10 Pictures Of Anushka Shetty Without Makeup

Anushka Shetty embraces her natural features and charms the world with her no-makeup looks.

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Tollywood is blessed with some naturally gorgeous actresses. Anushka Shetty without makeup proves my point. She is renowned for her works in Tamil and Telugu films and was born in Mangalore. The actress has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications. Anukashka’s original name was Sweety Shetty which was later changed when she began her acting career. She is 5’ 6” tall and sports sharp facial features. She found fame with her movie Don No. 1 where she acted alongside superstar Nagarjuna, Arundhati, and actor-model Kelly Dorji. The movie was appreciated across India and was dubbed in Hindi.

The actress has been spotted attending events and functions without any makeup. She loved flaunting her no-makeup de-glam look. And why not? There is a certain power and beauty in embracing one’s natural features. Anushka has also been a part of the historic Baahubali movies, where she charmed the audience with her beauty and acting skills. Swipe up to check out her pictures.

Anushka Shetty Without Makeup Images

Here are the top 10 photos of Anushka Shetty without makeup.

1. Anushka Shetty With No Makeup

The picture above is for your comparison. The picture on the left is where Anushka does not wear makeup and the one on the right side is one where Anushka wears makeup. See how her skin tone differs in both, plus how her features look more defined with makeup.

2. Her Natural Look

Anushka Shetty natural look without makeup
Image: Source

This is Anushka Shetty’s no-makeup look, if you excuse the clear lip balm. I guess clear lip balm doesn’t even count as makeup. Her hair complements her dewy skin, and looks superb.

3. Absolutely Stunning Look

The stunning look of Anushka Shetty without MAKEUP
Image: Source

The above picture is my favorite. She looks absolutely stunning here. I love her haircut and that top goes very well with her jet black hair. Her skin looks really fresh, and so clear. This picture of Miss Shetty was taken at her house in Mangalore. By the way, did you know that her brother is a cosmetic surgeon? Perhaps that’s the secret of her wonderful skin. There’s nothing like an in-house doctor.

4. Her Million Dollar Smile

The million-dollar smile of Anushka Shetty without makeup
Image: Source

This picture is the oldest picture of hers in circulation. I don’t have a date to it, but the outdated necklace and T-shirt proves it.

5. Sweet And Simple

Sweet and simple Anushka Shetty without makeup
Image: Source

A close-up shot of her face with no makeup. The mehendi pattern that decorates her hand makesher look even more beautiful. But her hair looks a bit greasy. I guess Miss Shetty forgot to wash her hair before stepping out or maybe she just ran out of time. Her expression and the mehendi are what give the picture a thumbs-up.

6. Her Casual Look

The casual Anushka Shetty without makeup

In this picture, if you notice closely, her nose looks a bit leaner. May be she has undergone rhinoplasty (nose surgery). I bet we’ll never know. Stars so closely guard their plastic surgery to prove they are naturally beautiful. And her brother being a cosmetic surgeon could guard the secret so well. I guess they should take a clue from Sushmita Sen who openly admitted to having breasts implants done.

7. Anushka In Indian Traditional Wear

Anushka Shetty without makeup in traditional wear

Anushka looks pretty in a yellow and brown cotton salwar suit. She looks really good in Indian traditional wear. She looks cool, and makes a good choice of material for summers, as cotton fabric helps your skin breathe.

8. Anushka Shetty In A White Collared T-shirt

Anushka Shetty without makeup in a white collared t-shirt
Image: Source

A picture of Anushka Shetty in a white collared T-shirt and no makeup. Her forehead looks shiny. I bet we are not the only ones combating our oily and combination skin types. I am sure she too has bad-hair days and so on. Her lips could have used some colour though.

9. Breathtaking Picture

Breath-taking picture of Anushka Shetty without makeup
Image: Source

Even with no makeup, Anushka looks pretty and cute here. And her jhumkas are just breathtakingly beautiful. I personally do not prefer jhumkas but this one is an exception. This hairstyle with side bangs hides her huge forehead well. What a stunning picture this is!

10. Anushka Shetty In Maroon Kurta

Anushka Shetty without makeup in a stunning maroon kurta

And we have one last picture of actress Anushka Shetty looking really cute and elegant here. The maroon kurta and the white stud earring look perfect on her and of course complement the other.

It is undeniable that Anushka Shetty, without makeup looks stunning! She is a true epitome of natural beauty with flawless skin. With her beautiful smile, she can win people’s hearts instantly. This talented and successful actress stands as an inspiration to us all. Makeup is barely a necessity for her. Seeing her no-makeup look, one gets the push to step out of the house without wearing any makeup. So, if you have been planning to go makeup-less for a change, this is your time. Go ahead and give love to your natural skin.

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