10 Romantic And Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas For India

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Yes, we know weddings are super fun with the dance, music, colours, food, family and friends, but being invited to a wedding also means you’ll have to think about what to get the newly wed couple, that too in an Indian context. If this is something you just cannot get your head around, worry not, because we’ve come to your rescue, as always. Check out our list of 10 personalized wedding gift ideas for India that newly-wed couples would absolutely love.

1. A Voucher To Their Favourite Spa

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You don’t just have to gift a couple a solid thing, you can gift them experiences, which they will remember for a lifetime. Honestly, after the tiring process of setting up a wedding and getting married, who wouldn’t want to unwind at their favourite spa?

2. Personalised Photographic Gift

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Personalized gifts, especially those with pictures in them are great wedding gift ideas for India, just as they are for the rest of the world! They can even flaunt it in their new home. You can get them a huge clock with their photo, a lovely poster with the two of them that they can put up. Basically, this is your chance to get creative and show them that you’ve put some thought into the gift.

3. A Mini Holiday

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After that lovely honeymoon, the couple’s back to the grind – back at work with lots of stress and even more stress trying to bring their worlds together. A mini holiday for the couple after the wedding would be one of the best wedding gift ideas for India, gifts you could give them. They will be so thankful – after all, it’s hard to not love mini getaways! PS – Remember to pick a place they will like and that the voucher is valid for a while so they can redeem it when they’d like, on the whole making for one of the most intimate wedding gift ideas on the list.

4. Artwork

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This is a good idea if you know the couple is setting up their home and will need decorative items. Remember to keep in mind the couple’s taste before making your pick. If you’re an artist yourself, you know what to do.

5. Kitchen Sets

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Silver gifts are one of those things that every couple secretly wants for their new home. You can get them a full glass set or silverware set. It’s up to you. You will find lots of options at any home and living store.

6. Wine Hamper

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If your friends enjoy wine, this is a good option. You can personalize the hamper as you’d like but don’t forget to throw in a couple of chocolates. Gift hampers are never complete without some chocolates, are they?

7. Assortment Hamper

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You can throw in lots of things into this hamper – perfumes, dry fruits sets, mini carpets, handmade articles, flowers, wine glasses, cashmere shawls – anything. Decorate it nicely and watch the couple’s faces brighten up when they receive them.

8. Metal Art

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There are different types of metal art that you can pick from to gift the couple for their new abode. A decorated metal centre plate, metal wall hangings or sculptures are some of the good options. A common one amongst these, and one of the great wedding gift ideas for India – is the auspicious Ganapati sculpture that people gift newly weds as they believe it brings them luck.

9. Personalised Jewellery

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If this is within your budget, you could get the bride and groom personalized gold bands, which we’re sure they’ll love. You could get them little rings or cuff links for the groom and a nice brooch for the bride.

10. Cash Card/ Gift Card

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If you still don’t feel like gifting them any of the above, you can always gift them a cash card and allow them to pick whatever they like. A lot of banks today issue gift cards with money loaded on them and these can be used just like debit cards while shopping.

We hope this list helps you in making your decision. If you have more suggestions, please do share them with us in the comments section below.

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