Pawan Kalyan Marriage: The Power Star’s Real Love Story

The Pawan Kalyan marriage story is quite an intriguing one. The Power Star from Tollywood has been in wedlock not once, nor twice, but a total of three times. In spite of his cool on-screen style and thoughtful off-screen persona, his love life has been quite a bit topsy-turvy, The first Pawan Kalyan marriage happened when he was at the age of 26, and his longest relationship lasted 11 years. His first marriage was followed by a subsequent second marriage, succeeded by the third wedlock in somewhat rapid succession. It left most of his fans and followers wondering ‘What’s happening!’ Let’s dig deeper.

Pawan Kalyan Marriage - Pawan Kalyan

The First Pawan Kalyan Marriage

Pawan Kalyan’s first wedding was way back in May, 1997 to a girl named Nandini. This was just a year after his début in the year 1996 with the Telugu film Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi. Not much is known about how and when the couple met but most speculate that it was an arranged marriage with Nandini. Pawan was 26 and Nandini was 19 when they got married.

Pawan Kalyan Marriage - Pawan Kalyan Weds 19 Yr Old Nandini

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The couple had a smooth run initially with their marriage but it is said that cracks started appearing in the first Pawan Kalyan marriage within seven months. Although Pawan later shared that the two separated just few months after marriage, things became more affirmative only by 2001 when Pawan moved-in with the then upcoming model and actress Renu Desai. The bitter discord between Pawan and Nandini became more glaring when Pawan started became more vocal about his live-in relationship with Renu Desai. In 2004, Renu Desai gave birth to Pawan’s first child, a son. This came as a shock to fans and people from the film industry since Pawan was still officially married to Nandini. It took Pawan three more years to file for divorce from Nandini. And that too happened when she filed a bigamy case against him in July 2007. This Pawan Kalyan marriage was granted a divorce in August 2008 with Pawan shelling out 5 crores as alimony. Both split paths since then, and not much is known about Nandini or her life thereafter. It is said that she later remarried in the year 2010.

Second Love, Here I Come!

Pawan Kalyan Marriage - Pawan Kalyan Marries Renu Desai

Once the divorce with Nandini was through, Pawan was legally single. He spared no time to make his relationship with the model and actress Renu Desai official (read: socially acceptable) since she was the mother of his son out of wedlock. The second Pawan Kalyan marriage went through on 28th January 2009. While they became husband and wife that day, they were already living together for eight years. Renu was only 19 years old when she moved-in with Pawan, and she later shared in an interview that her parents were against the relationship. But one year after their wedding, they accepted their daughter’s choice.

Pawan Kalyan Marriage - Pawan Kalyan With His Kids Akira And Aadhya

Things were going extremely well for Pawan and Renu after their wedding. The couple already had a son, Akira (born in 2004), and in 2010 they were blessed with a daughter, whom they named Aadhya. Pawan’s marriage with Renu was everything that he had wished for, and the couple were having a dream run with their wedding till it hit a speed-breaker in late 2010.

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The Discord

According to grapevine, Pawan Kalyan’s elder brother Nagendra Babu had produced a film named Orange in the year 2010, which starred Pawan and Nagendra’s nephew Ram Charan (Chiranjeevi’s son). The movie was a big dud at the box office and Nagendra Babu hit a financial crunch. He approached brother Chiranjeevi for help but was turned down by him. It is said that Pawan came to his rescue and helped him settle the dues. Some time later, Pawan also provided financial aid to the party members of his brother’s political party. Apparently, this did not go down well with Renu Desai and she objected to his ways of writing down a cheque for anyone who is in a financial mess. It is rumoured that she was so concerned about Pawan dishing out his wealth that she got their house registered on her name.

By then cracks started appearing in the second Pawan Kalyan marriage and things started to go awry. Sometime in 2011, it was reported that Renu had shifted to Pune (her native place) with her children. Pawan would then be seen shuttling between Pune and Hyderabad to stay in touch with his children. Whenever the children were in Hyderabad to meet Pawan, Renu’s absence was evident.

Pawan-Renu Divorce

By mid-2011, the rift between the once doting couple increased, and they filed for a divorce, which they were granted in 2012. Renu permanently chose to stay back in Pune, while her children would frequently visit Pawan in Hyderabad. Pawan never shared much about their relationship and divorce but in an interview in 2014, Renu opened up about their split. She conveyed that she and Pawan had an amicable separation, and she never put forward a demand for an alimony. She went on to add that she only loved one man in her life that is Pawan, and can never dream of remarrying. Pawan and Renu maintain a joint custody of their two children. Their son Akira made his film début in the year 2014 in a Marathi film under the production banner of Akira Films, a company started by Renu Desai.

Marrying The Russian Bella

Pawan Kalyan Marriage - Pawan Kalyan With Anna Lezhneva

In 2011, Pawan Kalyan starred in the film Teen Maar, which was the Telugu remake of the popular Bollywood film, Love Aaj Kal. It was during the making of the film that he happened to meet a Russian model Anna Lezhneva, who had a small role in the film. Her screen time was blink and miss types. But certain rumours in 2012 made everyone scramble back to watch the movie once again for Anna Lezhneva. Wonder why? Well, rumour mills were abuzz that that Pawan Kalyan was dating Anna. Things were hazy till almost late 2013, with fans and media making their own contemplations about the matter. It was only in late 2013 that it was learnt through a source close to the actor that a Pawan Kalyan marriage to Anna Lezhneva legally happened on 30th September 2013. The couple did not follow it up with any grand wedding ceremony nor inform anyone about it.

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Pawan and Anna are rarely spotted together in public, and no news about this third Pawan Kalyan marriage is leaked out to the press. But Anna is often seen attending certain Tollywood events on behalf of Pawan Kalyan. In one such event, she was spotted accompanying two young girls. One of the girls was recognised as Aadhya, Pawan’s daughter with Renu Desai. Rumour-mongers started spreading news that the other girl was Anna And Pawan’s daughter. But then it was reported that the girl was indeed Anna’s daughter but from a previous failed relationship. It is said that Anna had an Indian boyfriend, who left her and their only daughter.

During the making of the film Teen Maar, it is said that Anna and Pawan got talking and she shared her story with him. Over a period of time, their friendship turned into love and they soon decided to tie the knot. Pawan treats Anna’s daughter like his own and she lives with the couple. No one knows whether it is a true story or a cute little hearsay weaved by fans and media together. For now, have it with a pinch of salt.

‘Before Anna, There Was Danah?’

Pawan Kalyan Marriage - Pawan Kalyan With Danah Marks

In the film Teen Maar, Pawan was seen having an on-screen romance with an Australian model named Danah Marks. After the release of the film, Pawan was seen accompanying Danah Marks at every promotional event of the film. It did not take much time for the gossip mongers to link the two. This was before the Pawan Kalyan and Anna Lezhneva relationship news started doing the rounds, so there were a lot of stories floating around about the legally single Pawan. Things went overboard in 2012 when it was said that Pawan had a love child with Danah. That definitely did not go down well with many of Pawan’s well-wishers and Teen Maar director condemned the rumours on Facebook in September 2012. Interestingly, his post got a comment from none other than Danah’s sister-in-law who shared that Danah married her brother Calvin in May 2012, and is now settled in South Africa. It was an interesting revelation for everyone, which thankfully brought an end to the numerous rumours going around.

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Life Since Then

Pawan Kalyan Marriage - Pawan Kalyan's Wife Anna At Chiranjeevi’s Daughter's Wedding

There are always conjectures cooked-up about Pawan Kalyan’s love life, and last we checked he was apparently married the fourth time. In reality, Pawan Kalyan and Anna Lezhneva are very much in love and live together. Anna has blended well with Pawan’s family and was even spotted at her brother-in-law Chiranjeevi’s daughter’s wedding. We hope that Pawan has finally found the life partner he always wanted and wish the couple all the best.

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