23 Photographs That Prove Beauty Is Everywhere

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They say, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, which is very true. If you wish to find beauty, you will do so in the smallest of things, in the most unbelievable of places. While most of the world is harnessing hatred through dirty politics and war, Mihaela Noroc travels the world looking for beauty. And boy! Is she successful!

Originally from Romania, she quit her job two years ago to pursue her true love – photography. She began backpacking and traveling around the world to photograph women in their most natural surroundings, capturing them amidst their culture and true essence.

Her project, “The Atlas Of Beauty”, has gained a lot of appreciation. She has been to 37 countries already, and her aim is to showcase the planet’s diversity through these beautiful portraits of women. The project shows the uncanny similarities along with the glaring differences that women have across the globe. She hopes to inspire women to be true to their traditions, and in some sense, unify the world.. Her photographs are a celebration of culture and diversity.

She has a crowd-funded campaign on Indiegogo. If you like her work, you can log on to her website and support her. You could even suggest her next travel destination. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-atlas-of-beauty#/

Take a look at our pick of 23 photographs displaying beauty from every corner of the world. The world needs some love to combat the brewing hatred. It could start by acknowledging and appreciating the splendor all around.Kudos to Mihaela for bringing a new dimension of beauty to us!

Mihaela for bringing
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Mihaela Noroc On Her Visit To Mongolia

1. Havana, Cuba

Havana Cuba
Image: Credit

A simple woman, probably waiting on her husband, draws you to her with those intense, mysterious eyes.

2. Bucharest, Romania

Image: Credit

That content smile on her face is contagious. She has a sense of accomplishment reflecting in her smile.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

Image: Credit

Her innocent eyes make you want to forget the numerous prejudices you hold against people, and just fall in love with the purity of her soul that is reflected in her eyes.

4. Tajikistan

Image: Credit

Mihaela took this shot when this young woman was on her way to her wedding. Well, she truly has that bridal glow, but you will also notice a hint of anxiousness on her face regarding what her future is yet to bring.

5. India

Image: Credit

The world knows that India is culturally rich and diverse. And this woman single-handedly manages to display the vibrant essence of the entire country.

6. Iran

Image: Credit

This picture is beautiful. It captures Iran for what it is – marvelous architecture as well as beautiful people. Transports you to the timeless era of the Moghuls.

7. San Francisco, USA

San Francisco
Image: Credit

Bold, yet beautiful –that’s the United States of America for you.

8. Russia

Image: Credit

Russia is known for its good-looking women. The proof is in the pudding, and there is no questioning this young woman’s beauty.

9. Singapore

Image: Credit

Representing the beauty of a country that is a culmination of different diversities, the expression on her face is priceless.

10. Harlem, New York, USA

New York
Image: Credit

Her eyes seem still.Whether there is joy or sorrow, no one can tell. But, this woman is stunning.

11. Myanmar

Image: Credit

This one is truly a picture that speaks a thousand words.

12. Colombia

Image: Credit

Caught in a rush, this woman tries hard to muster a smile.

13. Venezuela

Image: Credit

There is a certain sensual quality about her that comes across through her innocence. Whether it is those eyes or the curls, I can’t tell, but she is undoubtedly gorgeous.

14. Ecuador

Image: Credit

Her pleasant demeanor is a sort of an invitation to Ecuador. It gives you a sense of home.

15. Indonesia

Image: Credit

Beauty isn’t in her perfectly matched outfit or her red lipstick. It is in her half smile and her deep eyes that convey so much. Words will never do justice to that expression.

16. Tibet

Image: Credit

A country that remains peaceful even amidst the political distress is something that is reflected on this woman’s serene face. She looks peaceful and content, and yes, cold too! 

17. Ethiopia

Image: Credit

Mihaela said that this woman was the caretaker of her room in Ethiopia. I am glad she photographed her. Beauty has no bounds.

18. Uzbekistan

Image: Credit

Her eyes look worried and afraid. But there is hope too, and that is beautiful.

19. England

Image: Credit

The eyes of this English woman show not only strength but also a depth of character that women from all over the world resonate with.

20. New Zealand

New Zealand
Image: credit

She hails from the Maori clan in New Zealand–a clan that holds up its traditions, culture, and values till date, no matter how much the world has evolved. Those warrior eyes tell that story.

21. China

Image: Credit

She might have taken to the new trends of the world, but she remains Chinese at heart. I love the purity of her soul that reflects in her eyes.

22. Crown Heights, New York, USA

Crown Heights
Image: Credit

Her surroundings look Jewish. She lives in New York. She looks unfazed and happy. Beautiful.

23. An Old Woman

An Old Woman
Image: Credit

Beauty is timeless. No amount of wrinkling or aging can take away the beauty inside. And when you are beautiful inside, it reflects outside too.

Sometimes, a picture expresses much more than words can ever do. And Mihaela Noroc has done a fabulous job with her expression of beauty. Good luck with her project “Atlas Of Beauty”!

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