5 Party- Booths That Will Be An Instant Hit At Your Wedding

If you’re planning on having a Indian wedding, you probably know that you’ll have a week of lively merriment on your hands. You’ve got the mehendi ceremony, the haldi and sangeet ceremonies, the pre-preps, the welcoming, the main event, the wedding, the vidaai, and so many more, followed by the reception. All these ceremonies are quite entertaining by themselves, but you can always up the fun quotient by including party-favour booths.

The party booths can include a host of things and range from being a great backdrop to a perfect activity center where the guests can mingle and have fun. Here are 5 party-booth ideas that are not only unique but also will make your wedding a instant hit.

Party Treats Booth


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You don’t have to do it the traditional way. You could have cupcakes and chocolates both, or a chat bandi, and guests could go ahead and pick a treat. It’s a great option to have the party treats booth located at the entrance. That way you can welcome your guests with a treat and a smile. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, go ahead and try a shots booth, for alcoholic mini beverages like tequila or vodka.

Photo Booths


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You can use an automated photo booth, which you can rent or lease for a specific time period, or you can get a photographer to run a more personalized photo booth. Keep cardboard cut-outs of the newlyweds and other props handy for both scenarios. With automated photo booths, your guests can choose the background, and any other DIY artistic touches they would like to include in the photo. With a professional, you’d get a lot more classy photos, generally. Both options have their merits.

Tattoo Booth


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This one’s not for the faint of heart. You’ll have to get a certified tattoo artist and he comes with all his equipment, and an assistant or two. Tattoo booths are normally a thing at most college cultural fests, music fests and large frat parties. Certified professionals are quite safe, and you can have a doctor on call for after-care. Or you can have a temporary tattoo booth. Artists normally use body paints that will wear off in a few days.

Confessional Booth


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This is a fairly new idea, and you might want to take it with a pinch of salt. You’d let your guests record a confession of some sort. Like your best friend admitting he thought your to-be-wifey is cute. Or your college roomy confessing she was the one who inked your favourite white T. Or your mom saying she knows you two will have a girl. You can have guests go into the booth, and make the (video) recording. You could use an automated video booth machine or you can go old school with a camcorder and a laptop.

Dance Booth

Okay so this one is pretty simple. It involves getting an open space, or a podium or a makeshift stage ready for people who’d like to dance. You will need an internet connection if you really want a good bit of variety.

For added flair, you can use the Dance Dance Revolution game unit.

You can lease it or buy it, and it is the only lolworthy way to go.

Carnival Game Booth

carnival-game -booth

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If you really want to break the mold, go for a game booth or two. You can try a balloon shooting booth, or a swing-the-hoop booth, or a water balloon bursting booth, or any other carnival or fair game. The idea is make sure your guests have a good time.

Instant Mehndi Paint Booth

instant-mehndi -paint-booth

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Traditionally, mehndi was a form of body art only for the bride, and her ladies, and was done at the sacred mehendi ceremony. But letting your guests get mehndi done is a great party-favour for the ceremony. You don’t have to use traditional henna, unless you want to and can opt for skin-safe paints instead.

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