PepperMate Traditional Ceramic Pepper Grinder Review: Your Perfect Seasoning Tool

Fill, grind, and catch peppercorn and salt grounds without creating a mess on your kitchen countertop.

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Product Summary

An effective grinder mill can help save time and effort in the kitchen, deliver the desired grinding quality, and help retain the aroma and taste of the spices.

Here is a detailed review of the PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill, a ceramic pepper and salt grinder. We discuss its key features and tell you if this pepper mill can offer a comfortable grinding experience.

Quick Facts

Grinding dried spices, salt crystals, herbs, and coffee beans
PepperMate began its journey in 1982 with a vision to enhance the at-home gourmet cooking experience of its customers. It offers innovative products that enhance the flavor of dishes and make cooking convenient.


  • Product name: PepperMate Traditional Ceramic Pepper Grinder
  • Product brand: PepperMate
  • Available in: Black, hunter green, transparent black, aqua, white, and red
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 4 x 2in
  • Weight: 8oz
  • Mode of operation: Manual
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Ease of use: Simple and convenient
  • Is dishwasher friendly: Yes

How To Use A PepperMate Traditional Ceramic Pepper Grinder

Follow these instructions to get the desired coarse or fine grind.

  • Open the top lid.
  • Fill the pepper mill with peppercorns, salt crystals, or other spices using the lid. Ensure you do not overstuff the grinder.
  • Rotate the dial to adjust the blade settings.
  • Tighten the dial for fine ground and loosen the dial for coarse ground.
  • Close the top lid.
  • Turn the knob to grind.
  • Collect the ground pepper or salt from the base cup.
  • You could also remove the bottom cup to grind the pepper or other spice into the dish directly.

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How To Use A PepperMate Traditional Ceramic Pepper Grinder

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PepperMate Traditional Ceramic Pepper Grinder Review: Features & Extras

Here are the key features of the Ceramic Pepper Grinder by PepperMate.

  • Adjustable grinding mechanism: The adjustable grinding mechanism allows you to grind peppercorns, salt crystals, and other spices and herbs from fine to coarse by adjusting the dial to the left or right. It also keeps the grind’s taste and aroma intact.
  • Refill and capacity: The large opening of the mill ensures a mess-free fill, and the grinder can hold 1.7oz of pepper or 4.8oz of salt
  • Clear base cup: The large, clear, and removable cup at the base of the mill catches the pepper, salt, or spice grounds. You can also use this cup to store the powder for later use.
PepperMate Traditional Ceramic Pepper Grinder
Image: MomJunction

PepperMate Traditional Ceramic Pepper Grinder Review: Does It Work On Other Things Too?

The PepperMate Pepper grinder features an adjustable and quality grinding mechanism. Hence, you can use this multi-purpose grinder to grind salt, dried herbs, mustard seeds, anise, cumin, coriander seeds, and even roasted coffee beans.

PepperMate Traditional Ceramic Pepper Grinder Review: Value For Money?

The adjustable grinding mechanism and easy operation of the PepperMate pepper grinder make it a kitchen essential worth the investment. The grinder’s ceramic material is rust-resistant and highly durable, and the manual mechanism ensures you do not have to charge it or buy batteries.

Moreover, this grinder is backed by a limited lifetime warranty for defects or malfunction.

PepperMate Traditional Ceramic Pepper Grinder
Image: MomJunction

PepperMate Traditional Ceramic Pepper Grinder Review: The Final Verdict

The PepperMate Ceramic pepper grinder allows you to grind peppercorns, crystal salt, and other spices without altering the taste or flavor. Further, its adjustable dial system, wide mouth opening, and easy-snapping top lid and bottom cup make grinding a splendid experience.

Editor’s Rating: 4.6

The PepperMate Traditional ceramic pepper grinder is made of an impact-resistant and quality material for durability. It helps you choose between coarse grind and fine grind and grinds spices, salt, and more without making a mess while keeping the flavor and taste intact. The grinder is easy-to-use and maintain, and its simple yet elegant design can complement any kitchen countertop.

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