7 Magnificent Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tips To Look Stunning!

Pakistani weddings are known for their grandeur and exquisiteness. The opulent and extremely vibrant celebrations make these weddings more than just gloss and glamour. Weddings are a perfect blend and fusion of traditions and values and they celebrate the soulful affair of two souls getting together to be one.

Pakistani brides are seen adorning the traditional wedding attire i.e. the ‘Khara Dupatta’. It is a gorgeous attire to be worn for a wedding and the brides flaunt it with great poise. The attire is heavily embroidered and has mind boggling detailed work. To complement their attire, the brides-to-be opt for a heavy bridal makeup. A lot of emphasis is put on the eye makeup. From smokey eyes to the glittery ones, most women experiment a lot with their bridal look.

We have sorted the best Pakistani bridal makeup tips for you look your best on your D-day!

Dab The Dark

Dab The Dark - Pakistani Bridal Makeup

Image: Shutterstock

The first step to a beautiful Pakistani bridal makeup is concealing the dark circles. One can use a concealer or a facial dab to cover the dark circles up. The best way to avoid dark circles is to have a good night’s sleep.

But if you haven’t managed that with all that excitement for your wedding, this makeup hack will definitely help.

Always make a thin paste of the concealer and water before applying it underneath your eyes. It should just be the right amount; otherwise it tends to make the eyes look tacky. So just dab the area with the concealer and leave it to dry.

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Go Flawless With Foundation

Foundation - Pakistani Bridal Makeup

Image: Shutterstock

Foundation is a must whenever you put on makeup, and is definitely a makeup kit essential. Our face has uneven skin tone; the forehead and the chin are usually darkened. So to even it all up, a good foundation is very important. Foundations without SPF are better when you are thinking of using one for your bridal makeup. Always buy a foundation basing on your skin tone.

After doing the all concealing and dabbing, with the foundation base just ready on your face, it is time for you to go choose your desired eye makeup and lip makeup.

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The Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup - Pakistani Bridal Makeup

Image Courtesy : Aliya Baig

If you are having a night wedding then the smokey eye makeup is the one you should opt for. The smokey makeup makes the eyes stand out by adding a lot of depth to the eyes with different shades and hues. The smokey eye makeup is dark and with just the right highlights, it will compliment your complete Pakistani bridal makeup wonderfully.

The Glittery Eye Makeup

Glittery Eye Makeup - Pakistani Bridal Makeup

Image Courtesy : Kulsum Parvez

If you are having a day wedding then opting for some glitter can be a great idea. Usually, the bridal makeup should be kept light for the mornings. So the right glitter can give that shine, shimmer and bling that you would want for your wedding day look. Glitter can be tricky, so use the right amount to look stunning.

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Mesmerise With Mascara

Mascara - Pakistani Bridal Makeup

Image Courtesy : Photographians

Mascara can do wonders for your lashes. Always opt for mascaras that have different brushes. A curved brush makes your lashes curvaceous whereas the flat brush makes them voluptuous. So a combination of both is great.

Pakistani bridal makeup is incomplete without with the lip makeup. A beautiful lip makeup can make your wedding look marvellous. A perfect lipstick with the right lip colour is the most essential part of your complete look.

Sensuous Satin

Satin Lipstick - Pakistani Bridal Makeup

Image Courtesy : Photo Tantra

A satin lipstick will look spectacular in the night. The shimmer will make your lips look pretty and gorgeous. Satin lipsticks are usually oily, so a makeup tip for oily skin is that applying it in excess can give a shabby look. So if you have the love for satin, use a single coat of the lipstick and add a coat of gel-based gloss. The gloss should be transparent for your lips to stand out.

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Magical Matte

Matte Lip Makeup - Pakistani Bridal Makeup

Image Courtesy : Charumathy G R

A matte lipstick looks beautiful anytime of the day. Matte lipsticks look classy and are going viral. So if you want a classy and sophisticated look then a matte lipstick will be magical.

So have a look at these tips, incorporate them and dazzle your D-day with all that glamour.

Happy wedding in advance!