12 Absolutely Stunning Peony Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets are all about the magical charm, beauty, elegance, simplicity and grace. Peony is a popular choice when it comes to picking flowers for a wedding bouquet. This beautiful flower, whether single or in a bunch, adds such a feminine grace and beauty to the charming bride. If you are looking for wedding bouquet ideas, here are 12 stunning peony wedding bouquets that we loved.

These Are The Prettiest Peony Wedding Bouquets Ever!

Take a look and we are sure you’ll fall in love with them too.

1. Pink And Peach Peony Wedding Bouquets

Peony Wedding Bouquets - Pinks And Peaches

Ah! The subtle pinks and peaches with just a little green freshness is just perfect. It looks so charming and alluring and complements the graceful bride.

2. Enchanted Elegance

Peony Wedding Bouquets - Enchanted Elegance

Nothing can be more enchanting than the combination of pristine white and powder pink. A big bunch of peonies without any greens or other flowers is all you really need to make that elegant entry.

3. White Wonder Peony Wedding Bouquets

Peony Wedding Bouquets - White Wonder

Go all white with a small wedding bouquet that’s big on grace and charm. A small bouquet with nothing but beautiful whites is the perfect and the only accessory you need to be the beautiful bride.

4. Green Glory

Peony Wedding Bouquets - Green Glory

Green is the colour of freshness and natural beauty! Add an alluring freshness and beauty to your wedding bouquet with green sprigs and twigs. It looks absolutely refreshing and breathtaking.

5. Hello Yellow

Peony Wedding Bouquets - Hello Yellow

Yellow is the colour of fun! It looks absolutely refreshing and surprisingly elegant. If you are having a beautiful summer wedding, yellow is the perfect choice.

6. Pretty In Pearls

Peony Wedding Bouquets - Pretty In Pearls

Add a touch of elegant pearls to make your wedding bouquet not just beautiful but also unique and charming. It’s an instant attention-grabber that will make the onlookers marvel at the grace you carry.

7. Summer Time Madness Peony Wedding Bouquets

Peony Wedding Bouquets - Summer Time Madness

If you are having a glorious summer wedding, nothing can compare to the beauty of fresh peach and greens! It highlights the natural daylight and beautifully complements the wedding gown too.

8. Feminine Power

Peony Wedding Bouquets - Feminine Power

There is nothing more powerful and sexy than being your feminine best. This peony wedding bouquet looks so delightfully graceful and will add oodles of oomph and style.

9. The Power Of Simplicity

Peony Wedding Bouquets - The Power Of Simplicity

If simplicity is your superpower, go for an all-white peony wedding bouquet with just a little green highlight. It complements the wedding gown and puts the entire attention on your beauty and glow.

10. Mixed Affair

Peony Wedding Bouquets - Mixed Affair

For a beautiful array of flowers and a mix of colours and fragrances, go in for a mixed bunch! It offers a great spread and look to the bouquet with peonies stealing the show.

11. Dark N’ Sexy!

Peony Wedding Bouquets - Dark N’ Sexy!

While most brides go in for the soft pastels, you could try something different by going in for dark and sexy hues of peony. The delightful peony is available in such a vast array of colours that the choice is endless.

12. Lavender Love Peony Wedding Bouquets

Peony Wedding Bouquets - Lavender Love

Bring in all shades of lovely lavender, pinks and purples. It’s a wonderful bouquet that in itself creates a delightful look. It adds so much grace to the overall look too.

So which one(s) did you love? If you are planning to tie the knot soon and are looking for that perfect wedding bouquet, hope you’ve picked your favourite one from our list. You could also get innovative and do some mix and match to create something unique too. Peony wedding bouquets look extremely beautiful and we suggest that you do give it a try. You wouldn’t regret it. Any more ideas or suggestions?

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