15 ‘Uniquely You’ Ways To Add Personal Touches To Your Wedding

Adding a personal touch to the ceremony in which you say “I Do,” to ring in a new beginning on a personalized note – that’s a pretty compelling proposition. The things you can customize at your wedding are limitless, and seemingly minute details can make a world of a difference.

Here are a few ideas you can build on:

1. Customizing The Altar


This is where you’re beautiful journey officially begins. A perfect canvas for customization.

2. Hashtag

hash tag-Personalize-Your- Wedding- Ceremony

Do you have a couple tag or are you looking to create one? Either way, use a display board like this one, so that guests can start sharing pictures their pictures – creates a buzz around your wedding, and is easier to track.

3. Creative Wedding Desserts Bar

Creative-Wedding-Desserts-Bar--Personalize-Your- Wedding- Ceremony

Set your cupcake display on these wine barrels and have a way for people to leave messages. If you’re a wine connoisseur, you could have this installed in your house – a fitting lifetime memory.

4. Photobooth

photobooth--Personalize-Your- Wedding- Ceremony

Guests huddling around and posing for pictures at this personalized photo booth is a fun way to make great memories.

5. Wedding Cake

wedding-cake--Personalize-Your- Wedding- Ceremony

A gorgeous cake topper, doubles up as a nice souvenir from the wedding.

6. Personalized Vases

Personalized-Vases--Personalize-Your- Wedding- Ceremony

You’re going to have a ball going through all of the messages that guests leave for you on their way out. Another great way to make and preserve wonderful memories from a pretty great day!

7. Best Napkins Ever

Best-Napkins-Ever--Personalize-Your- Wedding- Ceremony

Assorted colors of table napkins in your wedding colors. Initials, date or a one liner included. It serves as a great table arrangement and works exceeding well when it comes to wiping away those happy tears.

8. Recreate The Menu

Re-create-The-Menu--Personalize-Your- Wedding- Ceremony

Replicate the menu from your first date and add a special section, perhaps. A ‘romantic course,’ if you will.

9. Confetti-Holders
Confetti-Holder--Personalize-Your- Wedding- Ceremony

Pass along the confetti jar so guests are prepared for the big moment as it approaches! Actually, replace that with these pockets – filled with with rose petals, confetti or even bubble maker, perhaps. It’s too much fun!

10. Paper Fans

paper-fans--Personalize-Your- Wedding- Ceremony

A perfect fit for summer weddings! Customized paper fans with the wedding itinerary, although that’s merely incidental. The fun is in the details!

11. Sky Lanterns

Sky-Lanterns--Personalize-Your- Wedding- Ceremony

Get personalized sky lanterns printed and have enough for all the guests. Arrange for having everyone release theirs at the same time. Yes, it’s a bit of pain to arrange – not to mention, not inexpensive – but if you can pull it off, it’ll be one spectacular sight.

12. Family Photos

family-photos--Personalize-Your- Wedding- Ceremony

This might not be for everyone – display pictures of the bride and groom as children, as well as a few tat include their families. String them on a burlap cloth line or have frames made. It’s a sincere and thoughtful gesture, and involving family is always special.

13. A Spiral Seating Arrangement

Spiral-Seating-Arrangement--Personalize-Your- Wedding- Ceremony

Break tradition with this spiral seating arrangement, and offer guests a chance to make instant connections and meaningful relationships. Works best for intimate weddings in smaller spaces.

14. Wedding Boutonnieres

Wedding-Boutonnieres--Personalize-Your- Wedding- Ceremony

Hand over these boutonnieres to all the men, with faux-flowers that match your theme and hair clips for women. They will always remember and save them.

15. A Friend As Your Officiant

A-friend-As-Your-Officiant-Personalize-Your- Wedding- Ceremony

If you don’t plan on having a religious ceremony, have a friend be your celebrant, just like Monica and Chandler.

Love is as much to be found in the little things, as it exists in grand gestures (like weddings). Memories are to made either way, so make sure to leave your own little touches and enjoy your day by having it your way!

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