Personalized Wedding Gifts Is The Way To go

A wedding is a celebration of togetherness and love between two beautiful people. It’s a very personal event in a couple’s life and you can celebrate that with these custom made gifts that are personalized to suit the needs of the couple. If you’ve have been planning on gifting something special to your favorite couple, check out the list below which includes some wonderfully personalized wedding gifts, that will be cherished by them forever.

1. The Custom Love Frame

Custom Love Frame - Personalized Wedding Gifts

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A personalized handmade wall hanging frame that can double up as a table top decoration too. A world map that shows the city of the wedding/location cut out into the shape of a heart, and the wedding date along with the couple’s names and a personal message pasted on to a frame. A pretty cool DIY idea for a personalized wedding gift.

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2. Personalized Key Chain With A Date Tag

Personalized Wedding Gifts - Personalized Key Chain

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A solid copper block that has been engraved with a date tag, the wedding day (date) circled in the shape of a heart and put on to a key chain to top it off. A customized gift the couple will love and use every day. It could be the key to their home or to their car or the lockers. You can make a pair and gift it to the bride as well as the groom. A very unique and different personalized gift, one that will surely be an important keepsake for the pretty couple who’ve just got married. If you are on the look out for wedding gifts for your sister, this personalized key chain will make you the coolest brother.

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3.The Mister And Missus Pillow Covers

Personalized Wedding Gifts - Mr & Mrs Pillows

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A set of beautiful pillows or pillow covers that read out – Mister and Missus. A charming gift the newlyweds would love to use in their new home. These sets are readily available off the shelf at major furnishing and interior designer stores in several shades, textures and fabrics to suit everyone’s tastes. If you wish, you can gift them this set in various sizes as well, like for their bedroom, their reading room and maybe even one for their cars. And there always is the option of personalising it further with a message embroidered on the other side of the pillow covers.

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4. Embossed Champagne Glasses

Personalized Wedding Gifts - Embossed Champagne Glass

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Who wouldn’t love a romantic drink? How about making it even better by having it in your personalized glasses? Make the newlyweds’ cosy evenings extra special with these custom hand printed and embossed champagne glasses with their names and the wedding date on it. They’ll love the idea and surely keep them safely for years to come. If you are looking for some cool wedding gifts for your brother, this is one he’ll never part with.

5. Personalized Aprons

Personalized Wedding Gifts - Personalized Aprons

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Another everyday use gift that the couple will love. Custom printed aprons from the famous Mister and Missus series. These are useful, handy and fun to wear – perfect for a house party for friends and family, something newlyweds would surely be planning to host. You can however, customize them even further with a personal message or a funky text. This can be an easy and affordable DIY project if you like stitching and embroidery or is available off the shelf in brilliant pastel colours, designs and different textures.

We hope these personalized gifts have inspired you to go further and gift the newlyweds something that isn’t the regular fare. These gifts and many other personalized gifts are easy on the pocket, intimate and beautiful expressions of love, joy and good wishes. After all, it never really is about what you gift, its all about the intentions and the interest you’ve taken to piece it all together – and on that count, nothing beats a personalized gift, however big or small it is.