21 Reasons Why Having A Best Friend Forever Is Better Than Having A Boyfriend/Girlfriend

We’ve seen it everywhere, way back in school even. The BFFs who’re each other’s bros; but you know what, who said only girls can have besties?

The truth is bromances, of guys and gals too, are good for everyone. If you’re that one couple who love hanging around each other, then that’s incredible; but not super stable. You can’t expect this one person to want to hang around you all the time, and see every facet of your personality all of those times, and love you all of those times, non-stop. And we all need strong relationships that do not involve sex; sure there’s the risk that such a relationship may be tighter than your love ship, but every human deserves to know that he or she can be loved without any physical elements corrupting such a relationship, one where size doesn’t matter, and there’s no damn need to end the tension, and worse, have kids. And they take the pressure of the relationship that demands all these, which kind of saves and keeps your love-life super healthy.

Here is rest of my argument on why you need a bromance/sista.

1. You can ask them to stand by you.

And like, be all honest, and expect a YES. Unless it’s about human rights.

2. They could hate you and still love you to bits. Without any fear of anything.

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3. They’re the creepy-nice kind of clingy.

They’re the creepy-nice

Source: Tumblr

With the right amount of blame and guilt and love.

4. You can have this one creepy thing you both like, and do together.

With a bunch of other peeps who like the same thing.

5. They always tell you the truth; to save your life.

6. They give you great dating advice.

7. You freak out over the same stuff.

8. They’re with you through everything.

Like, literally! Time and space can’t stop them.

9. Weird 3 am chat sessions while you’re both playing SIMs or FF.

10. They compliment you, for real.

Begrudgingly, sometimes, but that works.

11. They will be your BS meter.

12. They will be there when your beloved is not.

And yes, there will be dancing.

13. They’ll support you.

And be the wing, or the granada, and dance with the loser if you want, or not date your ex, and take you home, when you’re drunk.

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14. They will hate your ex for you.

15. The relationship will make you question your sexuality.

16. He/she will fix that.

17. And then some more.

18. And be friends with your S.O. too. Sort of.

19. Coz, really, it’s all about love and peace.

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20. It’s the two of you against the world.

And we know that’s not going to end nicely.

21. And this one.

It was either this one or the clip with James Franco and Seth Rogen doing Kimye’s Bound 2.

But anyway, get yourself a bestie/bromance, pronto!