10 Pictures Of Britney Spears Without Makeup

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Actresses and models set the standard of beauty at an unattainably high level. This is because they have a platoon of hair-stylists, personal trainers, makeup artists, fashion consultants and personal assistants to help them. Many celebrities fear to be clicked by the paparazzi without any makeup. Britney Spears is definitely not one of them.

Britney Spears Without Makeup

Here are ten pictures of Britney Spears without makeup to prove she is beautiful even without makeup.

1. Simple Beauty:

simple beauty tipsBritney became an overnight success with her single chart buster, ‘Baby One More Time’.  This chart topping hit was just the beginning and was to be followed by a series of scorching hits. This singer gained fame and popularity not just because of her songs, but also because of her charming and approachable appearance which looks fabulous even without makeup.

2. Britney Spears in Casuals:

britney spears californiaNot everyone can pull of a casual look as beautifully as Britney does. Photographed in an olive green shirt, black trousers and a sling purse, this celebrity looked absolutely gorgeous even without any makeup.

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3. Britney SpearsTired But Lovely:

britney spears lovelyA very tired Britney revealed how wonderful she looks even without makeup. Wearing an over sized leather jacket and a green tee shirt inside, this dancer was seen being escorted out of a shooting location. She was not facing the camera but it is pretty evident that she did not have any makeup on.

4. A Direct Picture of Britney Spears:

britney spears direct feedThis picture of Britney Spears without make up showed us exactly how pretty she actually is. The picture had her wearing a brown high neck top with her hair tied back. She had minimalistic jewelry on.

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5. Rocking the Real World:

britney spears rockstarThis amazing pop singer has an impressive discography. She has released seven albums since 1999 and countless number one singles. Her first album ‘Baby on More Time’ gained tremendous popularity because of her lead single which went by the same name. This diva definitely knows how to rock the stage. However, off it, Britney Spears no makeup look is just as good.

6. Britney Spears On A Busy Day:

britney spears busyA busy day needs comfortable clothes. Britney knows this very well and thus chose to wear a pair of jeans and a v-neck grey top. She decided not to have any makeup on and sported a clean face . This resulted in a fresh and different look.

7. A Lot Of Stuff:

britney spears stuffA water bottle, a bag on each shoulder and a paper cup; Britney was seen crowded with regular stuff, but one thing that was absent was make up. She is a celebrity who can be bold enough to step up without makeup.

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8. Sans Makeup:

britney spears sans makeupBritney was spotted sans makeup in a silver jacket and sporting a white and green cap. She wore a silver necklace and a pair of earrings, but her face was devoid of any makeup.

9. Pop All The Way:

britney spears popBritney has been a teen pop star and has carved her own niche with a bent towards more mature songs. She has reinvented herself several times. Two things that have remained common are her music and her natural beauty. Her age and schedule might be showing its effects here but her natural grace is still intact.

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10. A Nerdy Britney:

nerdy britney

Not everyone has the right facial profile to flaunt the nerdy look with spectacles. Britney is definitely not one of them. She looks wonderful in spectacles, especially when they are teamed with a completely natural look.

Hope you like the no makeup look of Britney. Go ahead and try following her simple style mantra! Let us know your feedback.

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