Peacock Themed Wedding Ideas – Do It In Style!

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It’s always a good idea to pick a theme for the wedding. It makes life so much more easier for people who have to put it together and even for you. My favourite for the season is the peacock themed wedding plan. The peacock is a magnificent bird. The colours on it are vibrant and beautiful. It’s the perfect theme for Indian weddings. As there are so many occasions and events that run up to the wedding itself, make it a theme for one your events or the big day itself. Either way, you won’t be let down

And Here’s How To Do A Peacock Themed Wedding.

To Beautiful Beginnings

If you can’t do a peacock themed wedding, how about incorporating the peacock theme in the wedding invite itself? That’s the first thing people see, the first glimpse into your big and beautiful plans. Let the regal reds and elegant whites rest. Pick the playful peacock blue. Or combine the two like the peacock wedding invite above.

Sweet Reminders

If, on the other hand, you’ve decided to go all out with your peacock themed wedding, why not. When you send out those peacock wedding invites for the events, you can try out the peacock theme there too. Send a box of goodies that go with the theme. Check out the wedding cupcakes in the picture.

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Kick It Off In Style

Most weddings start off with a cocktails night. Now, whether you start off with the cocktails or end your events with it, you have to admit that it’s the most fun event of your wedding. No pressure of rituals to bring you down. So at your peacock themed wedding, serve up cocktails that are peacock themed. Hire an expert who can come up with a range that can go with the theme. And maybe try a few wedding drinking games too.

Mehndi Ceremony

The mehndi ceremony itself is quite colourful with the flower décor, the guests and their attires. The unofficial code word for mehndi is colourful. It’s a fun event and it screams colour. A peacock themed wedding mehendi ceremony could be tricky. But you could still pull it off if you keep the overall décor a little toned down and add touches of the theme in small details like in return gifts and also at the goodies counter maybe. Well enough. peacock mehndi designs are an ‘in’ thing too.

Sangeet It Is!

You’ve probably rehearsed for weeks for this day. Now it’s time to show off like a proud peacock. The stage for the sangeet needs to be bright and it would take a very skilful and experienced set designer to pull off the peacock themed wedding sangeet without making it look atrocious. Or you could play it safe by leaving the stage alone and let the seating be in those hues. Take a look at the arrangement below. It’s perfect for the sangeet.

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The Big Day

There are so many ways to go about planning a peacock themed wedding for your big day. You could pick your clothes or décor or even do the mandap in tune with the peacock theme. However, don’t do everything together. Try to add colours by using the surrounding themselves.

A. Peacock Themed Wedding Mandap

The mandap is a big part of the décor, isn’t it? Let the inspiration come from the peacock. Let the colours be neutral. This way you get to play with colour palette for your outfits.

B. Peacock Themed Wedding Seating

You could add touches of the peacock hues for the seating arrangement. Don’t overdo the colours though. You want the event to be classy not harsh on the eye. Take a look at the picture. It’s a clever use of internal plants, and collared cushions, while keeping the lighting neutral.

The Groom

A peacock themed wedding is incomplete without the groom following through. His designer sherwani could be peacock blue or green or pastel version of it.

If that’s his style then just add a little touch of the theme to his outfit by adding faux feathers or details and pins in the colour of the theme.

Here Comes The Bride

The choice for the bridal trousseau is unlimited. The sheer number of peacock themed wedding sarees available in various versions of the shades is mind boggling. You could pick one of them or stay with the colour family but pick a different shade. You don’t want to blend in with the décor after all.

Look at Taapsee in the picture below. That green saree is a reminder of a peacock. The touch of red adds a bridal glow. It’s part of the theme and yet stands out just like the way a bride and her saree should.

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The Devil That Is Called The Details

If you have a tough time looking at a peacock themed wedding and digesting so much blues and green, or if you are worried it’s going to be too colourful and loud and yet want to somehow incorporate peacock into your events then you could pick muted décor and spruce it up with details.

I’m obsessed with peacock themed wedding ideas right now. But I’ve been holding on to it since a long time. Time to move on to a different obsession I think. Any suggestions?

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