50 Quotes That Best Describe Painful Love

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Love hurts, no doubt. Loving somebody hurts. Not being loved hurts. Breaking up hurts. Being broken up with hurts. Real love hurts. Fake love hurts. Loving too much hurts. Loving too little hurts. Any and everything about love hurts. So why do we love?? I wish I could answer that for you. I really do. But I can’t. Because I, just like you, don’t know. But I can bring to you 50 painful love quotes that talk about how excruciatingly painful love can be. Hopefully, these will tell you that I know what you feel. I know what you’re going through. And that you’re not alone.


This painful love quote is where a lot of us start. You fall in love. They don’t. And you cannot do anything about it. You want to keep loving them but you know they can’t love you and that hurts. You know they can’t help it. But it still hurts.


As suddenly as you fall in love, you can fall out of it too. But you didn’t and he did. And now he’s walking on, no pain to go through. And you’re sitting there, trying to still make some sense of all that happened.

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You know it happened. She knows it happened. Your friends know, hers do too. But you still can’t talk about it. It ended, but you haven’t said it yet. You can’t. Because the moment you say it, the moment it leaves your lips, it’ll really be real. And you can’t take that yet.


It’s still fresh in your memory. The first date; the first walk home; the first kiss; the happy times; the proposal; the fight; the break up, everything. And every single time the memory hits, it disarms you and paralyses you and you are a mess all over again.


When they grow out of love and walk away, they leave you in a mess. Like pulling out threads from the middle of the fabric. They move on while you are still stranded in a now alien land and you know they don’t love you and they cannot. Not like you love them.


When someone loves you, they tell you how amazing you are. So when they fall out of love, everything they ever said to you feels wrong. Even and especially the bits about yourselves. And so you hate yourself because you cannot see why they would leave if it wasn’t for something that was wrong with yourself.


He knows you inside out. The good, bad and ugly. He knows your strengths but he also knows your weaknesses. You showed him the deep dark crevices of your heart, you handed him the key to that part of your soul and now that he’s gone you feel lost and vulnerable and afraid of the fact that he knows so much and you can’t help but feel weak. No amount of courage seems enough to not look back.


Loving something fully means letting it in your heart and letting your heart into it. So when you love someone or something, you give it your heart. And when it’s lost, you’re left with an empty gaping hole sucking you in like a vortex.


Loving is a laborious job. Its dangerous and risky and in cases fatal too. Who said love was easy? It takes courage and belief and trust. You’re risking your deepest self to love them. Love isn’t easy. Never was. That’s why there’s at least four painful love quotes for every sweet love quote on Earth.


Breaking up feels horrible. But the memories that plague you after the break up is what kills. The pain rips through your soul and damages it forever. Or at least what feels like forever. You know it’ll get better. You know everything will soon be alright. But you can’t believe these words. The pain seems unbearable. And you wish it is all over soon.

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Loving him wasn’t a choice. So falling out of it, getting over him, not hurting is also not a choice. You can’t stop hurting. But you put on a brave face to not let anyone know how much you’re hurting. You wish you hadn’t though.


You love her. You still do. You don’t know how to stop loving her. You don’t know how to stop waiting for things to go back to how they were. You don’t know how to stop waiting for her.


Talk about bang on painful love quotes. You look into his eyes but you don’t see the love any more. He smiles, but it feels forced, like a conscious attempt. You know he isn’t in love with you any more, that goodbye is just around the corner. And knowing this hurts.


You know he doesn’t care. He says he does, but you know what’s true. You know he doesn’t. Because his words are empty and his actions are absent and you just know. He doesn’t care.


You know you miss him, but you don’t want to admit it. Admitting it will weaken you and you’ll crumble. So instead you tell yourself that you don’t miss him, that it’s just the few little things you miss.


It’s wondrous how time changes us. Something that meant so much at one point in your life is now just a faint memory. It’s fascinating and sad and weird all at the same time.


You aren’t in love with them any more. You know that. But you still miss them. More so, you miss the little things about them. And you can’t help but wonder if you really are over them.


You love him. He doesn’t. And neither of you can change it. But the pain doesn’t know that and your heart doesn’t see logic. All it sees is the situation and all it feels is pain of this painful love quote.


As time passes, wounds heal. But the empty spaces that they left behind just stay. Irreplaceable.

And the emptiness eats away at you.


Everything was perfect and then nothing was. And you cannot understand why. So you do what you know to do best. You think it’s you. You put yourself on the guillotine. You blame yourself.


He left, you moved on. But there are times, like when your feet are cold under the covers or when you are pouring coffee into just one mug every morning or when you walk into a cold dark home. In times like these, you think of him with a quietly painful love quote.


You can’t give up. You can’t give up thinking about them. You can’t give up loving them. You can’t give up even though you know it is killing you. You’re addicted.

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You know you’d be good together. You know you could have been so much more. You know a hundred per cent that you were meant to be. It’s just that he couldn’t see it. And now you’re sitting there thinking what could have been.


He promised you ‘forever and always’ and you did too. Only, you actually meant it. He didn’t. And now you’re hurting and he isn’t and honestly, it all sucks!


You were a rock. You were strong and unfeeling and everyone thought you had no heart. You did too. But you loved and you lost and now there’s an ache in your heart. That’s how you know you have a heart.


We hope against hope, we wish they are as miserable as we are. That they are hurting just as much as us. But no matter how much you wish for them to share your pain, its not always the case.


We wish for the pain to go away. We wish to stop hurting. We wish it never did happen. But no matter what we wish for, you cannot forget the time you invested. The memories you made. The joy you felt.


You love him, he loves her. You know you can love him better than her. But he needs her. He is a better person with her. And you just stand on the sidelines and watch your love love someone else.


You know it’s killing you. It’s eating away your insides and ruining your life. But you can’t stop caring! You’ve tried, in vain, to cut him out of your thoughts, to not care about his being and living. But you can’t, you just can’t.


He’s got flaws, you’ve got flaws. You screwed up, he did too. He’s broken, you’re broken, your love for him is torn, his love for you is tattered. Borrowing from a book full of painful love quotes, we are all 50 shades of fucked up.


When you love someone to a fault, you cannot believe that they are flawed. You cannot find fault with anything they do or say or are. Hence you have a hard time realising that they are bad for you.


You’re together, only in your dreams. You can’t let go and he can’t love you. So you dream. You dream of the times that may have been had you been together. But all you can do is dream.


When you love them, you learn to find happiness in their happiness. But the pain still exists. Sometimes you put on a brave face, sometimes you hide in your corner, read a bunch of painful love quotes, and then die. But you always love them.


You loved him, then he loved you. He stopped loving you and you moved on. But the memories of your time together always come back to haunt you. And you want the memories to not exist, no matter how beautiful they are.


You have loved him as much as humanly possible and more. And now that love is gone and so has he. But you’re left with a bucket full of emotions and thoughts and memories and you’re so dazed that you don’t know if you are hurting or if you’re alright. And not knowing sucks.

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When he left you, you decided you wouldn’t cry, you wouldn’t let him have the pleasure of watching you fall and break. So you put on a brave face and walked tall like nothing bothered. But the pain inside killed you a little every passing minute. Till you finally acknowledged it. And finally you cried yourself empty.


They don’t know. They don’t know your pain, your struggle, your weeping eyes, your hurting heart or your bleeding soul. They never will. Because they don’t care. And knowing that they don’t care hurts so much that painful love quotes end up being the only things that make sense to you.


The words, they say, cut through deeper than shards of glass. When he said it, it felt like the world stopped, universe crashed and the floor beneath you melted. Your heart dropped down to the ground and shattered into a million drops reeking of heart-break.


You loved him and thought that he was yours forever. And now all you have are his memories. And they come to you at 3 A.M. when you’re alone in your room and the darkness eats you up and tears flow unabashed.


You can feel it, as can he. But no one wants to say it because saying it, putting it into words, words that today sound like the reminiscing painful love quotes of tomorrow, will make it as real as it gets and that’s not what you want. What you want is for it to never end.


He came in your life, swept you off your feet and placed you on a pedestal, treated you like you were the only thing in the world and then stormed out just as suddenly, dropping you from your high and breaking you like a promise.


It hurts, so much. Your insides are all being sucked into a vortex and all you want to do is curl up and cry. But it’s 7 P.M. and your room is dark and the tears don’t come. You can’t cry, even if you wanted.


He broke up and you let yourself become a recluse. You stopped living, barely existing. Not because it hurts less. But because you don’t want others to see how much it really does.


This painful love quote cuts right to it. It has been a while and you wonder if they still think about you. If you haunt their thoughts like they do yours. But you don’t want to know. What if they don’t?


You miss him very much. And you can’t help it. You miss him till it hurts your insides and your heart hurts and you still miss him.


Why won’t you let me in.. see you for what you are.. be there by your side.. hold your hand.. walk with you.. make you smile..Why won’t you let me love you?


You love him, you let him know and he laughs. He says that you almost got him, you laugh along and walk away. You come back to your corner and bawl. Because you love him and he doesn’t believe you.

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She was the best thing that happened to you and now she’s gone. All you are left with is your feelings and emotions and her memories. And you miss her a little too much for you to be okay.


He denied your love for him, he said it was just nothing. Probably just a friendly feeling. How dare he? How dare he undermine your feeling for him when he doesn’t even know the half of it?


When did you stop caring for each other unconditionally? When did the world start coming between the two of you? When did you become ‘he’ and ‘me’ instead of ‘us?’ When did you fall out of love? When did it all become this singular emotion that you can only feel when you see painful love quotes or watch sad movies?

I hope you know now that love hurts, in all forms and ways. And I hope you know you’re not alone.

I hope you know all of this will be a faint memory, just give it time and learn to love yourself. Don’t let your past have a say in your future. Remember – this too shall pass.

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