21 Passionate Love Quotes For Kindred Spirits

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Passionate love is often misconstrued as “young love,” “inexperienced love” and even just plain naivety. And while we’re sure that such a stereotypical categorization doesn’t just appear out of thin air (like a Harry Potter villain), we’re also sure that passionate love exists outside of Spanish soap operas and hormonal seventeen year olds.

Heck, you might be in such a relationship where you feel consumed by the fiery love that you have for ‘the one’ in your life, and if that’s the case and you’re trying to better understand it (or share a moving two lines with your lover), here’s a few passionate love quotes, words some of the greats (as well as everyday folk) have to say about passionate love:


We’re sure Herman Hesse wasn’t talking about the first girl he ever saw, and we’re sure he didn’t say this to her in the first two minutes of meeting her anyway. But still sometimes – even when we’re already half way through our lives – life shows us that all we thought we knew about love was wrong, and our eyes open to the true bliss that is being in love.


This is one of 15 million passionate love quotes (if Google is to be believed anyway) that tell us how unreasonable love (and “choosing” to be in love) is, but we’re going with this one, because, well, it’s Nietzsche. For every “Dude, let her go,” and “You’ll find someone 10 times better than her” is someone who knows that isn’t true.

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Lafayette wasn’t some no-mark hopeless romantic who happened to utter these words (only for someone to take them seriously enough to document them), he was a key figure in the French Revolution as well as the American Revolutionary War. But we don’t need to get too much into context here to understand the beauty of these worlds, and the impact that they will have on those who receive them.


Passionate usually has some negative connotation attached to it, doesn’t it? Either it’s taboo, will be forced to end prematurely, guilt-laden, misunderstanding-laden or some other negative qualifier. Doesn’t stop you from coming back, and neither did it to Ralph Waldo Emerson, if any of his passionate love quotes are to be believed.


The imagery is beautiful, the implications even more so.


Another thing that we’re constantly fed (and that gets just as grating as the romantic brigade who parade their love on Facebook for all to see) is how being single and “carefree” is the best way to be, and that relationships will only (sooner or later) lead to trouble. Emily Dickinson, one of America’s greatest ever poets, feels just the opposite.


Sometimes it’s okay to be consumed entirely by the heady feeling being near your lover gives you, and sometimes you have no choice.


To be clear, in passionate love quotes like this one, and in real life too, the fear isn’t that it won’t feel the same way the next morning, but the fact that there might not be a chance speak their feelings out loud. Who has the time for such a worry? Passionate lovers, of course.


You’ve heard the above sentence a million times before. But the time you pay attention to any of these passionate love quotes isn’t when you hear it on the afternoon HBO movie, but when you really feel it happening to you.


Tracy Ullman is a comic by profession, but he wasn’t questioning the tendency of passionate love to last, merely pointing out that he’d love to be able to figure it out. We’re subscribed to his newsletter, just in case he does manage such a thing.


“Oh, it’s just their honeymoon period” is a phrase we hear too often, because even once is too often for such a thing. Defy the odds, have others green with envy, work on your commitment and understanding everyday and be happy throughout. Somebody tell Charlie Sheen that’s what winning is; maybe tweet him a couple of passionate love quotes or something.

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If you love somebody deeply, let them go, if they are yours blah blah. Yeah, that’s one side of the argument. The other side states that burning passion often is the result of a deep desire, and no amounts of rationalizing make it go away.


If being loved is something we desire innately, then reciprocating that love is also something we all have a deep longing for. Most of us have a lot of love to give, and relish the chance to be there for the one we ourselves love so much.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger‘ is perhaps not the right approach to cardiac arrest, but it’s time and again proven to be true when it comes to relationships (if only somebody had told poor old Romeo and Juliet that!).


There are many things to be passionate about, but all of the world’s literature, and dearth of passionate love quotes, will tell you that while being passionate about a person may be harder work (and harder to even get to experience) that taking care of your cars and yachts(!), it is still infinitely more rewarding.


Alright, so this one seems a little angsty, but that’s because it actually is. I’m also going to reclaim that word as not only applying to pre-teens or teenagers, but to all of human civilization through the ages. And when you have that feeling of doom deep in the pit of your stomach because you messed up something special with someone who fully understood and connected with you, you better believe your gut is trying to tell you something.


And yet we, time and again, choose to play with fire.


Yeah, just because you proclaim it to be doesn’t make it true. True isn’t a category or tag that you can assign yourself, much like a PhD. You have to earn it.


Science has shown us that not all addictions, desires and motivations are equal, but William Blake, author of multiple super passionate love quotes, has known that all along.


This is a rather nice way of saying “I am crazy about you,” wouldn’t you agree?

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Words to live by.

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