13 Cute Paragraphs For Your Crush That Express Your Feelings

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You can not resist writing paragraphs for your crush about how they make your heart skip a beat and make you happy. The butterflies in your stomach are soaring, reaching new heights. There is nothing wrong with being smitten and wanting to convey your feelings. So many ideas bounce around inside your head, but all you wish to do is turn them into adorable phrases to send to your crush. You want to express your love and warmth, whether it is through texts, notes, or captions. So now that you have landed on this page, take a deep breath, relax and let us help you. We have a variety of lines that you can use to send to your crush.

Take a moment to look over this article carefully before you make the leap of faith you have been waiting forever since you saw your crush for the first time. This article has a collection of cute paragraphs you can send to your crush and express your feelings. Scroll down to check them out.

13 Adorable Paragraphs For Your Crush

To help you ace in writing sweet paragraphs for your crush, we have listed below a few examples. These paragraphs for your crush should sweep them off their feet before you even know it. Read on:

  1. Being near you fills me with a fuzzy and bubbly feeling that I can’t quite explain. I find myself daydreaming about you more and more lately. Little things will remind me of you – a song you love comes on, a jacket just like the one you wore last week, your favorite snack at the store. And suddenly, you’re all I can think about.
  2. I wanted to share something with you that’s been on my mind lately. It is amazing how you seem to be present in all the best moments of my life. Whether it is seeing your smile across the room or sharing a brief conversation, everything just feels a little brighter when you are around. It is like you have this magical ability to make every moment more special.
  3. When I’m around you, the world seems to stop spinning for a moment. Your smile lights up every room you walk into, and I can’t help but get lost in your eyes. Every conversation we share, no matter how big or small, becomes the highlight of my day. You may not realize just how amazing you are, and I don’t know if you’ll ever feel the same, but I want you to know how remarkably special you are to me.
  4. Little did I know that the cutest dialogue from the movie Flipped that goes, “The first time I met Bryce Loski, I flipped,” was someday going to be super relatable to me. Yes, you are the Bryce Loski to my Julie Baker. When the crazy butterflies that wake up in my tummy the moment I look at that charming face of yours, I experience one of the most beautiful feelings I have ever felt.
  5. I know you have seen me stutter whenever I meet you. As embarrassing as it may feel to me, you should know that you are at fault here. When your divine eyes meet mine, I can’t help but blush!
  6. Would it be too much if I said that you are like a dream come true for me? Gosh! How did I get so lucky? I was not even really prepared for this, but, oh, I cannot cease imagining you in my arms on a beautiful starry night, talking endlessly about how you make me feel.
  7. From dusk till dawn, there is barely any moment when I don’t imagine being with you. Is this normal, or am I going crazy? Because one thing I am certain about is that I am crushing on you massively!
  8. Waking up to your messages makes my day already. I couldn’t ask for more because you are everything I ever wanted. Oh! What would I do without you?
  9. I love it when you make sure that I do not feel like a damsel in distress no matter what. Yes, you are the kind of knight in shining armor I have always wanted beside me. You are my home!
  10. It has been quite a while now, so I must tell you this. I have been secretly admiring you since the day we first met. You’re probably unaware, but you bring a smile to my face like no other. I know I am crushing on you, so I thought that you should know by now too. Also, you look adorable when you do that hair flip at times in the classroom. Okay, bye!
  11. I was not much of a fan of romantic stories, but then I met you, and my life changed completely. I still wonder how you did it. The mesmerizing smile of yours takes my breath away. Also, Ever since I met you, I have been obsessing over all the romantic movies that I find on Netflix.
  12. So I walked into the kitchen to grab some coffee. While adding sugar to the coffee, I wondered how inadequate the sugar feels now that you have brought unmatched sweetness into my life. Cheesy? Let it be! You got to bear it.
  13. After growing up together as best friends since childhood, I was scared when I realized that I was beginning to crush on you. I thought it would change our relationship, our equation. Although initially, things were weird, I cannot thank God enough for making our paths meet when we were kids. Now that I fetch our childhood photographs and compare them with our current ones, I can’t stop blushing, and I feel so much at ease.

Cute Long Paragraphs For Your Crush

Cute long paragraphs for your crush
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Sending a cute and well-knit note to a crush is challenging beyond the shadow of a doubt. In a bid to give your best while framing paragraphs for your crush, you constantly juggle between wanting to pour your heart out to them while putting the necessary constraints so as to avoid making them feel uncomfortable. If this is your worry too, you can count on us. We have put together the best paragraphs for your crush with the intent to make your job easier. Read below and take inspiration from the listed romantic paragraphs for your crush:

  1. Calling you my fantasy will be an understatement. You are beyond that and always have been. You are my dream and my reality, both! It is almost as though you swish and flick an enchantment wand and light up my world in the blink of an eye. I often wonder how you do that. If this is what feels like crushing on someone unbelievably charming like you, oh, I would trade the world to feel this way for the rest of my life. I know all these sounds cheesy, but how do I stop myself from sounding like it?
  2. I love how you are the first person I talk to when I wake up in the morning and the last before I go to bed every single day. It has been like this for ages now. But the strangest part is, I would not want to change one bit of this routine. If I am blessed, I would want to do the same forever. I am also sure that if there happens to be even a tad bit of change in this, my days will be disrupted big time. I may sound selfish here, but I am not alone. I bet you want the same, and this is what makes me feel I can move mountains when you are beside me because we are so aligned. No?
  3. You awaken the butterflies in my tummy, and each day is a wonder for me whenever you are beside me. Dear antidote to my everything, you are my home, the sky, the earth, and everything beyond. These out-of-the-ordinary feelings that you make me feel merely by your presence around me is something I would never want to lose. Good, bad, or whatever times the Almighty has to offer, I would crave for you, and I know you shall be right there with me always and forever.

Cute Good Morning Paragraphs For Your Crush

Cute good morning paragraphs for your crush
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A cute paragraph for your crush to wake up to will definitely brighten their day. When your crush reads a nice little message from you first thing in the morning, you will be on their mind for the rest of the day. Let’s get you that:

  1. Dear beautiful human, I know you’re yet to wake up, but I wish to be the first soul you speak to when you do. Rise and shine!
  2. I should let you know that I just woke up from a peaceful night’s sleep because you are the last person I thought about before crashing, and it gave me the peace that most people fail to achieve. Thank you for being my wee bonnie lass!
  3. The thought of you always brightens my day, and I love to wake up to that thought! The sun is up. I can’t wait to meet you!
  4. When my phone chimes in the morning, I smile right away, for I know it is you. This is all I ever lived for! Good morning, crazy hair!
  5. We have been together since forever, but you still give them butterflies in my belly whenever I see you. I am sure to have them today as we meet again. Good morning, my everything!

Cute Goodnight Paragraphs For Crush

  1. As the day winds down, thoughts of you linger in my mind, filling it with warmth and joy. Your presence in my life, even if it is just through our conversations, brings a smile to my face. Tonight, as you close your eyes, I hope your dreams are as wonderful as you are. Rest peacefully, knowing that I am there for you. Goodnight!
  2. Every night, I find myself eagerly looking forward to our interactions. Your laughter, your stories, and your kindness resonate with me long after our conversations end. You have this captivating way of making ordinary moments extraordinary. As the stars blanket the sky, I wish you the sweetest dreams and a peaceful night’s rest. Goodnight.

Infographic: Best Ways To Act Around Your Crush

People often feel awkward around their crushes. Although it is okay to feel that way, deep down, everyone wishes to be confident around them. In that case, we have got your back. Check out the infographic below on tips to act cool around your crush while you express your feeling of adoration and attraction.


best ways to act around your crush (infographic)

Illustration: The Bridal Box Design Team

You can take inspiration from our list to write paragraphs for your crush to express how completely crazy you are about them. You can tell in beautiful words how they make your heart skip a beat and give you butterflies. Your stomach butterflies are flying, reaching new heights. It is normal to be smitten and want to express your sentiments, so don’t be afraid to let them show. However, as all your feelings can leave you with racing thoughts, you may struggle to convey them in short paragraphs. So, don’t shy away from taking the help of the paragraphs given above and convey your affection,desire, yearning, and captivation in various ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is writing a note to my crush a good idea?

Yes, penning down your thoughts to your crush is a good way to let them know how you feel, especially if you want the friendship you share with them to grow into a relationship. It is brave to bare your heart out and let them know about the fondness you have for them. However, you should be prepared to receive both good and bad responses from them.

Is it okay to text my crush every day?

If you have a good friendship with them, it is fine to text them daily. However, there are a few things you should consider. Texting your crush too often can indirectly let them know how you feel. But, it may also come across as clingy.  Your crush might think that this is just an infatuation. If your crush takes too long to reply, they may not be interested in pursuing more than a friendship with you. In such cases, you may want to avoid texting them every day.

How do you tell your crush you like them?

You can drop subtle hints or be straightforward. Wait for the right moment and place and let them know how you feel, and see where the conversation goes.

What can I say to make my crush blush?

You can give them a genuine compliment. If they have helped you with a task, let them know how grateful you are. You can also send any of the paragraphs shared in the article that reflects your admiration, passion, devotion, longing, fascination, and tenderness. Ensure to use emojis and GIFs to make them blush.

Key Takeaways

  • It is a rite of passage for teens to develop crushes in school and be eager to convey their feelings through a love note.
  • The best way to tell your crush that you like them is to pen down a paragraph and share it via text or captions or through notes or cards.
  • The paragraphs above are some creative, warm, and cute ways to help you confess your feelings to your crush.
  • These paragraphs can be a conversation starter between you and your crush or can help develop your friendship into something more.

Want to make your crush’s day? Watch this video to learn how to show your affection, make them feel special and bring a smile to their face with some simple words.

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