7 Premium Examples Of Awesome Wedding Photography In Delhi

Do you remember someone by the way their face goes with their distinct smile? Or that cackle you can distinguish in a crowd of ducks? Photography can do a lot with people and the way they look, but capturing the essence of a person in fleeting moments is what real photography can achieve, which is exactly what the common theme is in these examples of wedding photography in Delhi. When you go through the old photo albums while doing a Sunday clean-up of the house, you find yourself sitting in a pile of mess going through some of the most memorably missed moments of your past captured in a few clicks. That’s right… the right click can do the trick!

Wedding photography all over the world has grown since its inception, and wedding photography in Delhi is no exception! The practices have greatly improved since the stone-faced-newly-married-couple photo at my aunt’s wedding many decades ago!

1 Delhi wedding

Image : Vikram Arora Photography

Wedding photography in Delhi has all caught up and moving forward with innovative and believably natural styles of clicking precious moments in an Indian wedding. Understanding the nuances of the moment in various circumstances – like in the different rituals in the Hindu wedding or the Rasm-e-henna in another– goes a long way in not letting those smiles fade away before your camera has taken a snap!

2 Delhi wedding

Image : Devang Singh Photography

You can see a smile even behind a veil, whether it is the traditional ghoonghat in North Indian weddings, or the slightly different chunni in the Sikh wedding, or the veil of a Christian bride. And when she is walking down the aisle towards the mandap or the pulpit… the smile she cannot help but have as she steals a glance of her partner, from behind her veil, with whom she cannot wait to start her new life… if this is not captured then what should be?

3 Delhi wedding

Image : Devang Singh Photography

Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano, Ramesh Babu? Lol. Well, it is actually a solemn moment when the kanyadaan has happened, the bride has been given away to another home, and it is officiated by the kumkum, which is called suhaag bharna. It is the moment when the bride, as a woman, accepts and acknowledges to leave the affairs at her home because she is a part of a new family. The exact moment of the beginning of the new dawn in her life… nothing beats this wonderful moment and what a way to preserve it than in a wonderful photograph!

Delhi wedding

Image : Arjun Kartha Photography

Delhi can make it more Bollywood than you think! This snap of the bride and groom, mid-air in a high jump, donning their wedding attire, in a classic wheat field, could not get any more Bollywood than this! Pre-wedding and post-wedding photography is when the coupe gets to explore their own new on-screen chemistry, while making some filmy memories to cherish!

wedding photography

Image : Arjun Kartha Photography

One of the classic poses for the newly wed would be the dip, where the partner sinks the other for a brief moment, like in salsa or tango! Whether it looks elegant or becomes a fail, either would make great memories for sure! There is something intimate about the dip and cute too. But most importantly it is an excuse for the couple, you know. Don’t you agree?

Delhi weddings

Image : Devang Singh Photography

It could be a picture of the bride… no… the daughter with her mother and father, of that emotional fervour before their very own child is given away to become somebody else’s wife, someone’s daughter. These are the most cherished bitter-sweet moments that will bring a tear rolling down your eyes, every time you glance at it.

Wedding photography

Image : Arjun Kartha Photography

Let’s talk about candid wedding photography in Delhi for a second… The is an example of how the happiest photos have a lot of adrenaline in them: the energy-filled smile of enthusiasm shared by the couple right before they are bungee-jumping into their marriage. The smile that says, “it’s happening!”… the smile that says, “let’s do this!”