The outline is done with black ink to give the tattoo a clean look. The tattoo is very colorful and will look really good, especially on shoulders.

5. Flower Tattoo:

flower tattoo designs
Image: Via pinterest

This tattoo is placed on the nape and it looks really graceful.  The tattoo has pink flowers, brown stem and green leaves which makes it very colorful. The vibrant shade of pink is the attention seeker and it looks ultra stylish. The flower has two shades of pink, one is light and the other is dark pink which is making it more chic.

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6. Om and lotus Tattoo:

om and lotus tattoo meaning
Image: Via pinterest

Lotus symbolizes rebirth of the soul, realism and clarity, whereas Om symbolizes peace of mind. These two symbols have deep emotions and this tattoo is for those who believe in them. The tattoo has a pink lotus flower and it has OM engraved in it with black ink. There are pink, black, yellow and orange colors used in the tattoo which makes it colorful and cheerful at the same time.

7. Pink Gun Tattoo:

pink gun tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

This pink tattoo is very unusual as it has a gun in grey ink. The tattoo has a pink bow in the middle which is making it stylish and chic. This unusual tattoo design is for those daring girls who love challenges. The tattoo is outlined with black ink and it has pink shades too which makes it colorful and elegant.

8. Pink Butterfly Tattoo:

pink butterfly tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

Butterfly tattoos are very common and they look really cute. This tattoo shows a pink and black butterfly which is very beautiful. The tattoo is made from two shades – one is pink and the black which makes the look of the tattoo really elegant. This tattoo can be engraved on ankle, arm or neck as it is small in size.

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9. Big Lotus Flower Tattoo:

big lotus flower tattoo
Image: Via pinterest

Lotus flower symbolizes realism and this tattoo shows a big lotus flower in pink ink. The pink lotus flower has red shade in the corner which is giving texture to the tattoo. The tattoo also shows blue water and green stems which makes it more realistic. If you like tattoos which have a symbolic meaning, then this big lotus flower tattoo is for you.

10. Gypsy Girl Tattoo:

gypsy girl tattoo art
Image: Via pinterest

Gypsy girl tattoo is a female figure and it signifies good luck and good fortune. Gypsy tattoos also signify femininity and this tattoo in pink, is a perfect example of gypsy tattoos. This tattoo shows a girl, peacock feathers and a pink flower which all look very elegant. The tattoo has pink, blue, green, orange and black shades of ink which is making it stylish at the same time.

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Hope your enjoyed going through this article of pink tattoos. Which pink tattoo are you going to sport on your body? Share your thoughts in comments.

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