10 Pictures Of Selena Gomez Without Makeup

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Selena Gomez is a pop start and actress. She started her acting career with the popular Disney TV series, Wizards of Waverly place and has slowly branched out into music. She is the lead singer of her band Selena Gomez and the Scene which has already released hits like ‘Like a Love Song’ and ‘Round and Round’. She is a very beautiful celebrity who looks fabulous without make up.

Selena Gomez without makeup:

Following are some of the best pictures of Selena Gomez without makeup.

1. Simple But Classy Selena:

simple but classy selenaVia pinterest

Selena Gomez was spotted in an orange sweater with a white and black scarf. She was wearing glasses and had her hair tied in a pony tail. Selena gomez no makeup on but looked simply amazing. She is a star who can definitely pull off an outing without makeup.

2. The Sporty Selena Look:

sporty selena lookVia pinterest

Selena Gomez was spotted in a tracksuit in 2011. She was wearing a black top that was till her waist and a low wait grey track pant with a jacket of the same colour. She had a very innocent and childlike expression on her face. She had no makeup on but looked absolutely stunning.

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3. Selena Gomez in White and Blue:

white and blue reviewVia pinterest

Selena Gomez was spotted without makeup in a white quarter sleeved top and dark blue jeans. She had a white and blue scarf wrapped around her neck and was carrying a sling bag on one shoulder and a cell phone in her hand.

4. Photo Shoots with No Makeup:

photoshoot without makeupVia pinterest

Selena Gomez is so extremely charming that she even did a photo shoot without makeup. She was photographed in a spaghetti strapped dress with a white umbrella. She looked magnificent and natural. The best make up a person can have is a smile and that’s what made her look complete.

5. The Sporty & Casual Selena Look:

casual look selena gomezVia pinterest

Selena Gomez was photographed in a full sleeve navy blue sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up and a light blue skirt. She was carrying a maroon handbag, a piece of paper and her glasses in her hands. She had her hair let down and looked absolutely stunning.

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6. A Photographer’s Dream Subject:

photographer dreamsVia pinterest

Selena Gomez has such natural beauty that she doesn’t need touching up before a photo. She was photographed for a photo shoot with minimalistic makeup. Despite that, she looked amazing. She has natural and angelic beauty.

7. Selena Gomez Summer Look:

summer lookVia pinterest

Selena Gomez was photographed in a summer dress and a sunhat. She had no makeup on but looked amazing and natural. She is a perfect role model for young girls because she does not indulge in much make up to make her look unnaturally pretty. She has a natural innocence and grace about her.

8. Selena Gomez in London:

selena gomezVia pinterest

Selena Gomez was photographed in London in a black shirt and black sun glasses carrying a few files. She had her hair let down and looked extremely busy. Despite not wearing makeup, she looked her normal stylish and glamorous self.

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9. Selena with Justin:

selena with justinVia pinterest

Selena Gomez was photographed with her boyfriend Justin Bieber. She was wearing jeans and an off shoulder top and had no makeup. However, she looked gorgeous and natural.

10. Selena Gomez at Beach:

selena gomez beachVia pinterest

Selena Gomez was photographed with Justin Bieber on the way to the beach. She had a carefree and sporty look about her and wore no makeup.

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