Passport Wedding Invitations: Send A One-Way Ticket To Love

Wedding invites are rather important. First, they are the first formal announcement, as such, of your wedding, and thus they carry in them all of the information required for the other person to not only make it to your wedding, but also get a glimpse of what the wedding will be like.

But secondly, and more importantly, there are a huge number of wedding invitation styles and themes available to anyone planning their wedding in this age, and so you’re not restricted (in any way) in choosing something that really appeals to you and tells your story in the best way.

Passport wedding invitations are some of the coolest, modern styles of wedding invitations you could go with. And imagine receiving one of these; it’s surely a refreshing change from the standard wedding invite templates. Take a look for yourself!

1. The Classic Passport Invite

No fuss and highly memorable, this is a great option for those looking for passport wedding invitations with a classic touch. The card used for the construction is fantastic and the photos are nice and glossy. Fonts look official and authentic.

2. The Well Travelled Invite

This is a wholly classy invite that serves its purpose excellently. While the featured passport is beige, you actually have a number of colour options for customization available. Clean designs and gorgeous old-world style maps populate the surface of the card and the handwriting is a nice touch.

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3. The Teal Invite

The teal invite is a gorgeous take on passport wedding invitations in general and can be an excellent choice if you’re looking to work with the teal colour scheme. An excellent mix of cute and official, this passport wedding invite does an excellent job of serving its function across in a really beautiful way.

4. The Funky Passport Invite

If you’re looking for a gorgeous ‘save the date’ invite that’s shaped like and resembles a passport, you’ve got a winner on your hands right here. If the conventional passport wedding invitations seem too clinical for you, this design will appeal to you.

5. The United States Of Matrimony

This quite stunning invite may be for a couples’ shower in this instance, but then considering its design is almost flawless, we thought we’d include it anyway. The subtle dots in the background, the official font, the picture… everything seems to be on point in this invite.

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6. The Vintage Boarding Pass

Passport Wedding Invitations - The Vintage Boarding Pass

Image: Shutterstock

This classic style boarding pass invite is a one way ticket to a wicked party, if you know what we mean! Let all of your guests know you mean business when you say you’re getting married with this quite spectacular old-timey boarding pass invite, one of the most unique passport wedding invitations out there.

7. The Contemporary Card

Passport Wedding Invitations - The Contemporary Card

Image: Shutterstock

For those looking for something cleaner but wishing to stick to the “this is a ticket to our wedding” theme, this vintage visa themed invite will tick all of the right boxes. The stamp is the final touch that will make the difference!

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8. The Friendly Invite

Passport Wedding Invitations - The Friendly Invite

Image: Shutterstock

The whole vibe of this wedding invite is that you’re inviting someone to come on in and share with your moment of happiness, which is exactly the message you want to be sending, so this charming and friendly wedding invite gets an A+ from us.

So there you have it, passport wedding invitations to send someone a “ticket” for your ceremony of love!