Top 15 Pictures of Kajal Aggarwal Without Makeup

Pictures that prove Kaja Agarwal is a natural beauty even without makeup.

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Kajal Agarwal is a predominant actor in Tamil and Telugu films, and she is a popular actress in the South Indian film industry. She is often seen without any makeup and yet looks gorgeous. Here we are going to look at some of the pictures of Kajal Agarwal without makeup. Whenever we hear the word ‘celebrity,’ an image conjures in our minds that they look flawless all the time. However, they are humans too, and at times, they take a break from wearing makeup. Read on to take a look at her pictures.

Kajal Agarwal Without Makeup Pictures

1. Natural Beauty

Doesn’t she look just as pretty? This is her taking a no-makeup selfie while on a trekking trip. It’s so refreshing to spot a celeb in their all-natural avatar, isn’t it?

2. The Casual Bare-Faced Look

Look 2 of Kajal Agarwal without makeup
Image: Instagram

Who says you can’t look chic without enhancing your features with some mascara or concealer? Kajal Agarwal seems to be rocking her casual attire, completely bare-faced and with her hair pulled back into a pony-tail. There’s something so magnetic about women embracing their natural self!

3. Morning Selfie

Look 3 of Kajal Agarwal without makeup
Image: Instagram

This is Kajal sharing a picture taken just after she woke up. She’s sporting her glasses, and she looks fresh and radiant without any effort.  And the fans can’t stop gushing, yeah?

4. A Relaxed Night-In

Look 4 of Kajal Agarwal without makeup
Image: Instagram

It’s fun to stay in some nights and spend quality time with yourself, and Kajal Agarwal does not seem to disagree. She looks like the girl-next-door in her side braid and white tank top. You see? Even actresses need to lay back and relax sometimes!

5. Holiday Diaries

Look 5 of Kajal Agarwal without makeup
Image: Instagram

Look at this stunning beauty with her sun-kissed, glowing skin! She looks beautiful while she enjoys her holiday breakfast in Bali. She’s pulling off that cute Garfield crop top so well!

6. A Day In The Park

Look 6 of Kajal Agarwal without makeup
Image: Instagram

The dazzling starlet seems to be enjoying a day out in the park. She looks so pretty in an over-sized sweater, relaxing on the park bench. She has absolutely no makeup on, and yet she manages to slay!

7. Chocolate Lovin’

Look 7 of Kajal Agarwal without makeup
Image: Instagram

Love for chocolate is universal, and even Kajal seems to be a chocoholic! She’s posing with a big bar of Silk, showing some love on Chocolate Day. Doesn’t she look flawless sans the whole makeup deal? Her skin seems to have zero spots or imperfections; perhaps it’s good skin-care?

8. Denim Jacket and A Stunning View

Look 8 of Kajal Agarwal without makeup
Image: Instagram

She looks like a total plain Jane here, and yet there’s something so attractive about her simplicity. She’s slaying it with her denim jacket and silky hair! This was taken during her trip to Poland, and clearly, Kajal seems to be loving that view.

9. Twinning With The Kite

Look 9 of Kajal Agarwal without makeup
Image: Instagram

Kajal wished her Instagram fan-base on Sankranti and posted this au naturale  picture of herself in a casual blue tee, holding a matching kite. She looks just as charming in her simple attire.

10. Sticking To Just Accessories

Look 10 of Kajal Agarwal without makeup
Image: Instagram

Kajal is no stranger to no-makeup selfies, and here she looks so classy and elegant without any traces of makeup while she shows off her pretty earrings and finger-ring.

11. Time For Some Pampering

Look 11 of Kajal Agarwal without makeup
Image: Instagram

All women love spending quality time at the salon and Kajal is no exception. She’s getting herself a fancy manicure in a simple white t-shirt sans makeup, looking as gorgeous as ever!

12. The Mandatory Travel Selfie

Look 12 of Kajal Agarwal without makeup
Image: Instagram

Now that’s the compulsory airport selfie we all love to take. Once again, she looks like the typical girl-next-door in her glasses with her hair let down. She doesn’t need to glam-up to look pretty, does she?

13. Family Time

Look 13 of Kajal Agarwal without makeup
Image: Instagram

She seems to be enjoying babysitting her little nephew. Women are their most authentic selves at home – no makeup, no hair done and no fancy dos. She only has her gorgeous smile on while she shows off her pearly whites.

14. Feeling Star Struck

Look 14 of Kajal Agarwal without makeup
Image: Instagram

Kajal posted this picture of herself with Salman Khan, and she seems to be wholly swooned by his charm. She is on a plane and has no time for makeup or touch-ups, and despite that, she looks flushed and vibrant!

15. Spotted At The Airport

Look 15 of Kajal Agarwal without makeup

The pretty actress is no stranger to being photographed sans makeup. She is confident and comfortable in her skin, and she’s not afraid of rocking sweatpants and a tee from time to time.

That was Kajal Agarwal looking like a million bucks, natural and makeup-free. The actress rose to stardom by starring in hit Telugu films like Darling, Mr. Perfect, Businessman, Baadshah, Naayak, Khaidi No.150 among her other works. Baahubali director SS Rajamouli’s Magadheera marked a turning point in her career, earning her much critical acclaim and fame. It’s one of the highest-grossing Telugu films of all time! The actress has been nominated for four Filmfare Awards South. She has also appeared in the Bollywood film ‘Singham’ opposite Ajay Devgan. In 2013, she won the award for Youth Icon Of South Indian Cinema and the SIIMA Award For Best Actress (Critics) – Tamil for Thuppakki.

After seeing these images of Kajal Agarwal without makeup, we cannot deny that this famous actress is truly a natural beauty. She knows her beauty game well and plays it just the right way. She looks gorgeous when all dolled up for the camera and equally pretty without makeup on her face. Her relaxed outfits and beautiful hairstyles go perfectly with her no-makeup look. Seriously, she gives us some major beauty goals. She lets her natural skin breathe, which makes all the difference to her looks.

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