7 Well-Put Engagement Invitation Quotes To Announce Your Upcoming Nuptials With

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An engagement is one of the most romantic moments for a love-struck couple. It is the next logical step that a couple takes to formalize their commitment to each other and their relationship. It is a beautiful celebration of love, togetherness and a promise to wed and live together forever. When an engagement is such a monumental and memorable step in your life, why settle for an invitation card and text that is regular? Here are seven entertaining and joyous engagement invitation quotes for friends and family that will surely have your guests in splits, and will make your invitation a happy memory for years to come.

1. Who Else Would Have Us?

A funny take on an engagement invite. This is a quote that starts with a pleadingly funny “Who else would have us?” question. It goes on to insist “You have to agree”, which tells us about rapport and the closeness that the couple share with the guest. It is like a light-hearted demand rather that a kind request or an invitation. Something that your close buddies and relatives would love to hear, and we’re sure they’re already packing their bags to be there and make your engagement a very memorable affair.

2. We’ve Agreed To Settle

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An honest and humorous engagement quote that talks of how they’ve lived, loved and have grown fond of each other. A quote that almost reads like a funny rhyme, which also tells us about the couple’s rapport with the guests. This invite is surely for someone special, or somebody who has known them for years. An invite that is personal, real and yet humorous in its own way.

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3. They’ve Found Love!

“They’ve found love” is a semi-formal engagement invitation quote that has a very friendly tone. It is not an invite from the couple but from the elders of the family, or from the friends of the couple inviting you to share their joy and bless the love birds, as they embark on a journey of a lifetime. An invite that is generic and one that can be shared with your friends, relatives and even colleagues from work, so you wouldn’t have to go through the pains of having different sets of invites for different guests.

4. The Hearty Engagement


A pleasantly poetic engagement invitation quote that is short and simple. It is to the point and shares the couple’s love for each other with the guests. This engagement invite quote is a please-all and can be shared with everyone, be it your boss or your best buddy. This one is an engagement invitation that everyone will love.

5. Light And Happy

A simple and happy engagement quote that shares the good news with your friends and dear ones. A message that is crisp and tells them that you are going to invite them for the wedding or a post-engagement party. A quote that will let them know that you care and that you wish to have them over for the celebrations. A please-all engagement quote that will find many takers. This message can be used on a traditional printed engagement card and can also double up as email message, a WhatsApp message, or a simple FB post too.

6. From The Proud Parents!

A straight and formal engagement invitation from the bride’s parents announcing the wedding of their daughter Ms. Zoya with Mr. Asif. A very short and formal invite that is to the point. A kind of invite that was very popular in the 1960’s and 70’s when army men used to share their children’s wedding details in such a crisp fashion.

7. Announcement By The Couple

A formal engagement announcement quote by the couple themselves. This is a crisp, short and to-the-point engagement announcement quote. This invite can be shared with colleagues and acquaintances.

Indians like to celebrate each and everything in style, so pick your choice from our list of best engagement invitation quotes and have a wonderful engagement.

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