10 Pictures Of Zarine Khan Without Makeup

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Zarine Khan is most recognized as ‘Katrina Kaif’ look-alike. She has an uncanny resemblance to the former actress and is definitely as pretty as her. Zarine has exquisite looks that stand for themselves and look wonderful even without makeup.

Zarine Khan Without Makeup Pictures

Here are top 10 pictures of Zarine Khan without makeup.

1. Lounge Wear:

loungewear for womenZarine was photographed wearing a hooded top over a three quarter. The attire looked very comfortable and her makeup matched the outfit. Heavy makeup would have been out of place and the minimalistic makeup she wore looked absolutely perfect, just like her.

2. Housefull:

zarine khan without makeupThe ‘Housefull2’ actress was spotted in a V-neck sky blue tee shirt. She wore dark maroon glares but very little makeup. Her hair fell over her shoulders and made her look extremely pretty and angelic.

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3. Black and White:

zarine khan black and whiteVery few actresses can pull of black and white photographs and Zarine Khan is definitely one of them. She looks glamorous both with and without makeup especially when it comes to photographs. Her very photogenic face makes her a camera favourite.

4. Casuals:

zarine khan casuals Zarine was spotted wearing a casual gray tee shirt with a tweety imprint on it. The tee shirt was teemed with a pair of blue jeans and black heels. Her toenails were painted red but that was about all the external color she had on her, for her face had no makeup on it despite which she looked magnificent.

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5. Gray Tee:

zarine khan in gray tee shirt A close up of Zarine Khan in a gray tee shirt revealed that she had not worn any make up that day. She, however, looked her beautiful self as usual and the absence of makeup could not be felt at all. Zarine is an actress who can definitely pull off the no makeup look.

6. All White:

zarine khan in white dressZarine attended a funeral wearing white from head to toe. She wore a white salwar suit with a silver nose ring and a silver bracelet watch. She looked marvelous even without makeup. White is compulsory in Indian funerals and make up would not have suited the occasion, something that Zarine wisely understood.

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7. Something Comfy:

zarine khan no makeupA close up of Zarine wearing a black tee shirt with red glares revealed that she was wearing hardly any makeup. Her glares were semi transparent and one could figure out that her eyes had no makeup on them. She had teemed the tee shirt with a pair of blue jeans that looked comfortable and perfect.

8. Zarine After the Shoot:

zarine khan after the shootA picture of a smiling Zarine Khan was taken probably after a shoot.  She hardly had any makeup on her face despite which she looked charming.

9. Pink is In:

zarine khanZarine has a cool and approachable air about her. And a picture of her in a pink shirt with hardly any makeup on brought this out. She looked friendly and wonderful, the kind of person you would not be afraid to talk to. The minimalistic makeup brought on this look.

10. Animal Friendly:

zarine khan with animalZarine Khan is animal friendly. This became evident after a picture of her snuggling a cat came out. She has a ‘girl next door’ look with her fringes and her headband.

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