9 Perfect Ideas For Wedding Gifts For Brides

Everyone loves getting gifts. And on the day of her wedding, every bride secretly wants to be pampered with unforgettable gifts that will become lasting reminders of her special day. If you are befuddled by the sheer number of possibilities out there, don’t worry. You are not alone. With a little bit of thought and time, you are sure to light up the beautiful bride’s smile even more, with these ideas for the perfect wedding gifts for brides.

More often than not, brides end up receiving numerous trinkets, innumerable boring old wall-hangings or meaningless knick-knacks. These are not exactly useful and they would just probably simply take up space in the newlywed’s abode. But then, what exactly makes for a good gift for a bride, you might ask.

It should be something that she would never dream of re-gifting, for starters. The gift should be useful to the bride as she takes the first steps into her new life. A good gift is also one which has sentimental or personal value to the bride. Such gifts will make her feel special and loved as she ties the knot. Before you begin your foray into finding the perfect wedding gifts for brides, here are some gift ideas that you could improvise and use to make sure the special lady feels all the love you carry in your heart for her:

1. Tickets To A Romantic Tourist Destination:

Wedding Gifts For Bride - Tickets To A Romantic Tourist Destination

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Once the guests have left, the mandap has been cleared, it is time for the bride and groom to relax and bask in the joy of new love. It is not for nothing that this is called the honeymoon phase. Why not help them celebrate this love with a romantic getaway for two. You are sure to find a number of destinations that are well-suited for the happy couple as well as your pocket. If you want to make this even more special, you could include the groom in the planning process, which would make for a lovely surprise for the bride and also make sure the logistics don’t go awry. Sometimes a memorable experience will be infinitely more cherished that any material gift. So, go ahead and plan away!

2. Book A Romantic Dinner For Two:

If you feel that a romantic trip may be out of your league, you could book them a romantic, candlelight dinner in a restaurant. Do some research to find out the perfect ambience and just the right cuisine that they would love. Would they enjoy a rooftop dinner or would they prefer something on a riverfront? For a classy touch, you could also pre-order some champagne for the couple. Once it is opened with a charming pop and the conversation flows, who knows what the night could lead to (Ah well, we all know the answer to that!)

Wedding Gifts For Bride - Book A Romantic Dinner For Two

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3. Personalized T-shirts:

A personalized T-shirt or dress commemorating the wedding day could be a great gift for the bride. You can easily get them printed online, once you’ve found the perfect idea. This could also be a great gift for the bride on the night of her bachelorette party. Get naughty, creative and witty about the ladies’ night out when you think of the caption. It is sure to liven up the night to say the least. You could also get the newlyweds clothes, stationery, toiletries embossed with both their initials if your relationship with the bride is more formal.

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4. Antique Items:

Wedding Gifts For Bride - Ancient Boxes

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This may require you to set aside some time for serious shopping. Instead of looking online and taking the easy way out, take some time to explore some of the lesser known antique shops in your city. After all, India is very rich in history and you may be surprised at what you can find. Whether it is antique jewellery, ancient boxes, lamps or even a piece of amber with an insect inside it, the bride is sure to feel touched by the effort you put into finding the gift. If the bride likes to read, then a first edition or a signed copy of her favourite book or author would put her over the moon. But make sure you take the bride’s tastes into consideration when you do this. This might also be a slightly more expensive option. But hey, you only get married just the once – why not go all out and find the perfect gift.

5. Door Name Plaque:

Wedding Gifts For Bride - Door Name Plaque

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Once the bride moves into her new home, you could give her something to make the place truly feel like hers. A name plaque bearing the name of the bride and groom will sit well by their door as they share their love and their home. Do not go for the generic ones, though. Get the right one made. You could also include captions like “Home is where you are” after their names to get a more romantic feel, making for one of the best wedding gifts for the bride and even the groom!

6. Spa Voucher:

Wedding Gifts For Bride - Spa Voucher

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Yet another way to help the bride and her new partner relax after the hectic day of her wedding could be a voucher for a day in the spa. This is not only luxurious, but can give the bride and groom plenty of time to unwind and enjoy each other’s company while being waited upon hand and foot. Who wouldn’t want that!

7. Lingerie:

Some fancy, sexy lingerie might just be what the new bride needs to kindle the excitement in her new married life. Of course, this may not be a great gift unless you know the bride fairly well. But this would be the one gift that the groom would appreciate as much as, if not more than the bride herself, so this is really a win-win situation. Take our word on it.

8. Vacuum Cleaner:

Wedding Gifts For Bride - Vacuum Cleaner

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You are probably thinking that this would make the most unimaginative and boring gift ever. But think about it, no one else is likely to gift the bride a vacuum cleaner. It is also something that she will really appreciate having in her new home, especially if she is somewhat of a neat-freak. While this may not have the bling factor, it is eminently practical, this is something that many brides would truly love to receive. Her first vacuum cleaner is something that she will remember for a long time as a trusted and steadfast companion in the couple’s war against dust.

9. Create Something Unique:

Wedding Gifts For Bride - Handmade Jewellery

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If none of the ideas seem to appeal to you, then you might want to consider making something unique for the bride. Write her a song or a poem. Make her a calendar with photos of the past for a trip down memory lane. If you are more artistically inclined, you could create a masterful work of art especially for her. She is guaranteed to be blown away by the thought and energy you have put in to show her how much you love her.