Stunning Bridal Mehndi Designs For Full Hands

Did you know that probably hundreds or thousands of years ago, Indians were one of the first people to get their bodies tattooed? What has now become a fashion statement has always existed in India as an art form practiced by many tribal communities. The art of mehndi is an extension of this tradition, where men and women in India have been getting these tattoos done for eons now. As an Indian bride, it is quite inconceivable that you get married without those beautiful, intricate bridal mehndi designs for full hands.

dulha dulhan full hand bridal mehndi

Image: Sapna jain Photography

This is one of the designs that is hugely popular. It features a traditional bride and a groom, like the one you see above. This basic motif is then embellished with many curves and intricate patterns to complete the design. When you are looking for a mehndi design that will embellish your whole hand, you will have to take some motifs and then mix and match them to get the perfect look that you want.

Floral Mehndi Design For Full Hands

floral motifs fullhand bridal mehndi

Image: Alankritaa Photography

This is yet another common design that many Indian brides don with aplomb and grace. It is hard to go wrong with floral motifs. Traditionally, flowers not only symbolize feminine elegance and grace, but they are also a symbol of renewal of life. According to Indian tradition, this is exactly what marriage is all about.

Arabic Mehndi Design For Full Hands

arabic motifs full hand bridal mehndi design

Image: Anup J Kattukaran Photography

Arabian mehndi designs are also popular all over the world for being sensuous and pretty. These include several arabesque patterns that will definitely add a hint of sophistication to your bridal mehndi design. These designs feature intricate floral patterns that are typical of Arabic architecture. Apart from that, you will also find designs with intricate curls and animal motifs as well.

This is a great option to consider for your big day if you are tired of the traditional Indian motifs that you see on most brides. In addition to this, if you really want to mix up your look for your wedding day, you should consider getting a design that has been inspired by Moroccan mehndi designs. This will really be a beautiful contrast to the Indian inspired curves. Moroccan designs generally feature geometric motifs like triangles, chevrons, diamonds. They also have many floral or vine motifs.

Peacock Mehndi Design For Full Hands

briadal mehndi full hand and leg

Image: Sapna Jain Photography

This is yet another fabulous option for your big day. These designs have been inspired by our national bird – the peacock. When translated to art, these birds take on a delicate beauty that is simply a joy to behold. Even a peacock-shaped outline that is filled up with some gorgeous and intricate designs would be perfect for your big day. Also, peacock motifs coupled with floral patterns, vines and intricate curlicues would be a very feminine and sensuous design for your special day.

Customize It!

Customide fullhand bridal mehndi

Image: Alankritaa Photography

When you think about it, there no limit to the possibilities of designs for your big day. It is all up to your imagination. Perhaps none of the ideas suggested above really appeal to you. You can always choose any design you want, like this lovely bride did.

Perhaps you have been inked for life. Your tattoo design is something you have committed to and will be absolutely unique. If you could find a way of incorporating that into your bridal mehndi design, it would mean that it really reflects who you are and what you love. If you are a romantic, and your husband-to-be has a tattoo, perhaps you could even incorporate that into your design as well. This would be a subtle yet meaningful way to show him how much you care as your adorned hands hold his in this long journey we call life.

Hope you found your pick from our list of bridal mehndi designs for full hands. Tell us what you liked and what you didn’t. We would love to hear from you. All the best!


Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock