10 Pictures Of Jennifer Aniston Without Makeup

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They say the best make up is no makeup. Many people simply oppose the usage of makeup for various reasons. But again, very few people can actually pull off the ‘no makeup’ look successfully. Natural styling matters the most when you opt to step out sans any make up.

Jennifer Aniston is one such actress who can pull off anything she wears. And she pulls off the no makeup look with equal ease. Often actresses are criticized for wearing makeup 24×7, however, the Jennifer Aniston no make up look can make heads turn too.

Pictures Of Jennifer Aniston Without Makeup

Here are top 10 Jennifer Aniston no makeup pics that will surprise you.

1. The Traveling Look:

Jennifer Aniston Without Makeup In A JourneySeen here, Jennifer seems to have just stepped out of an aircraft. And she sure looks anything but tired! Jennifer opts for cargo pants, teamed up with sporty boots and casual white tee, an out an out casual look. Her signature blonde hair left open and perfectly rimmed dark glasses, along with her gorgeous face add just the right amount of spunk to her look.

2. The Short Dungaree Look:

Jennifer Aniston Without Makeup In Short DungareeJennifer Aniston looks stylish to bits in this short dungaree teamed with a sexy white tee. The knotted belt stands out and breaks the monotony of denim. Jennifer seems to be on a shoot, but she sure can go in front of the camera without any makeup. Her hair loosely tied up in a half bun and her bangs together make her stand out.

3. A Cotton Affair:

Jennifer Aniston Without Makeup In A Cotton DressHere, Jennifer makes her attitude speak for herself. Her side parted blonde hair; with fitted cotton short pants and tee shows how cool can one look even without makeup.

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4. The Classy Story:

Jennifer Aniston With Little Makeup In A Woolen CoatJennifer sure spells class in a different way. She boldly dares wearing little makeup with a classy off-white knitted woolen coat and still looks dazzling.

5. The Geek Look:

Jennifer Aniston In A Leather JocketThe geeky spectacles sure have made their way to Jennifer’s wardrobe and how! We love her leather jacket and denims. Jennifer pulls off this geek look with her naturally pretty face.

6. Jennifer Aniston With Stylish And Smiley Face:

Jennifer Aniston With Stylish And Smiley FaceHow can we ever forget the ever stylish and bubbly Rachel Green aka Jennifer! This layered hairstyle that she sported in one of the seasons complements her glowing face beautifully.

7. Cute and Smart:

Cute And Smart Jennifer Aniston Without MakeupJennifer opts for a smart black short tee with blue denim – ideal dressing choice for any kind of outing. The closed shoes, hat and scarf completes her smart look. Jennifer looks really cute with those side clips, giving us a glimpse of her attractive face and stunning smile.

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8. The Hip Hop Look:

The Hip Hop Look Of Jennifer Aniston Without MakeupJennifer shows here how much comfort matters while traveling. Regular baggy pants folded and teamed up with an eye-catching navy blue blazer. The shoes complete what we call the hip hop look.

9. The Strappy Number:

Jennifer Rocks On Sunny Day Even Without MakeupBlessed with a beautiful skin, all that Jennifer needs to rock a sunny day out is a white strappy number with beige flat sandals. We call it a ‘thumbs up’ look.

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10. Super Hot Pants:

Jennifer Looks Hot Even Without MakeupHot pants are surely hot, but Jennifer makes them look hotter. The loose light blue shirt makes her look like a thousand bucks. We love your legs Jennifer, but we love this simple yet fantastic no makeup look even more.

After these pictures of Jennifer Aniston without makeup, do you agree with us when we say that she is stunning? Leave us a comment.

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