7 Partner Yoga Asanas You Should Try

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Does your relationship lack that spark? Is it getting too boring and mundane? Then, you surely need to do something to rekindle it. And, we have just what you need to help you with it.

Partner Yoga – a brilliant solution for those who want to reconnect with their partners. Wondering what it is and how to do it?

Ah-ah, we are not going to tell you all of it here. You gotta keep reading to find out.

What Is Partner Yoga?

Partner Yoga is practicing yoga with a partner. It could be your spouse, friend, or a child. Or anybody else with whom you want to build a better relationship. Partner Yoga is all about connecting with your favorite person.

The word ‘yoga’ means union, and that is what Partner Yoga does. It unites two individuals through movement, play, breath, and touch. Two persons who could be friends, family members, or significant others can connect and communicate better with the help of Partner Yoga poses and sequences.

We mentioned a few below. Have a look.

Partner Yoga Poses

You will have a blast connecting with your partner through the following yoga poses. Remember to laugh while you are at it and have a gala time.

  1. Breathe Together
  2. Twist And Turn
  3. Construct A Temple
  4. Form Trees
  5. Boat Each Other
  6. Build A Heart
  7. Make A Sandwich

1. Breathe Together

Breathing is powerful. It fills you with life and energy. Imagine doing the same with your partner. Sync your breath with theirs. Become one through breath. Sounds deep and powerful, right? Yes, it is. Find the procedure below.

How To Do: Sit down in Sukhasana with your backs facing each other. Feel the presence of your partner and connect with him/her. Begin to inhale and exhale consciously and observe your breath while you do so.

More importantly, feel how the back of your ribcage feels against your partner’s back while that person is breathing like you. Try alternate breathing with your partner. While you inhale, that person should exhale, and vice versa. Keep the practice going for 5 minutes.

Benefits: This method opens up your heart and connects you to your partner through breath.

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2. Twist And Turn

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Twisting and turning is always fun. It adds vigor and energy to your body. It stretches and strengthens your body and releases all the locked tensions. Think you need something like this? Yes, you do! Find the procedure below.

How To Do: Sit down in Sukhasana with your backs facing each other. Feel connected to your partner. Now, inhale and take your arms up over your head. Exhale and twist to the right, placing the right palm on your partner’s left knee and the left palm on your right thigh.

Your partner should turn the same way and place the palms in the same manner. Once you both come into position, hold the pose for a couple of breaths. Finally, exhale and return to the initial position. Repeat the same by turning to the opposite side.

Benefits: Twisting is an excellent way to detoxify and cleanse the body. The practice is fun and inculcates a sense of playfulness in you and your partner.

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3. Construct A Temple

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Building a temple is therapeutic and spiritual. It is an energy center and works to better a person from the core. That’s what you need to form a strong base for your relationship. Try this pose to build it.

How To Do: Stand up and face your partner, who should be facing you. Keep shoulder-width distance between your feet. Now, stretch your arms over your head and bend forward at the hips. Your partner should be doing the same.

Bend forward till you and your partner come in contact with your palms. Fold forward till your wrists, forearms, and elbows come together. Keep your legs straight while at it.

Press against each other with your forearms with equal pressure. Your chest and belly should fall towards the floor. Hold the pose for a few breaths and release by walking towards each other and straightening your torso. Get your arms down.

Benefits: The pose opens up your heart and shoulders, energizing and activating your heart.

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4. Form Trees

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Trees are giving and caring. They are calm, balanced, and stable. Wouldn’t it be great if relationships worked that way too? If the equation with your partner is meaningful and long-lasting like the stance of a tree, wouldn’t it be great? Yes, it would. Try the Tree Pose given below.

How To Do: Stand next to each other, facing in the same direction. Maintain a distance of a few feet from each other. Bring your palms together, with the arms forming a ‘T’ shape.

Shift weight onto your right foot and lift your left foot and place its sole at the root of your right thigh. Your partner should do the opposite, i.e., shift the weight to the left foot and lift the right foot and place its sole on the root of the left thigh.

Leave the other arm freely hanging on the side or form a mudra with it. Hold the pose for a few breaths. Then, relax and turn on the other side and continue the same pose by lifting the other legs.

Benefits: The pose helps you attain balance in a fun and playful manner. It gently opens up your hips.

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5. Boat Each Other

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Boat rides are fun, aren’t they? The swaying water and the gentle breeze make for a pleasant ride, leaving you refreshed. Also, it gives ample space, time, and ambiance to reconnect with your partner. Try the Boat Pose to find out.

How To Do: Sit down opposite each other with your knees bent and toes touching each other. Reach out to your partner’s wrists and hold them.

Lift your feet and get your knees closer to your chest. Your partner should do the same. Taking support from your hold of your partner’s wrist, heave your chest up and straighten your back.

Then, gently and slowly, lift your legs up. When your partner does the same, touch the soles of your feet to your partner’s. Stay in the pose for a few breaths. Then, gently release from the pose.

Benefits: The pose is challenging, but positivity and some humor will help you attain it. It is great for your core and makes you energetic.

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6. Build A Heart

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The heart knows your truest feelings. It is fragile, sensitive, and beautiful. The heart is what connects you to another person and helps you build a relationship with them. Heartfelt deeds and words are genuine and keep the world going. Try the Heart Pose to understand it.

How To Do: Stand straight with your backs facing each other. Clasp both your hands together. Now, arch your back backward and lift your heads upwards.

With the support of your clasped hands, you and your partner should fall forward, keeping the back of both your feet touching each other.

The pose will form a nice heart-shaped symbol. Hold it for a few breaths and release it in a balanced manner so that you don’t trip and fall.

Benefits: The heart-shaped pose increases the flexibility of your spine and opens up your chest and shoulders. It will make you feel light in the heart and lovey-dovey.

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7. Make A Sandwich

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Who doesn’t like sandwiches? Their delicious fillings and mouth-watering taste are what we crave for. And, there is always a new filling with which you can fill the bread and make a new variety of sandwich, keeping it ever tempting and appealing. Try this pose to get the same feeling.

How To Do: Sit down on your buttocks and spread your legs in the front. Your partner should do the same on the opposite side so that the soles of both your feet touch each other.

Now, straighten your back and keep your legs straight. Bend forward to reach towards your partner, and your partner should do the same. Try to reach out to each other till the wrists of the other person and hold them.

Look straight ahead into each other’s eyes while you are at it. Hold the pose for a few breaths. Loosen the grip and relax.

Benefits: The pose gives you a nice stretch and intimacy that comes with pressing your soles with your partner and clasping each other’s hands.

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Precautions To Be Taken

  • Make sure you warm up before the practice and relax well after it is done.
  • If you have a medical condition or an injury, it is better to inform the instructor and practice a revised version of the pose.
  • Don’t do anything that makes you or your partner feel strained or uncomfortable. Do not force yourself or your partner to stretch more than you can comfortably do.
  • It is best to learn Partner Yoga from a certified instructor before you can try it on your own.

Now, let’s answer some common queries about Partner Yoga.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I bring a partner to a Partner Yoga class?

Yes, you could or even not. Sometimes, you will have the most exciting and inspiring experiences while practicing Partner Yoga with a stranger.

Do I need previous experience of yoga to practice Partner Yoga?

Not necessarily, but a previous knowledge of yoga will be helpful.

Now that you know of this unique practice, there should be nothing to stop you from trying it and bettering your relationship with whoever concerned. The practice is genuine, deep, understanding, and loving. Just like how you want your relationship to be. So, go on and gain it.

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