10 Pictures Of Kangana Ranaut Without Makeup

These pictures are proof how elegant this Bollywood diva looks without any makeup.

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Kangana Ranaut is one of the prettiest actresses in Bollywood. What makes her unique is her jet black curls, which contrast to straight or semi curled hair that most actresses have. Kangana has a natural beauty that does not need to undergo makeup every time she steps out, and these pictures of Kangana Ranaut without makeup will prove it. So scroll down and check them.

Kangana Ranaut Without Makeup

Here are ten latest pictures of Kangana Ranaut without Makeup.

1. A Camera Shy Kangana:

Kangana Ranaut in spectacles without makeup

Kangana was spotted shying away from the paparazzi. She had her hair tied into a high bun and wore a sweater shrug over a dress. Her outfit had been accessorized with a pair of funky dark rimmed glasses that suited her very well. Somehow, she felt the need to avoid the cameras, but even without makeup, her look was absolutely fabulous.

2. Kangana in Violet Color Shirt:

Kangana Ranaut without makeup in blue shirt and striped formal pants

A snapshot of Kangana showed the actress in a violet coloured shirt and a makeup free face. Very few actresses could pull of the elegant look that Kangana did. Her hair was an array of curls and she was not even wearing any jewellery. Her look was simple but classy.

3. Kangana is Working Out in Gym:

Kangana Ranaut working out without makeup

A picture of Kangana in the gym sans makeup is one of many. The ‘Gangster’ actress is often seen without makeup. In this particular picture, she wore a black work out tee shirt and was working on her muscles while her face glistened with sweat.

4. Kangana For a Photo Shoot:

Kangana Ranaut without makeup in a show

A photograph of Kangana wearing a low cut, quarter sleeved black top and very little makeup was taken at a photo shoot. The picture has Kangana posing with a very free and natural smile on her face. She looks very comfortable in front of the camera and extremely pretty, even without makeup.

5. At the End of a Long Day:

Kangana Ranaut in the street without makeup

A picture of a very exhausted Kangana was taken by the paparazzi. The picture shows her wearing a blue and white striped top with navy blue jeans and carrying a black sling purse. It was evident that she did not have any makeup on her face despite which she looked reasonably good.

6. Kangana in A Happy Occasion:

Kangana Ranaut without makeup smiling

A picture of a smiling Kangana was taken at a function. She was wearing a spaghetti strapped white dress and a blue beaded necklace. She wore almost no makeup but managed to look extremely angelic despite it.

7. Movie Time:

Kangana Ranaut without makeup getting in her car

The twenty six year old actress was spotted outside a theatre in Mumbai wearing very little makeup but a very big smile on her face, which made her look approachable and friendly.

8. A Casual Look:


A picture taken from a distance shows Kangana talking to someone inside a building. She was wearing a striped blue shirt with blue jeans and even though the picture was taken from a distance, it was quite clear that she did not have any makeup on.

9. Kangana Ranaut in A White Saree:

Kangana Ranaut without makeup in white saree

Kangana Ranaut was spotted in a white saree with her hair let down on her shoulder. She was wearing white drop earrings and carried a purse with her and had accessorized with a few rings on her fingers two of which were silver and one white. Her face hardly had any make up on despite which she looked gorgeous.

10. P&G Campaign:

Kangana Ranaut without makeup at an event

Kangana Ranaut attended a P&G campaign wearing their white and blue ‘Thank You Mom’ tee shirt with blue jeans and sporting her jet back curls. She looked absolutely delightful even with the minimalistic make up she had on.

Kangana Ranaut has stunned us all with her talent. And with her natural beauty, she has won our hearts too. These images of Kangana Ranaut without makeup allow us to see the significance of natural beauty. Kangana lets her skin breathe. She pampers herself by going out without makeup and gives her skin the love it deserves. So, if you are wondering about stepping out the door without makeup, give it a shot. But do not forget to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and wear a suitable sunblock.

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