5 Pieces Of Bridal Diamond Jewellery Worth Carrying A Heist For

One cannot forget how the beautiful honey belle of yesteryear, Madhubala in Mughal-e-azam pulled of a stunning look with her nathini and hand-chains adorning the back of her hand as she lifted her veil… that gaze, uff!. Bridal jewellery today has evolved to a new platform where the spotlight is on you. Different cultures have varying kinds of bridal jewellery elements that are distinct to their practices and tastes. A maanga maala would be familiar to a Malayali, a billai would be a common term in Tamil bridal jewellery, a nathini or a maatha patti or a tikka can be seen commonly featured in a regular North Indian wedding… you get the gist. But bridal diamond jewellery transcends these differences to bring you an elevated sense of design and exploration of different themes – vintage or rustic, whatever is your pick!

Kid you not, when I say that you are about to explore the most exquisite trousseau for some of the best bridal jewellery trending out there right now! Ready? Here we go!

1. Diamond Ruby And Emerald Studded Kundan Jadau Meena Earrings

Diamond Ruby And Emerald Studded Kundan Jadau Meena Earrings

Image Courtesy: Rocks N Beads

The stylish pair of Kundan jewellery is just the glamorous duo to walk you down the aisle to the mandap! A little bit of history about Kundan would reveal it is one of the oldest designs known for gem setting, and it has been in use since the Mughal period. Adapted by the Rajasthani jewel makers, it gained a form which was popularised as Kundan Jadau Meena by adding the amazing element of Meenakari work that is used to set the glass in the Kundan filigree. In this pair, the diamonds surround the droplet ruby and form little floral motif with a central emerald for a grandeur in bridal jewellery you have never seen before!

2. Polki Diamond Necklace Set With Earrings

Polki Diamond Necklace Set With Earrings

Image Courtesy: A D Jewels, Delhi

If you did not know already, the Polki style of gem setting is different from the Kundan jewellery work in that it uses uncut diamonds in the place of the glass setting done in Kundan work. The disciplined rows of diamond set to a gold framework that adapts to the slight irregularities of the uncut diamond… bridal diamond jewellery doesn’t get more original than this!

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3. Ruby And Pearl Studded Diamond Choker

 Ruby And Pearl Studded Diamond Choker

Image Courtesy: Ramya Hanumasagar, Make-up Artist

This amazing piece of bridal diamond jewellery is one of the classiest possessions that a girl can have! A perfect little collar of gold framework where diamonds are generously studded across in a netted fashion, topped a studded pearl with a diamond ruby droplet for a pendant. Muy caliente!

4. Grecian Inspiration Diamond Armlet

Grecian Inspiration Diamond Armlet

Via: Source

This might be all you need for your entire bridal jewellery profile, if you’re choosing your trousseau well! This diamond studded armlet is structured in a Grecian inspired vine-like form, for a very special and classy look. It is a look so amazing that you would want to buy diamond shoes and a diamond clutch and just walk down the bridal fashion ramp!

5. For The Princess…

For The Princess

Image : Anup J Kattukaran Photography

If you are getting ready for a Christian wedding, and you’ve picked your gown, the veil and the train and all the other elements of your bridal appearance… this is the perfect tiara to finish up the look to bring out the princess in you. This amazing piece of bridal diamond jewellery is composed of diamond studded floral vine damask topped off with a fancy diamond crest, for a day that no one can stop talking about!