10 Paulo Coelho Love Quotes That Promise To Fuel Your Passions

Paulo Coelho is one of the most heart-touching, passionate, exciting popular writers in the world today. His prose speaks of a depth of spiritual understanding, an unsurpassed knowledge of the human psyche and a benign acceptance of the world as it is. Hailing from the land of football, Brazil, Coelho struggled greatly in his early years to get where he is today.

At one point in his youth, he was even committed to a mental asylum while he was struggling to make it as a writer. Coelho is definitely one person who has experienced life to its fullest – both the peaks as well as the abyss. So, when he talks of love, particularly with that unique brand of Paulo Coelho love quotes, it is not simply his poetic sensibility that shines to the fore, but also his understanding of various forms of love, and what love can motivate people to do. No other contemporary writer has explored the theme of love the way Coelho has, perhaps with the exception of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

We have curated for you, some of the most beautiful Paulo Coelho love quotes. He has inspired millions, including (famously) our very own, Shah Rukh Khan. Perhaps a dose of Coelho is just what the doctor ordered to rekindle your passion.

1. Paulo Coelho Love Quotes - Because One Is Loved

This is one of the Paulo Coelho love quotes that make for cardinal truths that we all tend to forget in our day to day lives. When you are truly in love with someone, you don’t really know why you love them. This also implies that you will continue to love them, no matter what. Even if they lose all their money, their health, a true lover will still love them the same way.

2. Paulo Coelho Love Quotes - Departures

This Paulo Coelho love quote is for when times get dark. If you have lost someone, perhaps it is because it is time for someone better to come your way.

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3. Paulo Coelho Love Quotes - Of Fools And Wisemen

This explains why love has been a favourite theme for poets, since the beginning of time, and for the more contemporary Paulo Coelho love quotes too. Constantly eluding meaning, constantly surprising us – love is indeed what makes the world go round.

4. Paulo Coelho Love Quotes - Love Is Untamed

This is a quality of love that exalts it to a whole new realm. Love can motivate us to do almost anything. In history too, countless wars have been started for love (think Troy!) By pushing us to become better, love makes our lives and that of everyone around us infinitely better.

5. Paulo Coelho Love Quotes - The Universe Helps

Have you ever found yourself seeing a couple and thinking how some people are just meant for each other. Well the universe works in mysterious ways, if Paulo Coelho love quotes are to be believed, and if you have the deepest desire for somebody or something, you will find yourself propelled in that direction by a mysterious force. Just believe in yourself and your desires and the universe will ‘conspire’ to get you what you want.

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6. Paulo Coelho Love Quotes - Love And Lust

This lovely Paulo Coelho love quote highlights the fears and struggles of being in love. It also shows us how love and the physical act of love-making can be disconnected from each other.

7. Paulo Coelho Love Quotes - Spiritual Over The Practical

This is a truly beautiful quote that highlights how impossible it is to set boundaries and rules for your love. All love is a spiritual experience, which is the only way we can understand love. To intellectually understand love does not make a difference unless you share your love with others in the real world.

8. Paulo Coelho Love Quotes - Lose Yourself

This pithy one liner among all our Paulo Coelho love quotes, is packed full of wisdom. Many people get swept in the heat and passion of their love, only to ignore their own needs. But another thing that lovers need to learn is how to find themselves again. It’s all right to get carried away, but do not forget yourself in your love.

9. Paulo Coelho Love Quotes - We Simply Have To Accept Such Facts Or Be Outliers

This Paulo Coelho love quote exhorts you to find love in all places, to find love wherever you can. The sorrow, disappointment, jealousy that comes along with love must also be endured. That is the way of the world.

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10. Paulo Coelho Love Quotes - The Art Of Frog Dancing

A beautiful quote by Coelho here, highlights the nature of love in real life versus the love that is depicted in romances and fairy tales. But this disjunction does not mean that true love doesn’t exist. Rather, this is what deepens true love.

It is through art alone that we get a wonderful insight into love and the indomitable human psyche. Let the words of this wise artist seep into your thoughts through the day. Perhaps by quietly listening to him through the bustle of our everyday life, we can learn to love more deeply, and find true happiness.