7 Best Overseas Honeymoon Destinations In January For A Blissful Getaway

January is the first month in the calendar year and it signifies a new beginning and a fresh start, It is also one of the best months to escape on a romantic trip with your significant other, and we’re now going to look at some of the best international destinations that you can jet off to, to get cozy with your lover.

Bear in mind that while most of North America and Europe will be much too cold for the average Indian honeymooner, there are a number of outstanding options, both near and far, that will offer some of the most breathtaking sights and agreeable stays that you and your partner could possibly hope for. Let’s get started.

1. Vietnam


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Number one on the list of honeymoon destinations in January, Vietnam experiences a most comfortable sunny clime during this part of the year, and offers couples a chance to experience some of the most gorgeous beaches in south-east Asia. Taking in the sun at Nha Trang, Hoi An and Danang will be some of the most romantic and pleasant ways to spend your time as you get to spend some time together and know each other better after the ordeal that is the wedding. South Vietnam offers the chance to experience warmer climes, while the north retains some of the cooler weather best associated with January.

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2. Sri Lanka


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Coming in second on the list of honeymoon destinations in January is Sri Lanka.

While in the past Sri Lanka might not have seemed as the most attractive option due to it’s proximity to India, especially for those of us in the south of the country, this gross oversight is now being rectified and the resplendent beauty of Sri Lanka is being enjoyed by more and more loving couples looking for a romantic escape. The rainfall in January is minimal, the sun warm but nowhere close to scorching, and the beaches most beautiful. The national parks – Wilpattu and Yala – will be hot and dry, meaning that you can get more than just a glimpse of all of the wild animals on offer. Kandy and the surrounding areas are world famous tea country, and the views on offer are fit to take anyone’s breath away.

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3. Malaysia


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Next on the list is Malaysia. While eastern Malaysia will be gripped by heavy rains in the month of January, the gorgeous sunshine and magnificent blue skies on offer in the rest of the country are not to be passed up. Given Malaysia’s extensive tourism centric economy, the options on offer in this wonderful country are barely matched by any other destination in Asia. Thaipusam and the Chinese New Year also fall within this time frame, so expect an electric atmosphere and plenty of celebrations ringing all around.

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4. Laos


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Conditions for traveling within Laos are perfect in the month of January with not a sight of rain to be found in the entire country. Still, temperatures remains a cool and consistent 24 degrees in the north and about 29 degrees in the south. Hotel surcharges and rates are low after the New Year’s weekend, and apart from the generally stunning and surreal scenic beauty on offer, you can soak in a bit of culture as if you’re so inclined with the Wat Phou Festival taking place between January and February and the Hongsa Elephant Festival offering a rare look into the special relationship between the endangered Lao elephants and their mahouts. Gorgeous blue waters, replendent hotels and divine landscapes beckon.

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5. Thailand


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With one of the biggest tourism industries in all of South-east Asia, there is little shortage of things to do in Thailand, whatever your preferred method of R&R may be; Malaysia is almost always on the list for honeymoon destinations in January. There are the beaches, of course, the excellent resorts (many of them run by English ex-pats, thus adding in a unique flavor) and there are the myriad cultural, wildlife and themed sites to visit. What’s important to know is that the North is likely to be wonderfully cool with not a hint of rain, while down below in Bangkok, while rain is as unlikely as up north, the weather tends to be a bit warmer altogether, so plan accordingly.

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6. The Caribbean


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Heading in sixth, but definitely one of the top ten in the honeymoon destinations in January worldwide, is the Caribbean. Known for it’s perfect weather and fuss-free tourism options, The Caribbean offers honeymooners the chance to enjoy it’s warm sunshine, gentle breeze and some of the most perfect beaches in the world. Legendary spots like Antigua, Barbados, Grenada and Cayman Island offer lovers the option to sit back and sip on a pina colada while they take in the altogether mesmerizing sun, sand and surf on offer.

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7. Myanmar


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Last on the list is Myanmar. Known better as Burma to a lot of residents of India, this bordering country tucked away neatly under the Indian state of Mizoram is an oft overlooked honeymoon destination that can offer a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for those more inclined towards adventure and culture. Home to bustling markets, a number of stunning parks and lakes, as well as some of the most beautiful scenery to be found anywhere outside of the South of France, Myanmar is truly a delight to visit in the month of January. Enjoy a variety of landscapes, from beaches to the peaks and even the central plains.

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