9 Majestic Peacock Wedding Invitations That Are Sure To Impress

You’d be hard-pressed to argue that the peacock is one of the most beautiful and majestic birds ever, and its bright plumage is one of the most recognizable symbolic images, and has been preserved in Greek and Indian mythology, as well as art and literature the world over.

A peacock’s plumage is said to be so dazzlingly brilliant as a means to show off to (and attract) a mate, or as a sign that it is such a fine specimen that it can thrive in the wild and still look so good. Either way, it’s a lucky omen, and it looks fantastic on a wedding invite. See for yourself, with our little list of peacock wedding invitations:

1. The Elegant Invite

Gorgeous colours that stay in the background and let the velvety peacock feather have its own space. The font and text sizing is on point, and all in all, this is definitely one of the most classy peacock wedding invitations to send out.

2. The Classic Invite

Everything about this wedding invite screams regal classy. The perfect first communication of your wedding. The colours are on point, the peacock feather has centre stage and the ribbon just adds the final touch. The seal can have your very own insignia on it as well. A flawless peacock wedding invitations plan, if you match it with a theme.

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3. The Vintage Invite

One of the most unique and interesting wedding invites out there, this vintage-styled invite is a gorgeous letter that is fastened with a purple ribbon, and has a peacock feather as well as a card attached to it. Simple, elegant and highly memorable.

4. A Second Take

Another way to go for a classic invite is to fasten the envelope with the help of a thin ribbon, but also with a peacock feather for an extra touch of elegance. Simple colours like the light gold and soft pink used above complement the peacock feather very well.

5. The Purple Peacock

Complementary colours, full peacock feather, a very classy card – this wedding invite has it all, given that you’re not averse to purple, is all. The hint of teal goes really well with the peacock feather as well. You can as well choose to have more information displayed on the card if you so wish.

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6. The Vintage-y Retro Invite

If you’re looking for something completely unique, then this card is going to be right up your alley. The gorgeous sky blue as well as the retro finish, clubbed with the white ribbon and the flower means that this card has its own personality outside of the peacock feather as well, even if it does add the finishing touch.

7. The Peacock Art Invite

Featuring a beautifully embellished golden peacock and little bits of detailing here and there, this card makes an excellent use of the black surface, letting it really set the rest of the text up. All of the required information is at hand, and you’re good to go.

8. The Complete Invite

Elegant, hefty and thoughtfully put together, this gorgeous wedding invite is a really bright way to get your message across. Featuring a pocket fold, this card gives you more space to get your story out there and say things the way you want to. Featuring a directions and accommodations card as well, this card rounds off with the peacock theme.

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9. Peacock Vectors


Image: Shutterstock

Pink peacocks, pretty flowers and a gorgeous layout – sounds like a an excellent choice when to comes to a Bengali wedding card, but they look especially lovely when it’s done in such an elegant and detailed manner. They work for all kinds of cards, not just Indian ones.
So now that you’ve seen the variety, why not give the regular ones a miss and opt for a peacock wedding invitation instead? Let us know which ones you liked.