7 Peacock Mehndi Designs That’ll Surely Make You Hawt!

Peacock mehndi designs are one of the most popular in the plethora of designs available today. The finish in the outcome of the mehndi drawing, that is the final product when the green mehndi is washed off, is always an exhibition of good craftsmanship. To know what patterns go together to form what theme at the end and to be able to visualise a complete image with all the little elements that make the entire design are the key things that matter the most in the execution of a complete design. This is precisely why it is important to know what motifs go well with the peacock mehndi designs and how to configure these parts in the overall theme being sketched. Here are some great ideas to incorporate the peacock motif in your mehndi design for something you wish would never fade away!

Peacock Mehndi Design

Because mehndi drawing can be just as organic an art as painting itself, there are hundreds of different ways in which the peacock design can be drawn on your beautiful hands. You can just draw your peacock design without any other pattern for enhancement, just to give the hero of the show—the peacock—the spotlight in your palm!

Peacock Mehndi Design - 2

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One way of using a peacock motif is by using it as a central design. Basically you would be adding more embellishments to the previously discussed single-piece peacock drawing. The full image of a peacock could be the centre-piece of the mehndi drawing in the palm, encased in a cloud shaped window, or some floral damask. It can also be followed by the netted mehndi design with an Arabic touch.

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The peacock can be the central design without being drawn in completion and can be represented not only by its grand feathers spread out, but also by its distinctive crown on its head that adds all the glamour. The gracious curves of the peacock’s neck, along with its inspiring crown on the head, can be easily incorporated into a great layout of a mehndi design which makes use of the droplet-shaped little patterns or the paisley, which will form a part of an extensively drawn and well-finished design.

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A sleek drawing of a peacock motif mehndi design on the back of the hand can be all that it takes to complete your entire profile. The peacock needn’t be used as the central design on the inside of the hand. It can be used for a mehndi tattoo across the back of the hand, where the drawing of a slender, seated peacock can be projected diagonally across the space, in the place of a corsage design or a hand-chain mehndi drawing. Use colours or Swarovski mehndi embellishments as required and complete the peacock theme with elegance.

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The peacock sketch can also be used in mehndi designs drawn on the wrist. If you’re not looking to draw a mehndi sleeve, but just ornamentation up to the wrist, then you can finish it off at the wrist with a peacock motif, which majestically looks like a bracelet or a peacock cuff. The un-drawn space beyond the peacock motif will only visually accentuate the image of a peacock.

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The peacock design can be used as an incorporated element in a sleeve layout of a mehndi design. In the intricate and extensive patterns that adorn the arms, you can add the logo of a peacock amidst grand and elaborate floral and loop-like decorative laces in mehndi.

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Especially in Rajasthani mehndi designs you will find extreme tendencies for symmetry in the entirety of the design. Using peacock motifs to star in the mehndi design for feet, especially if drawn with full symmetry where one foot will mirror the other faithfully, you have yourself a classy yet traditional design that’ll go great with any kind of footwear, or other adornments like the paayal, anklets, or toe-rings etc. So mix up the old and new and go for a design of your choice to shine in the upcoming celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are the peacock mehndi designs particular to a specific style of mehndi?
Ans: No, they are not specific to a particular style of mehndi or henna application. In fact, they can be drawn in a myriad of different ways that all bring in different stylistic elements that add their own unique flavour to the overall motif.

2. Are the peacock mehndi designs the most popular choice of motif?
Ans: It is hard to rank the popularity of the thousands of different motifs, designs, patterns and styles that mehndi has come to represent. However, peacock mehndi designs do remain a highly used and preferred choice for practitioners and aficionados alike, with a number of different iterations of the classic peacock design having made their way onto hands and feet.

3. How long will the design stay on my skin?
Ans: The mehndi stain will usually stay on your skin for a month, sometimes a little more or less depending on the colour of the stain when it first dries out. However, it depends from individual to individual.

4. Can you find me an expert to do this design for me?
Ans: Considering the global popularity and appeal of mehndi, you can find design studios all across the globe. But if you happen to be in India and are looking for expert mehndi vendors, be sure to check out the vendor pages for mehndi on our website.

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